What is a turn off? Look, almost every man considers himself a perfect lover who has no problems with the opposite sex and is confident that women should seek his love and not vice versa. All this is the result of great ego and narcissism. However, in fact, many guys have problems communicating with girls. Not only online forums where many try to find answers to their problems, but also various schools teaching seduction are excellent proof of this. This means that many men don’t even understand the turn off woman meaning.

Meanwhile, relationships with women can be improved in a very simple way. Find out why you can’t meet a girl now, what pushes women away from men and get rid of some bad habits if you have any.

what turns women off

What Is a Turn Off?

Many guys don’t even know what pushes girls away from them. They make one very important mistake on a single ladies site and in real life and don’t even suspect how much it affects the relationship with the girls. Moreover, they don’t even understand that they are making this mistake, and they are confident in the correctness of their actions. And this happens again and again – with each new girl, no matter how romantic and wonderful the beginning of the relationship is, over a short period, the girl goes away.

What kind of mistake do the guys make? What’s the biggest turn off for a girl? The answer is surprising and a little paradoxical. The reason for their failure is the desire to please the girl. Guys completely change their behavior when they are next to their loved ones. And, oddly enough, such behavior works the opposite. Women never reach for men who constantly try to please them. One girl said, “He attracts me with his naturalness. This is the only guy who is not trying to please me.” An attempt to attract a girl with your positive actions (if these actions are done with the aim of being liked and are not part of your natural behavior) pushes her away. This is how turn off meaning can be described.

Fear of rejection and a desire to fulfill any whims of a girl gradually lead to the fact that the guy loses his personality. He begins to live the life of his girl and forget about personal interests. The guy stops developing, he always has time for love and affection and no time for personal development and work. The guy becomes boring. The girl begins to avoid him, and he, not understanding what is happening, takes care of her even more and tries to get her attention back with his pleasing actions. In the end, the relationship ruins, and the guy has a question: why do the girls leave?

Ways to Turn Off a Girl Accidentally Without Even Realizing It

If you can’t attract women, maybe the reason is in you. While some men consciously decide to be alone, others simply don’t realize that they doom themselves to loneliness. Of course, each lady has her preferences and dislikes, but most have a common list of traits that they definitely don’t like in men. Let’s analyze them.

1. You are insecure

One of the main causes of failure is insecurity. If you are constantly nervous or unsure of yourself, believe me, the girl will see it perfectly. Thus, on a date, you will not have any chance. If you don’t like your character, what are the chances that a girl wants to be with you? Some guys know how to create a positive atmosphere due to their self-confidence, and some don’t know how to do it because of their own fear and nervousness, and this is what turns girls off.

2. You smell bad

They say that women love with their ears, but it would be right to say that women love with ears and noses. When a guy passes by, and he smells good, it’s hard not to pay attention to this. And if this is not the smell of expensive cologne, then it should be at least a natural smell, and not sweat, ashtray, and dirty clothes.

turnoffs for women3. You have bad manners

Suppose you invited a girl on a date, and then apologized and said that you need to go to the toilet. After that, you return to her again and joyfully tell her about how pleasant it is to touch her. Tell me honestly, would you like it if a lady did the same? As practice shows, this is one of the biggest turn offs for women.

4. You make her feel shy in public

Many men are so proud of their girls that they want to boast of them to the whole world. Not every girl will like hugs and kisses in public places, especially if the relationship is just at the very beginning, and there is no deep connection between the partners. Be sensitive and attentive in public, and for passion, there are more intimate places.

5. You are overconfident

Self-confidence is good, it is what attracts women. This can’t be said about excessive self-confidence. No one loves narcissistic people except themselves. Even if they are educated, intelligent, interesting interlocutors, it is simply unpleasant to communicate with them. It’s one thing to boast once, and it is quite another to boast constantly, remembering your achievement for a long time, at every opportunity.

Top Biggest Turn Off for a Girl

Sometimes men make annoying mistakes that ruin their personal lives. Scientists interviewed a group of women, asked all of them what turns you off, and found out the main reasons for rejection.

1. Critique of a woman’s appearance

A woman is a very touchy creature. She expects her partner to love her no matter what. Women don’t like to be criticized for their appearance. No one wants to hear, “You’re fat in those jeans.” Believe us, the woman herself knows that she has some problems and doesn’t look the same as before. The last thing she needs is a reminder of this. This is a big turn off for girls.

2. Lack of ambition

Ladies hate men who have no ambitions. This is what turns women off. Men who set goals in life and strive to achieve them are definitely more attractive in the eyes of ladies. And they say a categorical “no” to men who have no goals, So, if you want to attract a girl, you have to show your ambitiousness.

3. Stupid jokes

Some guys take vulgarity as the shortest way to show their attraction to a girl. Vulgarity as a compliment is a sluggish attempt, but it can work only if you master this technique with the virtuosity. Excessive vulgarity looks stupid. In some cases, it may seem like harassment to a girl.

4. Social detachment

For many girls, a shy guy looks extremely mysterious and attractive, but this doesn’t apply to those who speak with them in a trembling voice and lowered eyes. If a man looks and feels socially excluded, this causes certain awkwardness in a woman. In this case, it will be difficult for her to feel relaxed. Things like eye contact and body language are very important in creating a positive experience.

5. Swearing

Women are less likely to use foul language. Also, whether you believe it or not, but the frontal part of the brain is better developed in women, which makes it easier for them to control emotions. The use of these words may be understood in a certain situation, but in most cases, if you use swear words, then you will seem to a woman less intelligent. And this is one of the biggest turnoffs for women.

6. Talk about your exes

The fact that you constantly remember your past relationships in a conversation with girls clearly shows that you are still annoyed and not ready for a new relationship. This is normal if you are discussing this with your close friends. But if you are with your new girlfriend, then you shouldn’t tell this information to her, especially at the beginning of your relationship.

7. Flattery

What can be a turn off for a girl? It is your flattery. Be very careful when you compliment girls. You must always be sincere. Girls are very good at flattering or lying about themselves. There is no need to invent any nonsense or make a queen out of her. A woman needs a man who respects her. She needs someone who can just tell the truth.

8. Weakness

Women are tired of men who are indecisive, modest, and can’t solve elementary problems. Women want a man in a full sense of this word; a person who will save them from external danger and calm them down. If a man is morally weaker, gives way to hysterics and is easy to manipulate – this is not a real man. In the best case, the girl just runs away in search of another man.

biggest turnoffs for women9. Stereotypes about women

Here sexism is, “Girls are dumber than guys,” “Girls don’t know how to drive a car,” “Women should be in the kitchen all day long,” and so on. This is also one of the biggest turnoffs for women. In fact, you understand where the roots of this confrontation come from. Men always strive to assert their power over women, and such jokes help them feel cool once again. They think so…

10. Greed for money

Women love ambitious and successful men. However, most women say they don’t like guys who are too hungry for money. If you say something like, “I’m married to money/my work/my business,” keep in mind that a girl is unlikely to make this an advantage. She needs your attention.

Tips How to Stop Turning Off Girls

Sometimes you come back from a date and understand that she is categorically not interested in you. But why is this happening? What have you done wrong? You will probably think that the girl is to blame for everything, that she has too high demands on others, and you did everything most correctly. We will help you again with this difficult matter and tell you how to stop being rejected by girls.

Good hygiene

No one says of an obsession with hygiene, but men who are not aware of good appearance at all are more likely to be turned off. You don’t need to look like Apollo, with impeccable hair, but you can’t forget about the basic rules of hygiene. Not all men still pay enough attention to brushing their teeth, have a slovenly appearance, don’t wash their hair, have dirt under their nails, and so on. It’s not pleasant to talk with someone who smells bad.


Everyone needs gratitude, especially women. Even though this is the norm, a man shouldn’t be silent – tell a woman that she is the best, prove how much you appreciate her. If a man doesn’t respect a woman (even if they are not friends, partners, and so on), then she will not even spend a minute on him.

Be open to talk on all topics (even sex)

Women like open, communicative, interesting men. The ability to communicate with women will allow you to seem an interesting interlocutor and person. And this gives many advantages. Sociable people are more likely to succeed in all areas, while silent men remain on the sidelines of life. You have to be broad-minded to keep any conversation going.

Men, remember that for a woman pays attention to you, you have to change a little. Women don’t need much. In fact, they just want a person who will love, care for, and protect them. They don’t need a perfect man. All these top turn-offs for women that are mentioned above should be considered and eradicated.

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