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Why Dating Russian girls

Nowadays it seems that the whole world is open to us. We are provided with endless opportunities, can order anything in a second, and make money still lying in bed. However, all these things don’t bring pleasure if your personal life is a complete mess. We meet a lot of people everywhere, going to the shop, hanging out with friends at the bar, or while visiting the gym, but even being surrounded by people, we remain single and feel lonely. It’s not that easy to meet the right person who will meet your requirements and fit the role of a beloved partner. It’s one of the main reasons why online dating has become so popular in recent years. It simplifies the whole process of finding a partner and saves your time. And even if you are attracted by some foreign beauties and want to get such a partner, online dating comes to the rescue once again.

Dive into the Unbelievable World of Russian Girls Dating

If you have reached that stage in your life when it’s time to think about starting a family, then don’t put it on hold. You have already found the best place to start your big and fascinating journey. It’s especially true if you are fond of gorgeous Russian girls. You cannot even imagine how many guys all over the world dream about meeting a decent woman who will become their trustworthy friend and beloved partner. It’s no secret that Slavic girls are very popular among foreigners who want to have committed relationships. It’s not for nothing they strive to get acquainted with Russian women and win them over. While it’s not a big deal to find someone for casual dating, committed relationships require a different approach. So, what are the main reasons to engage in Russian girls dating?

1. They are charming and feminine

Every heterosexual man wants to feel masculine next to his woman. He wants to feel his strength and power, and Russian girls want to be weak and feminine. Thus, everyone gets what they are looking for. When you fall in love with someone, you like not the person themselves but how you feel next to them. One way or another, but we are all egoistic and care about our inner state first. And guys feel great with Russian girls since they get visual and sensual pleasure being with these beautiful and charming ladies. You might have heard that men love with their eyes, and if suppose that this statement is true, then foreigners who have decided to use Russian dating services cannot but fall in love with these amazingly beautiful girls. They are too marvelous to leave someone indifferent.

2. They are great interlocutors

Even though we are looking for a future partner, having already created a long list of required qualities that they should possess, communication is always on the top. You cannot get a healthy and happy relationship if your communication with the partner leaves much to be desired. When you start dating, heart-to-heart talks are of crucial importance. It’s a decisive factor that determines the following development of your communication. It’s very important to meet a person who is a wonderful interlocutor with whom you can discuss everything you want, share your thoughts, and get good advice if necessary. And you can get all that with Russian women whom you can find on the meetwife dating site.

3. They adhere to old-school concepts

While most Western women have immersed themselves in feminism, Russian women continue to adhere to old-school concepts that suggest a man be the leader of the family. Maybe they also want to be on equal footing with men in some aspects, but it will be rather about climbing a career ladder than about relationships. And this mindset helps them stand out from the crowd and makes them desired partners in the eyes of foreigners. In the modern era, many people rush to live and achieve the success they don’t actually need. However, those who have high family values strive to meet like-minded people to start relationships with them. Thus, if you want to be the head of the family and get the best wife possible, it’s time to register on the and start searching. It’s time to catch the moment.

10 Curious Facts about Russia

Since you are looking for Russian women for marriage, you might want to find out something about their homeland. Many foreigners treat Russia as a mysterious and strange land, which is full of weird traditions and superstitions. However, only about 5% of the whole list of these stereotypes has something to do with reality. Russia is one of the biggest countries in the world, and it has made a great contribution to the development of different spheres of life, starting with rocket science and to the art. So, what things you should know about the motherland of the charming Russian women that you can find on meetwife?

1. Different ethnic groups live in Russia

Why are Russian women so beautiful? What’s the main secret? Why do so many men want to be involved in Russian-dating? More than 150 different ethnic groups live on the territory of their homeland. So, the natural beauty of the girls is the result of the mixture of different ethnicities. You might not have expected to see such a big number, but it’s how it is.

2. Family is the main priority

Russians attach great importance to everything that relates to a family. They have strong family ties and values. Usually, grandparents help with raising children. And all members are ready to stand for each other if necessary. The fact that Russian women are very family-oriented makes them desirable partners for those who want to start committed relationships and give birth to offspring. And it’s one of the main reasons why so many foreigners are eager to register on a Russian women dating site.

3. They do have superstitions

Like any other country on the globe, Russian culture is also full of certain superstitions. Thus, if you broke a mirror and looked in it, then bad luck may start chasing you. You shouldn’t give anything to a person in a doorway because it may lead to a quarrel. And be careful with salt since spilling the salt is bad luck.

4. Wedding is a big event

Russian people like big celebrations if there is an appropriate occasion. A traditional Russian wedding can last for about 3-4 days. The first one is about exchanging the rings and making wedding vows, while all other days are about dancing, singing and having fun in all possible ways. Many weird traditions are still alive in rural areas.

5. It’s rude to come empty-handed to someone’s house

If you are going to visit someone’s house, you should bring at least a small gift to the host since to come empty-handed is considered a bad manner. People may think that you are disrespectful or greedy. And, by the way, you shouldn’t refuse food offered by the host since it’s considered offensive.

6. Russian literature is one of the most developed in the world

People who are interested in literature know that Russian authors are considered to be among the best. It’s especially true about classic literary works. Thus, Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Alexander Pushkin are famous outside the country. And many foreign universities have Russian literature classes.

7. Russians celebrate Christmas in January

While almost all the countries celebrate Christmas on 25th December, Russians do it on 7th January. It happens because the Russian Orthodox Church adheres to the old Julian calendar. And it’s also necessary to mention that the New Year party is of bigger importance here than Christmas itself. So, if you are involved in Russia dating, don’t forget about this difference when you decide to make a Christmas gift for your significant other.

8. Cats have official jobs in St. Petersburg

Well, you might not have expected to hear anything like that, but it’s a true story. About 70 fluffy pets have got a job in the biggest and most famous museum of St. Petersburg the Hermitage. They work as guardians and protect the treasures of the museum against mice. This tradition has been maintained since 1745.

9. An odd number of flowers for something pleasant

Russian girls adore flowers, and there is even a small cult. Thus, people are used to bringing a bouquet for every occasion. However, it’s necessary to remember that only an odd number is suitable for a happy occasion, for example, a date or a birthday. While an even number is connected with a sad event.

10. Russians like to go out much

It’s not for nothing Russians are considered great hosts. They like to meet with friends and gather together to celebrate any holiday. They can easily meet over a cup of tea or have lunch together at someone’s place. It’s the usual thing for many people. And it’s considered a good manner to offer a guest to eat or drink something.

Important Things You Need to Know About Russian Women Culture

If you are going to search for Russian girls for marriage, you should know how to make your dreams come true. You can run into many pitfalls trying to act as usual. It’s necessary to realize that these girls differ from other nations, and things that perfectly work with Americans will have no result when it comes to dating Russian women. Cultural differences and things girls are used to can play a crucial role on the way to success when you are engaged in Russian women dating. So, you should bear in mind the following moments.

1. It’s not enough to make a compliment

If you believe that you can say something pleasant about a girl’s appearance to win her over, then you will fail sooner than you start doing at least something. Russian girls are well aware of their stunning appearance since, besides the fact that they are gifted with natural data, they work hard on it as well. And since they make efforts to stay attractive to the opposite sex, they expect to face the same attitude. So, you should work on your image, manners, and attitude if you want to succeed on a Russian girl dating site.

2. They like self-confident and brave men

These girls use the best dating site for a reason. They want to meet decent and reliable partners who will be able to take care of them and become a strong shoulder to lean on. Despite all the difficulties they have got through in their lives, they stay romantic and believe in big love. However, you shouldn’t deceive yourself believing that these girls are naive since it has nothing to do with reality.

3. They expect you to arrange unforgettable dates

If you want to win a girl’s heart, then you should reflect on some romantic gestures. You can arrange a cute romantic date that will surprise her, show your care and a sincere interest in her life. Such an attitude makes a big difference and will show her that she is your priority, not an option. You know if a Russian beauty wanted to date an ordinary guy who knows nothing about romantic gestures, she would date a Russian guy instead of looking for her Prince Charming on the best international dating site, meetwife com.

4. Don’t forget about a bouquet

As it has already been mentioned, Russian girls adore flowers. So, don’t forget about a nice bouquet if you have a date. This moment is of crucial importance if it’s your first date or a face-to-face meeting. A girl may become upset if you come without flowers. It’s an inherent part of Russian dating culture, so if you are searching for these beautiful ladies on meet-wife, you shouldn’t ignore such moments if you don’t want to feel embarrassed later. The honeymoon period is the most romantic in any relationship, and in Russia, they say it is about flowers and candies.

5. They know their self-worth

Some men believe that Russian women who are looking for their significant others on international dating sites like meetwife dot com are desperate and treat meeting a foreigner as a last resort. However, it’s far from the truth. These girls are brave and smart enough to not settle for anything less than they deserve. They know their self-worth and what they want to get in this life. So, get rid of your illusions about humble and naïve Russian girls that will agree on everything just to leave their country. There is one interesting fact – most of them don’t want to leave their country, but they want to meet partners with alike values and aspirations.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Russian Dating Culture

Russian dating culture is built on the idea of courting. What is courting?

It is the concept of gradual strengthening of couple’s bonds that usually leads to marriage. On the contrary to Western culture, Russians don’t “date around.” Dating other people when courting one partner is offensive, disrespectful, and is generally the sign of cheating. If you went to a couple of dates, you need to be exclusive as a couple. Even if you are not yet officially a couple, devotion is key. Russians are true serial monogamists. If you, for some reason, do not satisfy each other’s needs, you have to say goodbyes before seeing that there is “plenty of fish in the sea.”

1. Chivalry is much welcomed in Russia

Not being a gentleman is slightly weird in this country. Splitting the bill or taking different transport after a date is a sign of greediness. Although times are changing, and now women strive for independence, even male friends try to cover the bill as a sign of respect. No, Russian men do not have a bruised ego. They perfectly know there are plenty of other ways to be manly. But each manifestation of honor, even handing the coat or holding the door, is a good sign that a man has manners.

2. Women usually stick to traditional roles

They may have a final word or be active on a date, but being too decisive and loud about their desires is showcasing stubbornness. Or at least, this is what an older generation would say. Modesty is the most fabulous jewelry piece.

Dating Russian women does not mean you will be the only brain of the operation and the sole breadwinner. It is that men fulfill a practical side of the relationship, while women stay on an emotional basis. They complement each other but in a more traditional way. This is what concept stands by, and rightfully so. You may not agree with conventional roles, but there are undeniable benefits of Russian women dating. You will always have food on the table because dating for her will be the real deal, and Russian women don’t fool around when they say they love you.

3. Russian dating services often condone giving presents to your date

And they are right. Russian women adore gifts. Some might see Russian dating materialistic, but this is not true. Women only care for attention. It is a good tone to give them flowers, not because Slavic women have a green thumb. It is the easiest way to claim your presence in a relationship. While Russian girls are often shy to invest in their men, you will feel incredibly fulfilled in other ways. No present can substitute a tasty dinner, a clean house, and hours of sincere talk. Russian women may be a little afraid of changing societal roles, but they will never fall behind when it comes to attention.

In Russian dating culture, places to meet are not an important topic. As long as you have food, fun, and each other, restaurants or parks is only a question of preference. On the meetwife com blog, you can see many ideas for a great date.

Is Marriage Any Different in Russia?

Russian marriage is a topic for many discussions. It is tremendously different from Western culture. And while Westerners treat a wedding day as a special occasion, Russians believe that it should be exceptional. Russians always say that marriage is sacred. They try to figure out every problem without a thought of divorce. Divorces used to be shameful, so instead of splitting or moving out, many people try to talk about their issues, open up to friends or marriage counselors. They do everything to avoid breaking up because after the wedding, especially Christan matrimony, it is sinful to split up. Russians believe that once married in front of the eyes of God, your marriage is sacred.

Married couples have their ups and downs like any other nationalities do, but they never talk badly about married life. If you are involved in Russian girl dating, consider being mature about every issue, and talk about your spouse with respect. They literally call complaining about your spouse, “bringing dust outside the house.” It means that talking badly about your better half is like leaving the trashcan open on the pavement, inviting crows to steal flashy tinfoil. Russians prefer to keep it in the family, dealing with everything together. A family business is not bypasser’s interest so that Russian women can be very protective.

In many families, man is still a breadwinner. However, Russian wives are different from Western spouses. These girls try to combine working a full-time job and being a housekeeper. This labor is backbreaking and time-consuming, so modern men try to be equal in doing chores. Still, even after a hard working day, an average Russian woman would come home to cook dinner, even if a man is fully capable of doing that. And although most couples can afford takeaway food, just like chivalry, women always try to show respect by cooking something. Keeping your house neat is a part of the culture, so expect your woman who you can meet on meet-wife to do the chores without you asking.

Married couples with kids are about a different level of loyalty. Since Russians start their families in their twenties, they have all the energy in the world to raise kids. Married couples rarely leave their children to babysitters, deciding to boss up, and take all the responsibility. Relatives and the elder generation often helps young parents raise kids, but stability and comfort are a must.

In Russian marriage, women tend to be more lovable and nurturing, while men are decisive and firm. Russians believe that their marriage has to preserve structure; that is why everyone has their role. Power struggles in Russian marriages are a rare occasion because females are wise enough not to take a big chunk of responsibilities unless you directly violate their borders.

According to the meetwife dating site, an average Russian woman would prefer to build a marriage with a stable, mature, and good-looking man with whom she can grow as a person. Russian women invest too much time and effort into a relationship to aim at a mediocre partner who doesn’t fulfill their needs. And that is why Russian women strive for a man who could appreciate their undeniable contribution.

Why Russian Girls Want to Look for Foreign Men

1. Foreign men are well-educated

Russian women want to fulfill their business side; that is why they are drawn to success. Russian girls love to hear stories about traveling, fun party gatherings, universities, colleges, and foreign friendships. They are hungry for knowledge, and that is why Western men seem to be the most exciting interlocutors. Sure, Russian men are smart too, but they have street smarts due to early transition to adulthood. Unfortunately, not every Russian resident can travel abroad. These are things Westerners sometimes take for granted and disregard, but for Russian women, going abroad and making foreign friends is exciting. Education and a broad outlook are some of the most attractive facets of a man.

2. Foreign men always strive for more

While young Russian families often expect material help from their parents up until their thirties, Westerners excite Russian women by their independency. Foreign men strive to become financially stable from their teen years, living separately and making their own money. When you are involved in Russian girls dating, do not be surprised if a woman did not work before graduating from university. Since Russian mothers are very caring, they do not rush children to become too independent from an early age. Consequently, foreign men appear mature and independent, which indicates their stability and readiness for marital life.

3. Foreigners have good taste

Russian women love good-looking men. The thing is, in Russia, additional self-care in men is often seen as excessive. It is a strange stereotype that men need to look as manly as possible, using only essential cosmetic products and treatments. The good thing is, Russian women rarely share this excitement, preferring to date a man who looks manly but uses more cosmetic procedures and goes to a barbershop. Russian women love men with an excellent sense of style, and those who are not afraid of creative expression. That is why foreigners are so attractive to Russian women.

4. Foreign men are responsible

Unfortunately, even though marriage is a sacred institution in Russia, many children are raised without a father. These situations often happen because men decide to leave. Many Russian women do not want to make mistakes in life, so they look for a more mature partner who understands why they need a family and what it means to them. Since married life is so sacred for Russian women, they choose partners who can provide stability and support from the start. It is okay for them to wait, as long as the connection is meaningful.

5. Russian women want to live and learn

Since, on average Russian women dating sites, one in two women wants to leave their country looking for a better life, no wonder why foreign men are so attractive to them. It doesn’t mean that Westerners are their happy ticket. No, Russian women often leave their country anyway. But looking for adventures in life is better with a fun companion. It is even better when a foreign friend is experienced and culture-friendly.

Why Are Russian Girls So Beautiful?

1. They love pampering

Self-care and good hygiene are often associated with royalty. Russian women love cosmetic treatment, makeup, and dress-ups. They love being slightly overdressed for the occasion because, at the end of the day, nothing brings you more joy than your partner’s smile and flirty remarks. Skincare and nail salons are a must for Russian women. It is a great place to talk to friends and get away from the usual routine. On meet wife dot com, girls love to shine. And with natural beauty, it doesn’t take much to be the best!

2. They won the genetic lottery

Slavic women are conventionally beautiful, and that’s a fact. They have an excellent bone structure, an average height, curvy bodies, and large prominent eyes. Moreover, Russian girls often have thick hair and full lips. These characteristics are often associated with a healthy body. That is why whenever men see tall slender Russian women in a bikini, they can’t turn their heads away.

3. They are beautiful from the inside

Russian girls learn to be modest and kind since childhood. Nothing makes you more attractive than a genuine smile and sparkling eyes. In Russia, dating means that a woman gives herself out to a man wholly. Loyal and devotion are very attractive. Additionally, Russian women learn not to be greedy, strive for extremes, and are taught to live in a present moment. What makes Russian women so attractive? Their ability to think clearly and value each day as a positive event. Stress and disdain make our faces somber, grey and dim. On the other hand, with an optimistic approach to life, your appearance can be ten times more attractive.

4. Russian women are somewhat superstitious

According to meetwife girls, they do not like going in public with no-makeup or in dirty clothes. Russian women don’t like strange stares, they often believe that your appearance should reflect their state of mind. They think that in an unhappy marriage, both partners give up on their appearance. It is somewhat true, though. Russian women believe in common courtesy and that the whole household should look immaculate. They like to display an image of a successful couple. And most importantly, they don’t do it to “appear” successful. Russian women believe in success and order. They think that looking top-tier will only attract more happiness and wealth into their life.

5. Russian women have learned to compete

Since women outnumber men greatly, they always have to be better than female friends. It might be strange to hear, but competition is a harsh reality. Russian girls want to keep their men interested, proud of having such a trophy, and satisfied. Yes, Russian girls are hardworking achievers with high standards, but it only makes them more desirable for foreign men!

Men Traits Russian Women Seek in Men

To spark the interest of a pretty Russian lady, guys should know the traits that these women seek in men. So, familiarize yourself with 8 traits that attract Russian girls like a magnet!

1. Sex appeal

In the view of Russian women, the sex appeal of a man is associated not only with his sexual skills but also with certain character traits. A fanciable man, in the understanding of these ladies, should be a real man. Of course, sexual skills are of considerable importance since the concept of a “real man” does not involve sexual failures and self-doubt. A fanciable man always “wants and can” make love, he is self-confident. And Russian women are very attracted to such guys.

At the same time, the sex appeal of a man has nothing to do with appearance and exaggeration of male virtues. This is not the role played by a “real man” and a “cool guy,” but something that comes from within, from the very nature of a man, this is an evident sign of stronger sex, a sign of masculinity.

2. Generosity

Most Russian girls can buy themselves a new phone and pay for food in a restaurant. But this does not negate the fact that they like it when a man makes good money. And it is not at all about money and the presence of an expensive car or own apartment. Simply put, financially backed men behave differently: they are self-confident, sober-minded, and more self-sufficient.

3. High energy level

A man should radiate energy that causes goosebumps in women. And it is not about a guy’s skills in bed. This is about an endless vitality because of which a man longs to live, achieve success, and develop himself. High energy level, charisma, and passionate involvement in a favorite occupation are felt by a Russian woman at the energy level. To say more, it can be felt even in case of online communication on a popular dating site like meetwife com.

4. Self-confidence

Confidence is half the success in romantic affairs. A self-confident man looks courageously in the eyes of Russian women. Such a guy clearly understands who he is, what he wants from life, what goals he seeks to achieve, and what woman he sees next to him. He is the complete architect of his fortunes. Such a firm and unshakable life philosophy arouse respect in Russian women. Representatives of the fair sex feel completely safe with self-confident men knowing that they can always rely on their loved ones.

5. Cultivated mind

There is a great deal of truth in the conventional wisdom that mind is the sexiest part of a man’s body. It is amazing how much a masculine mind can be attractive to a woman. Moreover, it is not the IQ of a man that matters to Russian ladies, but the passion for knowledge, the desire to discover something new, and understand the essence of things and events around. The mind, as an instrument of world ownership, is what excites the female imagination and delights Russian ladies.

6. Unconventional thinking

All men behave almost the same. After all, they fall under the influence of outside persons who dictate a certain style of men’s behavior in society. However, some guys do not want to put up with a public opinion and so, choose their way of living. They think differently and want to achieve success in life and become leaders. A Russian woman subconsciously looks for such a man because she does not only feel interesting with him but also realizes the prospect of his success in the future.

7. Sense of humor

To make good jokes, a man must be smart and sophisticated. It can be said that the level of humor depends on what a man is interested in, what books he reads, what kind of people he communicates with, and so on. Most Russian women like to have a good laugh and warm to guys with whom they can feel high. Also, ladies from the meetwife dating site have admitted that they are more attracted to guys with a good sense of humor than to serious and thoughtful men.

8. Good manners

Women love it when a man knows how to behave in the company of ladies. Gallant men enjoy great popularity among women. They know how to compliment a lady and care for her, and can keep the conversation on different topics. Therefore, a guy who knows the norms of behavior with a lady is bound to attract the attention of most Russian women.

7 Things That Impress Russian Women

Sociological research conducted by the psychologists from Princeton proves that people need less than a second to create an opinion about someone, observing just the person’s face. Representatives of the weaker sex are usually not limited to the face of a man but appraise a lot of other seemingly unobvious details. And so, let's figure out what things in the male image impress Russian women.

1. Clothing

A woman assesses a man’s image at first look at him. Thus, men’s clothing usually has to meet these 3 requirements.

Cleanness. A pullover with pills, a dark stain on a jacket, and pants that have never been in a washing machine can deprive a guy of any chance to attract a woman.

Appropriateness. A guy wearing a tuxedo suit will look a bit strange at a beach party, just like a man dressed in jeans shorts during a theatrical performance. Besides, the second situation suggests that the guy is not much acquainted with the rules of decorum.

A sense of style. Women easily excuse men's minor mistakes in choosing clothes. But an unfortunate lack of taste like wearing sweatpants with dress shoes does not please Russian women at all.

2. Well-groomed hairstyle

Light or dark, straight or wavy, long or short hair – so many women, so many minds. The point is to keep the hair washed and coiffured (it is enough to give hair a brush, which many guys often forget about).

3. Upright posture and firm tread

A vigorous, purposeful, and confident tread attracts Russian ladies because it shows a man as a successful person who feels himself the master of the universe and has the power to withstand adversity. A man who constantly shuffles, slouches, and moves very hesitantly, subconsciously perceived as someone who has many problems. It seems that the man does not experience the best period in life, which means that he is unlikely to make a lady happy in a romantic relationship.

4. Beautiful figure

Most girls like guys whose figures resemble an inverted triangle: a trim belly, narrow hips, and broad shoulders. Such a body shape demonstrates a woman that this is a healthy, strong, enduring man who can protect both her and their future children.

This sheds some light on the theory that married men gain fat, as their wives subconsciously try to put them on weight and thus, make their beloved men less appetizing in the eyes of other women. Nevertheless, another research identifies that both men and women equally tend to gain weight in a happy marriage.

5. Clean shoes

Men often underestimate such detail of image as shoes. But Russian ladies manage to assess it no less carefully than clothing and figure. Well, the choice of shoes can tell about the owner much more than it may seem at first sight. Torn, dirty shoes speak about the same sloppy man who does not attach much importance to his appearance.

6. Well-groomed hands

Hands are another part of the male body that girls always draw attention to even with a fleet glance at a man. Russian ladies like well-groomed men’s hands with long thin fingers and fine-looking shape of nails. Bitten nails and agnails speak about an insecure and nervous person. Also, a woman can guess how often a man engages in hard physical work by the state of his hands.

7. Sexy back

A great number of sociologists believe that most Russian women pay close attention to men’s buttocks. A perky butt is a sign that a guy keeps an active lifestyle, and his testosterone level is in order. And yet, perky buttocks look aesthetically pleasing. Thus, not only men can turn around to look at spectacular beauties. Women simply do it more restrained.

Dating Russian Girls: Things to Know and Do

In fact, dating Russian women is not as difficult as it seems, and it does not even matter whether you build relationships in real life or communicate on a Russian women dating site like Let’s consider some important things you should know and do when you are involved in Russian girls dating.

1. Support her and give advice

Men who show support to beloved women and offer them help can truly win the hearts of their loved ones. Girls like men who are always ready to be there for them and give advice. This makes them feel that their loved one really cares about them.

2. Cook for her

If you really want to attract a Russian woman, you should know that she loves to eat. If she is a real foodie, you can cook some special dishes for her. But even if you do not know how to cook, you can just serve a girl coffee in bed, and this will definitely impress the woman.

3. Take responsibility

The ability to take responsibility and solve problems is what women like most about men. A Russian woman is looking for a partner who is best suited for the role of her protector and support for their propagation. It is important for her to feel like a weak woman who can rely on a strong man.

4. Give her warmth and tenderness

Men's warmth is manifested in caring about a woman, and also in some kind of condescension to female weaknesses. But this is not about an arrogant condescension but understanding the difference between male and female nature. The ability to hear a woman and give her the necessary emotional response makes a man very sexy in the eyes of Russian ladies.

5. Get on well with her family and friends

A Russian girl always loves it if you get on well with her dearest people such as family and friends. So, you should get along not just with your girlfriend but also with her immediate circle. In case you have not met her relatives yet, bring some gifts to the first meeting with them. Small and pleasant presents will delight your beloved lady and her parents and demonstrate your respect and attention towards her surroundings.

6. Do not give cause for jealousy

Russian women are very jealous. Do not show frank animation when other representatives of the fair sex appear and, what is more, do not flirt with them when you are on a romantic date with your loved one. This is ill-mannered, and your beloved may consider that you are an ordinary heartthrob or a womanizer. If you come across an old female friend on a date with your loved one, you should introduce the girls to each other, and later, tell your beloved who it was. It will help you avoid distrust and jealousy in the beloved. Let her feel that she is the only one for you!

7. Respect her privacy

Any relationship is based on trust. No matter how much you love each other, it can be difficult to be together all the time – each of us needs some personal space to remain yourself. Never check your lady’s phone, email, and social media messages. Decide for yourself that you can trust your partner completely and respect her personal life.

How to Ask a Russian Girl out After Chatting Online

Before asking a girl to go out on a date, many men doubt and think hard how to do this. The stronger the girl sinks into the heart, the more a man feels hesitation and doubt. After all, a lot of guys suffer the fear of failure. Fortunately, modern technologies have made life easier because you can chat with a girl you like with the help of Russian dating services and have a way with her. But to make Russian women dating really successful and create strong romantic relationships, you should know how to ask a Russian girl out after chatting online on a Russian girls dating site.

  1. First of all, you should choose a safe and proven online dating service to look for a Russian lady. Meet wife dot com is one of the best and reliable dating sites where there is no scam and shady people!
  2. You should not delay asking a Russian girl to go out on a date with you, as you may miss such a chance at all. The best time to ask a lady out is 2-3 days before the planned date of the meeting.
  3. Make your proposal original, so that a girl immediately understands – she communicates with an interesting person with a fertile imagination. At the same time, you should not directly say the word “date” to the girl; this may scare some women away. You can call it just a meeting.
  4. It is important not just to ask a Russian girl out but to spark interest in her. You can propose her to go to the movie that she has planned to watch for a long time or arrange a date in a cafe with her favorite cuisine.
  5. You should clearly indicate the place and time of the meeting, voicing them to a girl, so as not to get annoying misunderstandings. Make sure the girl knows how to get to the place.
  6. You should radiate confidence and tranquility. Therefore, an invitation to a date should be clear and understandable. Besides, you should sound it more in an assertive form than in the interrogative one.
  7. You should not ask a Russian lady out on a date immediately after the greeting on a dating site. It is better to start by talking on abstract topics, and only after that, move on to your goal.

Russian women are great, and it is impossible to fit everything there’s to say about them within the boundaries of a webpage. Now we will talk about Russian dating services, the things you should know about Russian dating, tips, and tricks for Russian women dating, figure out how to use meetwife, and why it is the best Russian women dating site on the Internet.

What Kind of Kisses Do Russian Women Like?

Before we talk about, let’s focus on Russian women and the art of Russian girls dating. If you like a girl, then most likely, you think about a kiss with her. However, before kissing, you should flirt with her to understand whether she is open for this and if so, act! It doesn't matter if you kiss for the first time or after a short relationship, make just a greater impression on your next date with these tips!

1. Kiss her softly, but confidently

There are many kissing techniques, but the real secret on how to make this process amazing is to let it grow gradually. Having started leisurely, you allow the kiss to develop. Most likely, she will signal that she wants more. For example, leaning closer to you or putting her hands on your hands, shoulders, or face. If you wish, you can touch her cheeks or hair while kissing.

2. Break the kiss in a few seconds, and then kiss her again

The first kiss should be long enough for you to feel close but try to stop after about 10 seconds. Lean back slightly to look into her eyes and smile. If she smiles and feels comfortable, then you can lean toward her for a second kiss. If she seems to hesitate or feel awkward, stop kissing her and ask if everything is fine. Perhaps she is thinking about something that she wants to discuss with you, or maybe she does not want to continue to kiss. Respect what she says, no matter what.

3. Get ready for the kiss

Gently French kiss, touching her tongue with your own. Once both of you are completely relaxed and enjoy the process, you can add a little spiciness with the help of the tongue. You never need to show excessive aggression during a French kiss, just try to use the tip of the tongue in a natural manner.

4. Kiss her neck and ears

The neck is an extremely sensitive area, and the girl will enjoy kisses there. Diversify the process by gently kissing her neck a couple of times or just behind her ears. Do not kiss her neck too hard, otherwise, you may leave a hickey!

5. Use your hands

A kiss should include more than just your mouths. Start by placing your hands on her waist or placing one hand on the back of her head to keep the girl closer to you. Examine her body in a natural manner, but do not rush. If you go too far and too fast, she may feel uncomfortable. Do not touch her intimate parts of the body, unless you get permission to do so. She can show you that she wants this by pointing your hands there, directly speaking about it, or touching your intimate places. If you are not sure, ask.

6. Follow her

Watch her behavior while kissing. You can use her body language to understand when to break the kiss. Does she move away from you a little and dodges during a kiss? Perhaps she feels that the time has come to complete the process. If she presses her body against yours and leads her hands over you, most likely, she wants to continue kissing.

Coolest Date Ideas for a Russian Girl

Let’s now list some great ideas on how to spend a date with a Russian girl.

1. Feed the ducks in the park

Entertainment that returns to childhood causes a lot of delight at any age and is quite inexpensive. If there are no ducks, some sparrow will certainly not refuse treats. But it’s better not to buy the usual loaf: baked goods can lead to an upset gastrointestinal tract in birds. Bring finely chopped cabbage or uncooked cereals with you.

2. Play a game in the hardware store

In many equipment stores, test models of game consoles with joysticks or motion sensors are exhibited so that customers can try them out and have a burning desire to buy. Go there and fight in a free duel. The option is not for the shy because all visitors will see your jumps in front of the screen.

3. Go to a free lecture or workshop

A partner who loves such entertainments will appreciate that you have thought in advance about registering for a free event, as the number of places is usually limited, and there are many who want to go. If you are meticulous, you can find an event for every taste - from a scientific lecture to extreme sports.

4. Build a sandcastle on the beach

And so that everything is adult: not just a wet lump of sand, but a structure with turrets, a moat around and a drawbridge. Otherwise, how will the knight save the princess?

5. Do something with your own hands

Find instructions on how to, for example, glue and sticks, assemble a working Lamborghini. And try to realize the idea. At best, you will enjoy the result; at worst, have fun.

6. Make a movie screening

To settle in front of the TV at home is not the most original idea. Therefore, upload a romantic movie to your laptop and go to the park or to the roof. Do not forget popcorn or cucumber sticks if you care about the figure.

7. Enjoy the view of the city from a rooftop

It is not easy to find an open roof, but it is almost a win-win option when it comes to romance. Enjoy the sunset, look at the stars, combine them into your constellations, dance under the moon.

8. Start writing a book about your love

It is unlikely to be published, but it will help recall many touching moments from your personal history.

9. Listen to street musicians

Don't run past the group that plays at a busy intersection, but get comfortable and listen to the whole concert.

10. Ride bicycles

Or roller skates, or scooters. The main thing is to choose the transport that you already have, otherwise, the rental will make the date completely non-budget.

11. Have yourself a movie marathon

Select each one of several films that you watch in a row. The secret to the success of cinema marathons is to remove the phones away, otherwise, one of you will definitely stick in social networks and spoil the whole date.

12. Teach each other something new

You will be surprised how many people do not know how to do basic things like a tulip from a sheet of paper. Teach each other these fun but useless skills.

13. Have a picnic

You will definitely find some products for a snack in the refrigerator, and you will not have to spend money. But pay attention to the surroundings. A fabric tablecloth, glass plates, and metal appliances will create a completely different impression than their plastic counterparts.

Great Things to Talk About on a Date with a Russian Lady

Here are just some of the things you can talk about on a date with a Russian lady.

The first thing I would like to talk about is pauses in communication. How would you feel when after a long conversation you had a break in your communication? I do not think it would be very comfortable. Nevertheless, pauses in communication are normal. It is impossible to speak all the time without stopping. Pauses in communication can be avoided, and it is enough to have a couple of topics in stock or to be able to quickly come up with a topic for conversation. Since it’s quite difficult to quickly act in such a situation, I recommend holding a couple of topics for discussion in stock. It is important to remember that if you have 5 topics in stock, you do not need to use them just like that. Do not talk about them, but save for the moment when you have nothing to talk about.

1. Recreation and hobbies

Free time is a great topic for conversation. Nobody likes to go to school or work, everyone likes to relax, therefore, most people love to discuss the ways in which they enjoy their lives. Such a topic is suitable, both for having a simple communication and removing an awkward pause in a conversation. Ask her what she does in her free time or how she spent her free time and holidays last summer, what she did while on vacation, which countries or cities she went to. Yes, anything! The topic of free time is very wide, which can be stretched as much as a few dates. But still, this topic is not universal for everyone, you can meet a girl that says she doesn’t rest, has not gone anywhere, and etc. It's okay! Tell her about yourself. Tell her something interesting about your life. Maybe you went to some interesting city or country, maybe you have some kind of unusual hobby. Don't be silent about it. So, you will have a topic for conversation, and she will be interested. It will be better than being silent throughout all of your dates or thinking about what you should talk about.

2. Work or study

Not the best topic for conversation, however, this is a good option to prevent a pause in the conversation. If you have an awkward pause when you are on a date with a girl, and other topics for conversation do not come to mind - feel free to ask how she is doing, what she does, where she works. You can also tell her some stories from your work or study. If possible, do not drag out this topic and try to switch to another. Do not forget that the transition from one topic to another should be smooth.

3. Sport

If your girlfriend is fond of sports - this is a great topic for conversation. In this case, you can know absolutely nothing about the sport at all. “What?” - you ask. It’s quite simple. Ask about her favorite sport, and if she likes, for example, football, basketball or hockey or some other sport, tell the girl that you are also interested in this, and would like to know more about it. If a girl is truly passionate about this, her story will be long and interesting. And the main thing for you is to try to keep up the conversation in every possible way and ask her questions. If you do everything right, the girl will definitely like your date. So, who doesn’t like to talk about themselves and their hobbies?

4. Family

Family is generally one of the best topics to talk about because no one is talking about it, and this topic is very close to most people. Tell the girl about your family, your relatives and friends, then maybe she will tell you something about her family. If, after your fascinating story about your relatives, she didn’t want to talk about her relatives and family in response, don’t be upset or put pressure on her. Each person trusts other people differently. Someone after the second date is ready to tell you all their secrets, but for someone, a year of communication is not such a long time for such revelations.

5. Relationships

Relationships are another good topic to talk about. While talking on this topic, you will have a lot of opportunities to show the girl that you find her interesting, in addition, you can find out what kind of guys she likes and, possibly, some moments from her personal life. Don’t forget to tell her about your own, but you don’t need to tell the girl how popular you are, among them (girls) and certainly, you should not show off your large number of exes. Also, many guys, praising a girl, mention the formers, pouring mud on them. In no case can this be done. The girl will think that when you part, you will just as badly tell everyone about her. Therefore, I advise not to mention the former partner at all or at least not speak badly of them if you mention.

6. Pets

If there’s nothing to talk about on a date or an awkward pause appears, you can talk about animals. Ask a girl about her pets or whom she would like to have, you can also tell her about your favorite animals. Tell her about how you look after them since the girls love it. The topic of pets is the perfect way to show a girl how caring you are - use it. And now, let’s talk about Russian dating services and

The Beauty of Russian Women

And these were just a few important things you should remember if you plan on meeting Russian women on the Internet. And the best place to do so is your new favorite Russian girl dating site called meet wife dot com. The meetwife dating site offers its users only the top-quality Russian-dating services, and there is no place better for you to find on the Internet if you want to start dating Russian women. Start meeting Russian beauties from the comfort of your home and use meetwife com as your guide.

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