Love is the basis of any relationship between a man and a woman. Love is the most beautiful feeling that can be between people. Of course, a man and a woman may face some difficulties being in a relationship. Some people, unfortunately, don’t appreciate each other and their relationships. This leads to their deterioration. And only when they break up, they begin to analyze and think about what caused this problem. So, if you want to know whether your love is strong and a relationship is good, you need to think what aspects connect you.

healthy relationship signs

How to know if your relationship is working: signs for couples

Sometimes it is good to look at own relationship from a different angle. And some cooling in a relationship doesn’t necessarily indicate problems in a couple. There are 17 criteria in our checklist that will help you make sure that you are in a completely healthy relationship or it’s time to change something.

1. You are happy to do the same things

It is nice to give pleasure to a loved one. But it is even better if you have a common hobby. But if you don’t have a single joint activity, from which both of you gets pleasure, then this is an occasion to find it urgently.

2. Both of you have own hobbies

Being together around the clock is good. But it is good only at the beginning of a relationship. When you are together for more than six months, you should have different activities, which gives great joy to each of you. You need to understand that healthy relationship signs are the individuality and the ability to be apart.

3. Your quarrels are good for a relationship

Do you know how to quarrel correctly? “Correctly” means to find a solution to the problem, look for compromises, yield to each other, and so on. It’s not right when you try to solve some problem several months and years. Learn to quarrel competently, remember that the purpose of a quarrel is to find a solution that satisfies both.

signs of a healthy relationship 4. You trust each other

It’s not just about the absence of secrets from each other, but about trust in making decisions. If both partners put the interests of a couple or a family in the first place, there is no doubt that every decision can be favorable for everyone. For example, if a person in a healthy relationship is offered a job in another country, he or she will not give an answer without discussing the situation with a partner. If you can’t decide anything or, conversely, you try to control every little thing – it seems that there are problems with trust.

5. Each of you has friends

It is not necessary to become the best friend of your partner’s best friend. Each of you should have own friends. But the main thing is that none of you should sacrifice a friendship in order to please a partner.

6. You don’t pretend to be someone else

The right relationship is when you can be as real as possible. This means that you don’t need to break yourself in order to match the partner’s idea of you. One of the signs your relationship will last long is that you can relax and know that you are loved as you are.

7. Relatives and friends like your choice

You don’t have to like every friend of your chosen one, just like your cousin shouldn’t be in love with your loved one. But if the overwhelming part of your environment is surprised by your choice of a partner, then it is worthwhile to listen to them. Your friends and relatives are the closest people. They wish happiness to you. And truly harmonious relationships will impact your behavior in the best way, not the worst.

8. You laugh together

Do you want to know other signs of a healthy relationship? One of them is that you both can openly show emotions, communication with each other causes joy, and partner’s ideas cause enthusiasm. You are pleased to see each other and the conversation often gives pleasant feelings. Episodic irritations or the desire to be alone are also normal situations that don’t poison a relationship globally.

9. You look into the future together

What are you doing next to a person with whom you are going to get married if your soul mate repeatedly refuses to talk about marriage and doesn’t support your plans for a life together? Really promising relationships make people dream about future years together. Imbalance in this issue is unacceptable.

10. You admire each other

“Your” person is the one whose appearance, mind, and behavior you like. And it must be mutual. This is really determining signs of a healthy relationship.

11. You feel good whatever you do together

Right relationships are those relationships in which you are happy together whatever you do. A banal trip to the supermarket turns from duty into entertainment if you love and appreciate each other.

12. You don’t let others interfere in your “little world”

Relationships are not always clear to the partners themselves, but strangers can’t understand them at all. If you have a relationship problem, solve it with your partner, not with someone else. You just have to live your own life, go your own way. Only you can decide how good or bad your relationship is. You have to stop worrying about the opinions of other people and start making your own decisions.

13. You are sexually compatible

You don’t have to be absolutely identical. After all, you are persons of different sex. But the general intimate line should make both of you happy. You should have similar ideas about the pain, the preferences in bed, the quantity and quality of sex.

14. You generally have a similar attitude to money

This is an extremely important parameter. If you are mean and your soul mate is a spender, you probably will have conflicts. You must be able to negotiate the money issues so that both of you know what financial assistance everyone can expect and how you can manage the budget. If there are very few quarrels over money in your relationship, then this can be considered the obvious signs your relationship will last long.

signs a relationship will last15. You have the same goals

If people have casual dating and one of the partners doesn’t tell that he or she wants a serious relationship, their relationship is unlikely to ever become serious. The bottom line is that you must be frank from the very beginning or as soon as you understand what you want. If someone gets scared and escapes from the fact that you are honest or sets own limits, this is not your person anyway.

16. You can find compromises

When the expectations of partners strongly differ, then very often one of them is disappointed. The expectations of both should be realistic and close to each other. This concerns a variety of issues: how often you have sex, how you celebrate holidays, how much time you spend together, how you share household chores, etc. If the opinions of partners are very different on these and other issues, it is very important to discuss the differences and find a compromise.

17. Your partner is also your best friend

A relationship is not only time spent in bed, although it is a very pleasant part of life. You also have to communicate with each other. Your soul mate is the first person with whom you should share everything.

If the answer to each item was “yes”, we can congratulate you: you make a great couple! You have all the signs a relationship will last long. In other cases, try to correct what is still possible to correct: true love is able to overcome any difficulties.

When relationship is unhealthy: essential tips

Sometimes it happens: we think that we are with the right person for us, but at the same time, we feel that something is missing. The relationship is not like that we expected and we notice that something is wrong. Below we list some signs that you are in the wrong relationship and how to cope with it.

1. You have no trust

Trust can be called the fuel that makes a relationship develop. It will not become healthy without it. If you constantly ask yourself what your partner is doing now, where she or he is and with whom she or her is walking, then it’s time to let this relationship go because this is one of the signs that a relationship is almost over.

2. You or your partner continue to live by the past

You go back and think about the happy moments that you had. But now you don’t have it because your partner has changed and not for the better. Try to change the situation and talk to your partner about it.

3. Actions don’t correspond to words

When relationships are filled with empty promises, plans that are never implemented, and your partner no longer puts you in the first place, it hurts. You no longer have anything to hope and there is nothing to wait for because you can’t be sure that something good may happen one day.

4. Your partner wants you to change

You constantly feel that everything you do is not enough for your partner, that your soul mate sees only some bad things in you. This is a sign that feelings are no longer the same.

5. There are more quarrels than love in a relationship

This is one of the most obvious signs of an unhealthy relationship. Your communication and time together should be filled with positive and close moments and not with quarrels and negatives.

signs a relationship is over6. None of you feel reciprocity

You try to find compromises, but you understand that only you are ready to do it. Remember that relationships shouldn’t be one-sided. Otherwise, this is the sign of an unhealthy relationship.

7. One of you feels like in a cage

This is a wrong relationship when you can’t be yourself, have to restrain and limit yourself. If a relationship prevents you from being absolutely happy, to achieve your goals, and realize your dreams, then you need to end it.

8. There is no development in a relationship

We all expect a development of a relationship. It can’t be the same all the time, right? But if you and your partner don’t like a relationship you have, then it will not change with time. It can only be changed by another person.

9. Friends and relatives still don’t like your partner

Please, take off the rose-colored glasses. Only thus you can see the obvious signs that your relationship is almost over and this partner is absolutely not for you. And don’t try to save it.

10. You feel lonely

And what is the meaning of such a relationship then?

These are the signs of the right relationship between a man and a woman that you should know. The less signs you see in your relationship, the higher the probability that you do something wrong. Yes, a relationship is a work, but it should bring happiness. Why do you need a relationship if you are not happy with each other’s company, can’t laugh together, have fun, and generally don’t have a good time? Remember that each of the partners not only takes something from a relationship but gives it away as well. You have the right to expect your partner to comply with all the above rules, but you also have to comply with them. Also, both partners have to invest resources in each other. And resources are not only in the form of money but also time and emotions.

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