Whatever the reasons for the departure of your wife or a girl, it is certain she will tell about them shortly before this sad event. But each of us would like to identify the trouble ahead of time. Breaking up a relationship is always a painful period when a person realizes the bitterness of the reverse side of love.

If the girl decides for herself that this relationship is exhausting for her, but does not tell you about it because of fear or for some other reason, she will show inconspicuous signs of disinterest. This is the ideal moment for you to be alert and understand what is happening.

The sad experience of many people says that this is a very unpleasant moment in life. But these 10 signs she wants to leave you will help you not only to prepare mentally but also rethink the relationship, before it's too late. We sincerely hope that such problems will not be encountered at all on your path of life, be patient, but do know when to give up on a relationship.

signs your wife wants a divorce

1. Reporting the news to you in the last place

It's funny, but the words from the song of Enrique Iglesias very clearly describe this sign: "Do you know what it's like to be the last one to know about the changed lock on the door?"

And you will know what it is, when a girl or wife acts in this way. All the good news will be reported to you after she told everyone, as if it does not mean anything at all. Her list of priority people has changed. Now you are not in the top.

The life of your girlfriend can take new turns, but you don’t even know about it. There are two reasons for this. Either she does not consider you important enough to talk about it, or she decided to change her way of life abruptly, and she sees you as something out of date. As you can see, the alignment is not in your favor. A girl can throw you as quickly as she changes her habits or style. But do not rush to conclusions. Continue to observe from the side and try to find at least one more of the signs she wants to leave you. Maybe this is due to a change in mood, but maybe, just maybe, this is one of the signs to leave a relationship.

2. Flirting and sexual hints are ignored

Here she comes out of the shower, and you reward her with an admiring glance or make some hints. But all you get in return is a cold silence and disregard. Maybe it's different: text her about how much you miss her and are waiting to meet her. Are you surprised by her informative "haha" in response? Here's the second sign.

This attitude can mean a lot. But let's be honest! All that holds her is sexual motivation or self-satisfaction with your admiration. Do not deceive yourself, this is definitely one of the signs she wants a divorce.

3. Her character and habits have changed

Do you remember how she despised shopping and said that she would never go to a major shopping center exclusively for clothes? And now, everything has suddenly changed! She calls a friend and goes there for a whole day. This is the case when a girl tries to see you less. In other words, she will do everything she did not do before. And all in order to quickly go somewhere, referring to urgent business or a new hobby.

signs to leave a marriageHabits can change for other reasons, but when a person changes by oneself, it's time to sound the alarm. Often, she could have fun, wait for the evening walks alone or just meet her best friend and talk about all kinds of things. But now her mood has sharply worsened. Especially when you are near. Surely, in these moments she thinks about something serious, and this is a clear sign of silence before the storm.

And these changes in character often lead to misunderstanding and arguments. Don’t ring the bells and think that this is definitely one of the signs your wife wants a divorce. As with any couple, you may have arguments. But for some time, these misunderstandings end quickly and inconclusively, because she just does not pay any attention to your arguments. She does not care what happens next and what it can lead to. The girl quickly surrenders, showing you the meaninglessness of your words and relationships.

4. Low interest in you

This one is definitely one of the strongest signs your wife wants to leave you.

She will constantly avoid you in bed. When it comes to intimacy, you will not notice any enthusiasm or interest in the process. Before you have time to understand anything, she will already be sleeping soundly. Such a strange and unstable sex life, like any other sign, can mean something else. But in most such cases, the girl makes it clear that she no longer wants to be near you. Especially in bed. And this is one of the most important components of a happy relationship, the opposite may be one of the signs your marriage is headed for divorce!

Everything changes dramatically when a wife or girl suddenly starts to rejoice at your departure. Previously, you could not imagine such a thing. She could spend hours trying to persuade you to stay or follow you anywhere. But now, any departure is accompanied by joy! These changes are especially noticeable when your other half could not live without hugs, and then suddenly she just stopped doing that. There can be several reasons: either she is really busy with something important and does not realize the fact of your long absence, or she simply does not care about you.

While we are at it, let’s talk about jealousy. Excessive jealousy is very annoying, it's true. But in small doses, it only strengthens the relationship and at some moments makes you smile again. If the girl notices how you look at a beautiful cashier or waitress but does not say anything at all, then something is going wrong. The absence of jealousy is always a bad sign. Your partner does not feel competition and does not want to defend you, perhaps it’s one of the signs a divorce is imminent.

5. She goes to bed with you at different times

This is not the most common problem, but it is a clear sign of pressing problems in the relationship. A girl doesn’t want to go to bed with you at the same time to avoid embarrassing conversation or intimacy. And maybe both. For example, you can go to bed early, and she will stay as long as possible. Or she will go to bed early referring to some important planned things. This is a rare but effective way to ignore a partner in a relationship and one of signs she wants a divorce.

6. She watches her favorite TV shows alone

The new week is accompanied by the next episode of your favorite TV show. But this time, she watches it without you. What could be worse than this?! But seriously, this is a clear sign that the girl does not care about spending time together. Even such a minor, at first glance, refusal to watch the series or the film, clearly hints at some problems. Fans of such TV shows will understand how much insulting it is. It may not be one of the signs it’s time for a divorce, but it just may be true for your relationship.

7. She forgets everything

Before, you could be amazed at her ability to memorize the stupid jokes that accompanied every conversation. But now your other half is just silent, as if everything just vanished from her head. Any mention of this is accompanied by cold contempt. She seems to tell you that all of this has no meaning. All words are nonsense, as is your presence. Such behavior burned the pain in many hearts and is one of the signs you're headed for divorce.

8. Sudden changes in self-esteem

Face masks, regular dyeing and manicure are no longer mandatory procedures in her daily life. Your girlfriend may not care for herself for many reasons, but one of them may be that she no longer wants to attract your attention and refuses to perceive you as a partner. If it was typical for her to constantly give a lot of time to her appearance, and now she doesn’t, then prepare for the bad news. And the underwear… signs you're headed for divorceDo you remember her romantic evenings when your girl tried to look chic, wearing seductive underwear? If you are reading this article, then, most likely, she no longer does. In her night wardrobe, there is no place for these things.

All the romance vanished and was covered with a thick layer of dust. Do you deserve this attitude to yourself? Talk to your girlfriend before it's too late.

But if her self-esteem has sharply increased, then the situation can be even worse. Maybe she's trying to seduce someone else? Or wants to attract the attention of other men? And the most terrible option for you can be a combination of these two signs. So, keep your eyes peeled and do not let yourself be deceived.

9. Liquid routine

Those times when you could go to a nightclub together and dance a little, using a small dose of alcohol, have passed? If so, then most likely your girlfriend started drinking much more than you. Yes, and dance, too. She can calmly get drunk and go to a night club alone, and your presence will only spoil the fun. Moreover, it is no longer embarrassing to accept treats from other guys even with you around! "C'mon! It does not mean anything,"- such phrases may sound more and more often. And the situation is getting out of control faster and faster, and the breakdown of the relationship is getting closer.

Or maybe all of your joint walks end with boring seating in a small coffee house. Or your conversations at home pass over a cup of coffee without the slightest enthusiasm. Such a routine tradition. Of course, a similar period is experienced by millions of couples around the world, but is this something that a long-standing relationship has to go through once again? People who have lived together for hundreds of nights could come up with a more interesting lesson. If a cup of coffee is the only link in your relationship at the moment, then humble yourself. The trouble has already come, this is one of the signs it’s time for a divorce.

10. Invites many people

Every time you are going to spend a private evening with your lover, she strives to invite someone else. It can be anyone: a sister, a friend, a colleague. Understand this: "I do not want to spend time with you, because it does not matter anymore. It's boring".

However, it’s the opposite when it comes to your family. A wife or a girl can begin to behave as if she were seeing your parents for the first time. She will be embarrassed or even try to leave. Moreover, it will be more convenient for her to ignore members of your family, including you. Behaving like this, she projects her dislike for you onto your relatives. Keep this sign in mind and be prepared for an unpleasant development of events, as it is one of the strongest signs she is going to leave you.

Have you found this article to be helpful, maybe you yourself show signs to leave a marriage right now? Maybe you need it more than your partner? Anyway, be smart about it, don’t rush it but don’t wait too long, causing pain to both of you. Godspeed!

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