Relationships are a complex science where it is important to take into account all the details to obtain the desired result. Sometimes people in love don’t do everything right and there appear a huge number of problems. For example, space in a relationship is something that can’t always be understood. For example, if a person is constantly restricted, it is unlikely that this will make him or her insanely happy. People, not trusting their significant others, often restrict them, make them stay at home and not go anywhere. Not everyone likes it and that is why people very often divorce or just break up. So, how to give someone space?

How to give your girlfriend space

Immersion in love is a wonderful thing. However, apart from it, there are other spheres of life. When you become part of another person’s personal life, there are times when the situation gets out of control and you end up stepping on each other’s toes. In the case of a long relationship, after a while, one of you or both may eventually feel a lack of personal space. If you continue to restrict the freedom of one another, it can destroy a relationship. Therefore, you need to learn to give your loved one more space. If you want to make your relationship long-term, it is necessary that both people in a couple can breathe freely. So, here are the rules of how to give someone space without losing them: 

  1. Don’t force your loved one to spend all their time with you. Stop waiting for your girl to talk to you on the phone or in person every free minute. Understand that she has her own life. And she doesn’t have to dedicate it entirely to you.
  2. Don’t strangle your partner with redundant calls, messages, e-mail messages and other forms of communication with you. Everything should be in moderation. Excess of attention of this kind will cause the feeling of irritation.
  3. Don’t often ask a partner to tell you about love. Some men want to hear these confessions constantly. But women may be irritated by eternal requests for love words. There are many ways in which people express their love and not only with words.
  4. Give a girl the time she needs. Your intentions can be really good when it comes to giving your woman a personal space. If you feel that your girl needs more space, choose a time when you are both relaxed and discuss this question with her. This will help you make your relationship happy.
  5. Respect your significant other. How to give your girlfriend space without losing her? Personal freedom begins with the moment of reassessment of values. It is necessary to respect your loved one as a person. Genuine respect is impossible without freedom. Even the best relationships can eventually break down if you don’t work on them. Respect here plays a big role.
  6. Accept her individuality. Very often people have a habit of imposing their vision of life on their partners. And then they take offense at the fact that loved ones don’t want to meet their expectations. We must abandon selfishness. In relationships, seldom can everyone adhere to the rule of the golden mean: to show attention to a loved one and yet not lose one’s individuality. True acceptance begins with learning to understand a person who is next to you.
  7. Have a mutual interest. No relationship can develop if there are tension and caution in them. Personal freedom in relationships means that people remain interesting to each other all the time. That is, the relations inside a couple are really developing and don’t stand still. In order to maintain the freshness of feelings, you must constantly work on relationships. And this is possible only if you make an effort and completely accept the freedom of your partner.

How to give space in a relationship and come closer

Under the words freedom or space, it is understood that your girlfriend can have her desires, thoughts, and plans for the future. Your partner is free to do what she thinks right, even if you don’t like it. Moreover, your loved person is free to choose how to live, whom to devote her time, and with whom to build a family. Unfortunately, many men don’t miss the chance to command their women. It is very difficult for them to give space to other people, especially if they have opened their hearts and souls to them. They just don’t understand how to give someone space without losing them. They have to be sure that their girlfriends will always be with them, will never deceive, will not betray, and will always make them happy and cheerful.

If you are one of such men, you should give space in a relationship. After that you will have the following options:

  1. Your woman will feel that you really love her. Of course, you love your partner. But controlling, you infringe on the happiness of another person, that is, don’t show love. And giving complete freedom, you show that you love your partner.
  2. Look at the actions and aspirations of your significant other. You date an adult girl. Her personality has already formed. You just can’t change anything in another person even if you want it the most. Control can only cause a desire to hide something from you. Giving space, you have the opportunity to look at what actions and goals are pursued by your partner.
  3. You have a lot of time for yourself. By giving space to another person, you release time and energy to do your own business. If suddenly you realize that your girlfriend doesn’t fit the worldview and lifestyle, then it will be easy for you to break up with her.
  4. You see the true nature of your partner. Giving a woman space, she does what she would do when she stopped obeying, fearing, or listening to you (in case of control). Fear will be lost almost immediately after the wedding, that is, you can’t get to know your partner before the wedding if you constantly monitor her. But why should you wait until the wedding day to see the true face of your loved one? Give your loved one freedom and she will show herself in all her glory. And then you can decide whether this person suits you or it is better to find another partner.

Give her space and she will come back

Keep your distance! This is the most important rule from which all the others flow. When a man and a woman enter into a new relationship, they are an unexplored territory for each other. They discover each other and rejoice at every step they take together. Moreover, in the long run, they tend to become one indivisible whole – this is often considered the embodiment of the ideal love relationships. But with each step taken towards rapprochement, ease and romance leave a relationship. At first, it is exchanged for a sweet opportunity to fully open up to each other and it seems a fair exchange. Being in love, people specifically look for this opportunity to open so that partners recognize and accept them with all the disadvantages. Already at this stage, many relationships begin to spoil because everyone wants to be loved, but very few people know how to love. It is impossible to accept a girlfriend as she is if you can’t accept yourself in all your properties and manifestations. But usually, nobody thinks about this and the rapprochement continues.

Men and women tend to bind each other to themselves because of doubts in themselves. They think that they can save their relationship locking their partners in a cage. Therefore, they want to control each other. All these inquiries about the time spent separately, the desire to know everything about each other, the desire to keep in touch all the time – this is the desire to keep a hand on the pulse. But to keep a girl next to you, there is no need to put her in a cage – you need to give her space. This fear of losing a loved one often leads to loss. It is about jealousy, suspicion, and the desire to put each other on a chain. That is why relations become heavy and tedious.

But that is not all. Unrestricted rapprochement with each other has a lot of other negative and dangerous consequences for a relationship. As soon as you feel that a particular girl belongs to you, there appears a false feeling that you have some rights on this person, that you can demand something from her, that she now owes something to you, and that you can blame her for not fulfilling the obligations imposed on her. From this moment, partners begin to get impudent towards each other – mutual manipulation, resentment, and whimsy begin. Respect gradually goes away from a relationship, care, tolerance. Now you can already scream from the next room “Hey, you there, make me coffee!” and the like. What a man and a woman never allow themselves in the first weeks of acquaintance becomes appropriate and normal in six months. So, giving space in a relationship, it adds very special and much deeper attachment. To understand, you need to try it on yourself. Take courage and try to keep distance. Let each other remain separate people. Don’t stick to each other, don’t control each other, and don’t allow yourself proprietary manners. Be yourself, but don’t forget that there is a girl next to you who is dear to you and who also must remain a free person. Only thus, she will always be with you.

How to give him space?

Actually, all the rules above are relevant for girls too. But still, you are an inexperienced girl and don’t know how to give your boyfriend space? Keep reading! Sooner or later, the moment comes when a man wants to leave the house for a short time to spend time with his friends. The absolute majority of women, unfortunately, want to completely bind themselves to their soulmates. Because of this, there may be scandals that gradually lead to misunderstandings, grievances, cries, and nervousness. Women should understand that meetings with friends are a kind of rest for a man, in which he can completely free himself from negative emotions, speak about problems, and just relax. After coming to the bar, fishing or hunting, a man will return home in a good mood, which will help improve your relationship.

Why do they need freedom? Remember that since ancient times, the man was the head – his word was considered the law, he established the life of his family, and so on. Of course, the world has changed. But space in relationships is very important for a man even now. Having free time, he can relax and get a charge of positive emotions. If he feels that you want to completely control him, it will negatively affect your relationship. Of course, space in a relationship doesn’t mean that a man can disappear for a few days or go to his friends every day. Just discuss in advance how many times a month he will leave the family hearth, go fishing, hunting or just meet with friends. Find a compromise that will suit you both. Thus, you will only improve relations within a family, make it stronger and more cohesive. Of course, everyone needs space. Try to give it to your loved man. Show that you completely trust him and respect his desire to relax from everyday problems.

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