What is the Touch Barrier

If I asked you now to recall the first touch, you wouldn’t be able to do it. The very first touch occurs in the womb, when the embryo is only 7-8 cm in size. The baby begins to move the arms and legs touch the umbilical cord. Developing further, it touches all that is around it. Thus gaining confidence and giving a sense of joy to the future mother. Then a person grows up and the touch becomes even more important than before. The aspect of touch follows people to the grave. The most discussed form of touch is the one of love. Touch in terms of a love relationship represents desire, tension, lust, caring for another person, it represents many things, therefore people do it in different ways and in different places. What is the touch barrier? It is a start point of a new stage of a relationship. It is the most important moment in a relationship. Today we will talk about how to break the touch barrier.

First Date Touch Barrier

It is very important to be able to feel the moment when the girl is ready to reduce the distance and let the man embrace her, kiss her. But keep in mind: in the matter of conquering women's hearts, the desire to accelerate the development of relations can play a nasty trick on you. If the girl is not ready to hug, you can get a strong rebuff, and your relationship will be spoiled. Of course, no girl directly tells you what she expects of you. Although, carefully watching the behavior of the girl, you can easily understand when it's time to act.

How to Break the Touch Barrier of a Guy

So, how to break the touch barrier with a guy?

To get it out of the way, only if you are dealing with quite a shy guy, and perhaps you are his first girl and all that, only in this case it can be hard to break the touch barrier with a guy. The stereotype is true, guys are very inviting in it. As it’s known, men are more straightforward, they do not think about all that deep emotional connection crap, lust is the main motivator of their bodies. That’s why do guys break the touch barrier during conversation. If you are brave enough to break the touch barrier with a guy, to take the touching into prelude with your own hands… or, in whichever way you like it, then do it. So, how to touch a guy? Just do it!

How to Break the Touch Barrier with a Shy Girl

Now this is a completely different story. How to touch a girl is a quite hard topic to discuss and quite a hard skill to master. Why do guys break the touch barrier? Well, because it’s a concrete sign that you moved to another stage of a relationship.

So, if your romantic relationship is at the initial stage, and you have a problem how to overcome the touch barrier, here are some useful tips:

1. Determine the comfort zone of a girl in a harmless way.

While it is absurdly simple to answer the question of how to break the touch barrier with your boyfriend, it is a lot harder to know, how to break the touch barrier with a girl. You can afford to touch the girl even at the initial stage of a romantic relationship, but your touch should look random and unintentional. And by the way a girl reacts to your touch, you can understand how close she is letting you to her.

If you are with a girl somewhere, then like a real gentleman, you will have to help her to take off or put on her clothes. And at the moment when you put a jacket on a girl, or, conversely, remove it, with your hands, as if accidentally, touch the shoulders or forearms of a girl. You can also accidentally touch her neck, carefully fix her hair. In this case, pay attention to the reaction of a girl. If your touch is unpleasant to her, she will hurry to step back from you and even get angry.

When you leave a car with a girl, climb a ladder or climb a hillock - do not forget to give her your hand! First, it will indicate your good upbringing, and secondly, you do not mind the reason to touch the girl once more - let her gradually get used to your touch. And let your touch get associated with your care and tenderness. Any girl is pleased to realize that next to her is a man who, literally and figuratively, is always ready to put her strong shoulder for her!

When you walk alone along the street, offer the girl your arm. This is a very good way to check how she treats you and whether she likes to touch you. If the girl gladly takes you by the arm, you will have the opportunity to go a little further in overcoming the touch barrier, gently pressing against the girl while walking. If she tries to step back from you, then she is not yet ready for intimacy with you. If she responds too lightly to you - it will be a clear sign that she likes you, and that she expects from you further initiative.

Do not forget to let the girl go ahead and open the doors in front of her when you go somewhere, or from somewhere you go out first. In doing so, you can carefully put your arms around her waist, shoulders, or gently touch her just above the elbow. But do not touch her below the waist until the touch barrier is overcome! Touch the naked skin of a girl only with warm and dry hands, so that your touch does not give her unpleasant tactile sensations. Getting through a crowd of people together with the girl, take her by the hand - in this situation it will be quite appropriate. And, it is desirable that you walk a little ahead of the girl and take care that none of the passers-by do not push her and step on her foot. Men's care for a woman is always pleasant! When you pass through a crowd, do not release the palm of the girl from your palm. A good sign is if a girl does not try to pull her palm out of yours.

2. Good occasion to touch the girl - remove a speck from her hair, face, clothes.

Seeing something on a girl’s cheek, you can carefully remove it - your touch will look nice and caring. But at the same time, consider that a girl can have a make-up on her face, and she will not be happy if you smear it! You can also carefully brush off a non-existent dust particle from the hair or clothes of a girl - she will not check whether there was anything to be swept away.

You can even cheat a little: it's imperceptible to throw a little feather on the hair or clothes of a girl, and then take it off so that she can see it in your hands. At the same time, you can stress your caring with kind words, for example: "Wait a minute, darling, let me take this feather off you”. The girl will be very pleased with your concern.

Keep in mind that it is not always necessary to draw the girl's attention to what has stuck to her face, hair and clothes. For example, if she is very afraid of caterpillars, and you tell her that a large caterpillar creeps over her hair, then before the insect can be removed, your girl can scream and go into hysterics. And then it will be unpleasant to remember for both you and her!

3. Find an excuse to take her hand into yours. If the girl has something new on her hands - new manicure, a new ring, a new bracelet - take her by the hand under the pretext that you want to see it better. Hold her hand in your own for a long time. And let your touch be gentle and loving - then your feelings through the skin will certainly be passed on to your girlfriend!

4. Do not let the girl freeze.

If you notice that the girl starts to shiver from the cold, and there are goose bumps on her skin, - do not lose the opportunity to warm her with your touch! You can warm her up in many ways. Method one: take her frozen hands in yours and warm them with your hot breath. Method two: put on your girlfriend's outerwear, and simultaneously, hug her shoulders, press them to yourself. Method three: gently rub the girl’s hands, arms and shoulders - it will disperse her blood, and she will feel warmer.

5. Go to the next step.

If the girl does not shy away from you and does not break away, when you try to touch her, if by all signs it is clear that your touch is pleasant to her - go straight to the next stage of overcoming the touch barrier. Begin to act bolder, but at the same time, be sensitive not to frighten and anger the girl. All the time, pay attention to the reaction of the girl, to understand what touches are pleasant to her, and which are not. Here are a few ways to study the girl's body well, determine her erogenous zones, and at the same time overcome the touch barrier:

  • Massage. This is a great way of breaking the touch barrier. If the girl complains to you of a back pain or fatigue, suggest massaging her. If she is into you, she will definitely not refuse. Gently, so as not to cause pain, massage her shoulders, hands, back. If she does not mind, you can give her a massage on her legs, her stomach. By the expression of the girl's face you can see what touches are especially pleasant to her, and which are not so. Do not go too far if you do not see encouragement from her side.
  • Kisses. If you are not sure how a girl reacts to your kisses, start kissing her. Kiss each finger, palm - by this you can strongly get a girl to smoothly overcome the touch barrier. Then start kissing her shoulders, neck, kissing her face. If the girl does not begin to resist, go to more intimate kisses, try kissing her on the lips, on the chest. But if you see that a girl does not like it - just stop!
  • Touch. Your affectionate touch will surely provoke a positive response from a girl, if, of course, she likes you. If a girl has already allowed you to kiss her on the lips, it will be quite natural if you allow yourself more daring caresses with her than a trembling touch of a palm of her hand. Try gently touching the girl's chest with the hand and look at her reaction - if she does not push you away, you can act more boldly. Hug a girl, press against her body and try to feel whether she pushes you back. If she isn’t pushing you away, you can assume that the touch barrier has been successfully overcome!


Dancing is one of the subtle ways to break the touch barrier. During a dance you can hold a girl by the hand, hug her waist, press your cheek against her cheek. But use this method only if you are a skilled dancer.

In order not to make the idea of intimacy with you cause disgust in a girl, always be neat, clean, dressed properly and use male perfume. Even if you are handsome like Alain Delon, it is unlikely that you will have a chance to overcome the touch barrier if your body smells sweaty, and the smell of garlic breaks through your mouth.

Quite a good reason for overcoming the touch barrier is roller skating. Under the pretext so that a girl would not fall, you can hold her by the arm, hug her shoulders, support her around the waist.

Do not overdo with touching. Let your touch look appropriate and unobtrusive. In addition, keep in mind that there are people who do not like very much when they are often touched!

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