Today we’ll find out how to understand if your ex wants to return to you. And, before proceeding directly to our topic, I want to note one thing, if the relationship was serious, and you were together for more than a month or two, I can guarantee that she still misses you and loves you. The question is, are these feelings enough to return to you? And today we will try to understand this. No need to spend the rest of your life trying to figure out whether an ex-girlfriend will return to you. Do not look for signs where there is nothing to find. This will neither work nor help return the relationship. So, do not overanalyze the situation. Well, now let's get started on the signs of whether your ex wants you back. Believe me, this is pretty easy to understand.

signs your ex girlfriend is over you

Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Is Not Over You

Here are the signs your ex-girlfriend is not over you.

She is the initiator of communication

So, the first signal that helps understand whether she wants to return you is her constant attempts to communicate, especially if she constantly tries to remind you of herself. Regular messages and calls are one of the signs she wants to return to her previous relationship. If not even consciously, then subconsciously for sure. Of course, one call or message per month is not a reason to think so. But I can say with confidence that if the ex calls or texts you very often but, at the same time, you do not show any initiative to establish communication, then this is a clear sign that she is not over you. It is also important to see how often she does it and in what way. If she calls you or happens to walk by your house from time to time, then, of course, this is a more obvious sign of her interest than just a message on a social network. And, if your ex constantly reminds you of herself, listen to what she says. Is she interested in your life, does it seem like she wants to come back? Or do all the conversations come down to unpaid bills or boots that she left at your place? So pay attention to what she is talking about. However, if you are completely against the idea of you two ever being together again, then there’s no reason to lie to them. Think about your future, find women online and start a new relationship. There’s no reason for being single for too long.


This is one of the sure signs your ex-girlfriend is pretending to be over you. A very strong indicator that your ex-girlfriend is still interested in you, or even wants to return back to your relationship, is jealousy. This is a very clear sign that she is interested in reestablishing your relationships. And if she is jealous when you spend time with other girls, go on dates or post photos on social networks with other ladies, then there is a reason to think that she wants to come back.

Something in common

If she often recalls jokes that only the two of you understand, all the good things that you two remember, some memories of your, then these are also quite powerful indicators of her desire to be with you. Pay particular attention to whether she recalls your past relationship. If so, she’s surely nostalgic for you. And this is also a very strong sign that she wants to go back.

Pay attention to how often this person appears in the same places as you dosigns she's over you after breakup

Is she over me? If you seem to come across each other from time to time – this may not be the faith itself playing tricks on you. If your ex seems to meet you from time to time by accident, then, most likely, these are not simple accidents. If you have mutual friends, your ex can find out where you will be and "accidentally" come to that place. If your ex-girlfriend is in the same place as you are, do not forget to watch her body language. Does she look in your direction? If so, then, most likely, she is also interested in your behavior.


Well, here’s the last sign, which may turn out to be rather ambiguous. If your ex is constantly in a bad mood, she is depressed, her negative emotions only intensify, and she seems emotionally broken after breaking up, this can indicate that she wants to return and that she regrets the decision to break up.

These are the signs she will come back to you, or at least wants you to be together again. Let’s now proceed to the signs your ex-girlfriend has moved on.

How to Know If Your Ex-Girlfriend Is Completely Over You

Before we talk about signs ex-girlfriend has moved on, let’s get something out of the way. The human psyche works so that even after the most difficult relationships you will still remember the person who made you feel it. When couples break up a long, serious relationship, then both partners usually experience a hurricane of different emotions, good and bad:

  • sadness;
  • anger;
  • regret;
  • relief.

Time will pass, and it doesn't matter how it all ended for you, or what emotions guided you through this period. But the memories you've created together will still overtake you wherever you are. Yes, time flies by, and these memories fade away, but if you have broken up recently, then your ex is likely to still think about you every day. If you have met someone who influenced your life, then you will not be able to forget about this person just like that. You can throw away things related to a person, but it is not so easy to get rid of the memories of a person. And it doesn’t matter if they are good or bad. The main thing is that it is for these reasons that your ex did not forget about you. So, if you are wondering if your ex is thinking about you, here are some signs your ex-girlfriend is over you.

How to know if she is done with you?

Phone calls and messages

Lack of communication is the most telling of signs ex-girlfriend is over you. Frequent calls or messages is a sign that she is not over you. Yes, sometimes communication after parting can be a banal necessity, but if she is constantly looking for a reason to talk, it means that you are still part of her life. Even after breaking up. Therefore, you should try to follow the strategy of the "contactless period." Yes, there are circumstances when communication with the ex is a necessity. In such cases, try to communicate easily and naturally. No need to demonstrate how upset you are with the breakup. Better show that you are ready to move on.

No attention to you whatsoever

How to know if your ex-girlfriend is over you? She doesn’t pay attention to you whatsoever. Remember that sometimes people choose pretty funny ways to show that they still care about their exes. Especially when upset. Actions speak louder than words. And even if she does not speak very kindly to you, the fact that she has found the time to talk to you speaks for itself. And the fact that there are emotions in her tone (even negative ones) suggests that she is still not indifferent to you.


One of the signs she's over you is the lack of any secret information. If your ex decides to start a new relationship and hides it from you, then there may be several reasons for this. Perhaps she takes into account your feelings and thinks that starting a new relationship in secret will protect you from negative emotions. Or maybe she doesn’t want to lose the chance to be with you again. In any case, the strict secrecy of the new relationship is something that she has repeatedly considered. So she thought about you too.

Social Media Signs

Here’s one of the signs she has moved on. After parting, people like to let in a wave of mystery.

  • A person starts listening to sad songs;
  • A person starts watching romantic films;
  • or read sentimental stories.

If there is nothing of this nature – it is quite likely that she doesn’t want to get your attention. Where do you think all these soap operas have come from? If you see such things on the page of your ex in one of the social networks, then this is a clear sign that she thinks of you. If your ex behaves unusually for her, for example, shares a huge number of photos, then she can pretend that she is doing well. This is one of the tricks of social networks, and she can just be acting.

signs your ex girlfriend is over youCommunication with friends

How to tell that she is over you? She doesn’t talk to your mutual friends about you. If your ex wants to return you, then most likely she will often talk about you, or ask common friends about you. And, of course, sooner or later, you will find out about it because gossip spreads very quickly. And if they told you that she often thinks about you, then be sure: she is still thinking about you and is interested in your life.

"Random" meetings

When she's over you, your paths won’t cross “by accident.” How often do you run into your ex purely by accident and completely unexpectedly? And did this happen during your relationship? If the answer is no, then she will be in these places only because you are there, and these “random” meetings were planned. Perhaps you do not have a very reliable friend who gives away all the information, or you share too many plans for the day on Instagram. Yes, it might be nice to cross each other this way, but it won’t take away your pain. And it’s better to review your schedule until the feelings settle down.

Thinking about your ex is normal but to a certain degree

You ask me, "What should I do now when it has become extremely clear that she is still thinking about me?" Take one important point into account. People always think about their exes. This is natural and not always controlled by us. Even if the relationship was terrible, then the question, “what if ...?” always remains in your head. But now you need to get your ex out of your head. Even if it is very difficult. And even if you plan to get her back, try your best not to think about her now. Don’t do it for your good.

Now that we’ve got signs she's over you after breakup out of the way, let’s talk about the future.

How to Move on After a Breakup When She's Over You

This is a very difficult process to overcome a breakup, but it can be done, and here are some tips on how to do it.

Cry if you want to

Anyone who tells you not to cry or that being upset is a waste of time is wrong. Although your friends can tell you, “You must forget and move on,” you can never move on until you give yourself time to recover from a past relationship. Make the day after parting your day of sorrow. Allow yourself to cry. Allow yourself to be unhappy. Lie in bed all day, if you want, the point is to give vent to all your emotions. If you allow yourself to burn all day, you will be surprised at how much easier it will be for you to move on in a week.

Find new hobbies

Go in for sports, find a hobby. This is a great time to explore yourself. You are alone again and can devote more time to personal development. Sports clubs are a great way to meet new people and maybe even learn something new about yourself. This is not a reason to "show" your soulmate how much better you are without them. Of course, it’s normal to feel that you might have grown up without them, but in the end, the motivation should come from you. Occupy yourself with something. This step is key to survive through a difficult breakup. Even if you might want to lie on the couch and do nothing, you need to go out and be busy. Go shopping, meet up with a friend, or even just go jogging. The less time you get hung up on old relationships, the less time it will take for you to overcome your breakup.

Be open to other people and don't stay alone

If you're in a depressed mood, the last thing you need is to be alone. After your day of sorrow ends, if you are still upset, invite a friend or two to keep you busy. If you're a girl, grab some Ben and Jerry and watch some good melodramas with your friends. If you are a guy, watch sports programs, play video games, do something that makes you happy, while you are not alone. Do not go for a walk and do not start a new relationship right away. You need time to heal the wounds, you cannot completely give yourself to someone else if you are still sad. Friends are a suitable replacement. When the time comes to move on, you will know about it. It may be sooner or later - depending on the person and the relationship.

Don't try to win her back

Remember that although parting is sad, it is not the end of the world. There are billions of people in this world, and you will find someone else. Everything happens for a reason, truly negative experiences are extremely rare, and generally, everything that happens to you makes you stronger, wiser, so consider what you have learned from the past and use your knowledge to avoid similar problems in the future. If you follow these steps and try to stay positive, you will return to your normal state earlier than you notice it!

Get ready for any outcome. If you want to know if your ex misses you because you are dreaming of a renewed relationship, then be prepared for the fact that your loved one has begun a new stage in life. When communicating with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, avoid pride. Of course, you may feel insecure because you do not know how this person feels about you now. Such behavior can be expressed in sarcastic or defensive terms. However, it is unlikely that your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend will be able to be sincere with you.

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