In matters of love between a man and a woman, there are a lot of the most diverse theories. It is an eternal topic. The terms “alpha-, beta-, and omega-individual” are associated with the system of subordination-dominance in animals. In order not to fight each time for limited resources or sexual partners, some animals establish order in society and observe it. Those who are lower on the social ladder are obliged to concede. Humans also tend to dominate and build a social hierarchy. In this regard, there is an idea that people are also divided into categories – alpha, beta, omega.

But there is also one more category – the so-called sigma males who are a combination of all the previous personalities. They have huge power, confidence, and understanding of themselves. They know what they want in life, and they don’t want to waste themselves on something wrong and simply don’t agree on anything less. Even when using younger women older men dating sites, they know what they are looking for there.

sigma male

What Is a Sigma Male, and What Makes Him Different?

So, what is a sigma male? He is an outsider in the hierarchy of men even though he denies the hierarchy itself. He is a loner who never reveals anything about himself, which is why he always seems mysterious. Sigma is a quiet man, but he is not shy. He is strong enough, and when necessary, he will express his opinion and become hard. Such a man is confident and copes well enough with both physical and intellectual work, and easily learns new things if he wants. He is independent and looks like a real lone wolf who doesn’t pay attention to what the sheep say. Most importantly, they are not born such men but become them. Sigma has been formed over the years of adversity, physical, and mental tests. They are often stronger than alpha and omega due to their ability to persuade and manipulate other people.

He is not a leader or a follower but rather an unpredictable person. In love, such a man seeks real feelings, and he won’t be with a woman he doesn’t love just not to stay alone. He will be alone until he finds the one who touches his heart, and then he comes up with interesting virtual date ideas. It is also important that he will always take risks to achieve something good, and will not agree to less than he deserves. In a romantic sigma male relationship, he is looking for the most attractive and successful woman. Therefore, his choice often falls on strong and beautiful women, and he doesn’t want to date someone else.

They refer to men who never forget the one who hurt them in the past and will take revenge, no matter how long they have to wait. They, like predators, remain in the shadows, waiting for the victim to come out to catch it. This feeling is most pleasant for them. When they are angry, few are willing to argue with them as they become furious. In addition, sigma males are proud of their achievements and don’t give others a reason to belittle them.

These men have many good qualities. They are great friends, and they are ready to do everything for their loved ones. They often become the center of attention being with close people, but in unfamiliar surroundings or with people they don’t like, they behave like introverts. But knowing them for a long time, women understand that they will never find someone better than sigma males.

Sigma Male Traits

Describing a sigma male, one can use expressions such as “sexuality,” “authority” and “self-confidence.” These qualities allow him to push the rest men into the shadow. By the way, unlike alpha males, sigma ones often reach a good social position as they have enough time for career development.

1. Loneliness is their true friend

Even when his heart is filled with love, he must communicate with himself from time to time. Desiring to spend his whole life with a woman, he remains the best friend to himself. He doesn’t need noisy parties, night discos, and “mass celebrations,” but he prefers quiet evenings with his beloved woman. The maximum that he can go for the sake of a woman is rare emotional meetings with friends. A lot of people have a depressing effect on him. He is annoyed and can completely shut down in his “shell.” But this doesn’t mean that he is a bore.

2. They are overconfident

Such a man knows what he wants from life, sets goals, and achieves them. He is not afraid to admit to himself in his desires and show initiative in a relationship. Other types of men try to serve girls and predict their desires, but they don’t cause attraction. A sigma man believes in himself, can set his own rules and standards, and presents his requirements to others. These men are self-confident, and they don’t want to just seem so (because they know that it looks ridiculous and funny). The sigma man overcomes his weaknesses daily, does everything possible to ensure the personal needs and the needs of his family members.

3. Reliability

Their women know that they can always rely on them. Sigma men will not leave at the most important moment. They keep their word because it basically means something. Otherwise, everyone will quickly become disappointed in them, including themselves. A person who is not responsible for anything doesn’t inspire confidence in anyone. And women often try to avoid such a man. Yes, it’s hard to be friends with unreliable men, and it is even more difficult to build relationships with them. But any girl wants to relax with her man. But how can she relax if a man is not reliable? But sigma males are those who can show reliability in any matter.what is a sigma male

4. They look for a romantic relationship with meaning

While some men are very afraid of being left without a couple, throwing themselves from one unsuccessful relationship to another, sigma males prefer to remain alone and focus on finding the right person. They don’t rush to the first comer and, even more so, they are not interested in spending time on dating just for the sake of showing they have a couple. Instead, they have a clear idea of exactly what qualities they want to see in a potential partner and are ready to wait until they find a woman who meets all the requirements.

5. They have their vision of this world

Here is one of the most ambiguous sigma male traits. The misconception often associated with those who prefer to be alone since they are not able to express their opinion, as they are mostly silent. However, this is a deep delusion. In fact, when they keep silent (as it seems to others), they evaluate the world and practice a high degree of introspection. These people develop incredibly strong and thoughtful world views. The difference is that they don’t always share their views and observations with the first comer, but they do it very carefully and selectively, and it can be proved by women who are dating a sigma male.

6. They go to the end

Yes, sometimes they may not succeed. Yes, they can fail after failure. But they have a desire to go to the end and never stop there to show what distinguishes them from others. They may fail twenty-five times. But they get up on the twenty-sixth and go. Of course, if a man cherishes such thoughts in himself, there is nothing good in it. He will eventually become a loser. That is why a sigma male cultivates willpower, the desire to achieve a result, no matter what it costs him. Only in this case, he can be called a real man. Only in this case, the girl will be proud of him, and friends and colleagues will respect and set an example.

7. They are sensitive by nature

Sigma males are people who prefer to be alone with their feelings. They are also able to better understand other people’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This ability to understand and live the feelings of others is both a blessing and a curse at the same time. After all, such a person experiences all the pain and suffering of other people. Sigma males often have a clear idea of what is right and what is wrong in life. They have the right perception of spiritual values. Spending time to carefully think everything over and analyze any situation in which they find themselves, they can apply their knowledge in life. Their moral guidelines allow them not to turn off the chosen road.

8. They don’t need recognition from others

In the world of high technology and the heyday of social networks, many of us depend on the recognition of others. For most of us, first of all, it is important others rate our lives, our posts on popular social networks. Unfortunately, this is the reality of the time in which we live. Popularity and recognition have become a sign of success in our society. And the so-called “likes” have become an indicator of success. Sigma males don’t need such recognition from others. They are overwhelmed with self-esteem and are not influenced by public opinion. By and large, they don’t care what other people think about them.

9. Ability to admit mistakes

Some men think that admitting their own mistakes means showing weakness. This is not so. Only a courageous man admits that he did the wrong thing and finds a way to fix it. Very often, the question of mistakes arises in a relationship. A man and a woman quarreled over a trifle: for example, a guy was unreasonably jealous of a girl. If a man has a sigma male personality, then he will never wait for her to come running first with explanations and apologies. In this situation, it is important for him not to assert himself but to solve the problem. This is the prerogative of a sigma man.

10. Knowledge of etiquette

Good manners are an indicator of an educated, intelligent person. It is not only about the ability to use a fork and knife, to open a door for a lady, etc. Girls will notice and appreciate all this. But they will also pay attention to how a man builds a conversation, whether he knows how to listen or prefers to speak himself. If a sigma man feels gaps in this issue, then he tries to fix it as soon as possible. Manners and knowledge of etiquette help not only arrange a personal life but also move up the career ladder and expand the business.

Dating as a Sigma Male: 5 Important Facts to Consider

To be a sigma man is an honor. By this phrase, people have long meant something more than a definition of gender. A man should be a defender, have courage, a competitive spirit, and take care of his family. What should be a sigma man in a relationship, what qualities should be inherent in him? Look at these sigma male examples.

1. They strive to be strong

Correct actions and deeds – this often doesn’t mean generally accepted norms of behavior in modern society. Cheating and bad habits are not signs of a real man but an indicator of his weakness. A sigma man must fight with himself and with his weaknesses. He needs to constantly show willpower and achieve something.

2. They want to take a certain place in society

This is male nature – to constantly achieve something in society. Thus, he will realize himself as a man. Any normal man wants to achieve something high. Moreover, having found himself in an activity and having developed in it, he will be able to benefit others, which is very valuable and important. This is what a sigma man should be in a relationship.

3. They can tolerate female emotions

It must be understood that a woman is always emotional, and mentally stronger than a man. If he can’t bear the emotions of women, he shouldn’t build relationships but has to continue to develop. Only a man with a strong mind and understanding of the psychology of a relationship can reasonably build it. To do this, a sigma male needs to develop as a person and devote much time to self-education and the study of many issues.

4. They are passionate

This point is not about a constant desire for sex and too frequent flirting but the general level of enthusiasm of a man. That is, passionate males are considered to be the ones who love their job and actively seek to achieve career results; who love their girlfriends and always want to do something nice for them; who have active citizenship and are not indifferent to what is happening in society, and so on.sigma male traits

5. They have listening skills

There is a category of men who need a woman only to talk with someone. It’s often hard for them to listen to someone simply because other people’s problems and worries don’t bother them. However, in a relationship between a man and a woman, listening is almost a paramount skill for both. Without it, it is very difficult to solve joint problems and support each other. Therefore, girls appreciate this skill in sigma men almost most of all.

Comparing Sigma Male Personality With Other Types of Male Personalities

Today the main qualities of a leader are dominance and polygamy. The modern “tribal leaders” are hardy, stress- and conflict-resistant. Excellent health and “overwhelming” testosterone help obtain and maintain leadership status. Although most women dream of alpha males, there are few such men. But as it turns out that sigmas are the best men.

Sigma male vs Alpha male

So let’s start with sigma male vs alpha male. The alpha male is a born leader. His main social role is to organize everyone around him and then maintain order in his group/community/company, legalized by them. And, most importantly, they stimulate “their people” to move toward the goal. Alfa’s main signs are sonorous loud voice, self-confident behavior, charisma, pronounced dominance, competitive style of behavior, and often used words “I’m right, and I know everything!” But women don’t want to have long-term relationships with such a partner because there can be a place for domestic violence and abuse in them. Most often, girls feel attracted to such men, but they only want communication for one night (an instinct of reproduction).

If we are talking about sigma male characteristics, then these men are successful both in work and in family affairs. They have a slightly milder character, while they can argue with the woman on an equal footing, not going personal. These men are doing fine with mental abilities as well, so they most often do mental work, benefiting both the family and themselves. Sigma men often have a strong relationship. It is the best type of man to create a family. They are reliable, smart, and promising. Such men appreciate their soulmates, and they will always help in a difficult situation. It is a strong personality of the 21st century, to which everyone is drawn. The ideal of a man nowadays looks exactly like that.

Sigma male vs Omega male

The last in the human hierarchy, as well as in the animal kingdom, are omega males. Omega men avoid responsibility, refuse to develop, and generally don’t want to participate in the real world. One thing unites them – a complete rejection of what we call masculinity. They are not able to hunt and don’t want to have a relationship. These are losers and non-initiative men. As a rule, such individuals don’t fight for a place in the hierarchy. Omega men don’t need to dominate everything and everyone, proving their superiority to unknown people in different ways.

In the sigma vs omega male comparison, the identity of a sigma male is dramatically different from omega. They are intellectuals; their mind and flexibility of thinking can simply amaze. Their testosterone levels are not very high, as a result of which they try to avoid confrontations and usually don’t take risks. They are diplomatically lenient, poetic, and sensitive. They know how to appreciate beauty no matter what. As history shows us, such men have achieved tremendous success in the fields of art, music, photography, fashion, information technology, medicine, administrative activities, and in the sphere of communications.

Sigma males are the type who is quite attractive. After all, they are imperious, strong, and, most importantly, loyal. If such a man decides to attract a woman, he will do it. And if he becomes her husband, then this is for life. And this is what women appreciate in men above all. So, you need to learn how to be a sigma male.

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