People, regardless of age and gender, dream of a cloudless happiness. Women are strange, incomprehensible, completely illogical creatures. Any woman deserves unlimited happiness. With age, she realizes that she needs to feel happy and seeks to satisfy her need. What determines women's happiness and what makes a woman unhappy? How can you help her become happy? A few recommendations for men who want to understand the needs of a woman and what she wants.

how to keep your woman happy

What makes a woman happy

Perhaps this is the key question. After all, if a woman is unhappy, then this can turn into a disaster. A woman dissatisfied with life is scary. And unfortunately, there are a lot of such women. But let’s see what makes women happy.

1. The conviction that she is loved. Whatever firmness of temperament and courage a woman shows, the feeling that she is loved and needed is priceless. Love is the paramount need of the female soul. This bright feeling is inherent in a woman by nature. This raises self-love. And this is another component of a successful and happy life.

2. A loved man nearby. Unrequited love can make women unhappy. Female happiness in the conventional sense consists of simple things: healthy loved ones, a happy family and loved man with her. A faithful, reliable, loving and respecting man is a key factor in women’s happiness. So, love your lady. This is how to keep a girlfriend happy.

3. Compliments and recognition. Making a girlfriend happy, men forget that each girl likes pleasant words. Compliments are necessary for a woman like air. A lady blossoms, smiles and certainly feels happier from compliments. A woman loves with her ears and if she doesn’t hear regular confessions and expressions of admiration from her man, she will certainly doubt his feelings and her own beauty. Attention is important.

4. Successful career. Modern women are realized not only as wives and mothers but also as successful business women. But the most important thing in this matter is that she has to like what she does.

5. Motherhood. A woman will not be completely happy without a happy family and children. A woman is a continuer of the race; the maternal instinct is inherent in her by nature. The biggest happiness for a woman is a child. Even those women who build a career and seemingly feel happy eventually think about the birth of their own child. Motherhood is another way of self-realization of a woman.

Answering the question of what a woman needs for happiness and how to make your girlfriend happy, it is worth noting that she doesn’t need anything supernatural. Self-realization, positive emotions, and love – this is what constitutes the simple happiness of a woman.

how do you make a woman happyHow to know if your woman is happy

Sometimes men complain about the lack of attention from soul mates or the fact that they grumble too often. But do they do everything to make their women happy? Here are 10 signs of a happy woman over which all men should think.

1. She likes to spend time with you. If a woman most often easily agrees to go somewhere with her man, even to the store for a new fishing rod, this means that she wants to be near and it is not so important where and under what circumstances. An unhappy woman will not look for a reason to stay with her man.

2. She often smiles. Happiness is a very specific emotional state when inner joy can’t be hidden. A woman seems to glow from the inside and it is reflected on her face in a smile. Of course, she will not smile all the time, but it will happen quite often. If your woman looks gloomy, nervously reacts to everything and grumbles, then such a woman is hardly really happy.

3. She likes your embrace. If a woman happily reciprocates embraces of her man, it means that everything is good in a couple. An unhappy woman will behave very discreetly or even look for a reason to avoid embraces.

4. She likes to kiss you. Kisses, too, can tell about many things. Her kiss should be gentle and long, at least a few seconds. If you see that your woman is enjoying the process at this moment and is not in a hurry to interrupt it, this is a clear sign of a loving and happy woman.

5. She likes to talk to you. A happy woman will happily talk with her husband about everything – about the latest news, favorite movies, family affairs, etc. This is a sign that communication with a man is comfortable and pleasant for a woman. Most likely, such a woman feels happy.

6. She thanks you. A happy woman appreciates and loves her man. This is also manifested in gratitude – she will always thank him, trying to show that she appreciates his desire to please her. Of course, for this, a man should try to please a woman, help her, or arrange some pleasant surprise.

7. She cooks for you. If a woman often cooks her man’s favorite dishes or tries to please him with new culinary delights, this is a good sign.

8. She wants to stay with you. Of course, a woman can sometimes meet with her friends and spend time with them. But if she too often prefers them instead of her man, then a relationship is not so good. In a happy relationship, a man likes to arrange dates and his woman gladly accepts his offer to go somewhere together.

9. She supports you if you feel bad. A man will always feel care and love if his woman is happy. She will take care of and treat him if he gets sick, cook delicious meals, and worry about him. She will sympathize and support if he has problems or just a bad mood. A happy woman always takes care.

10. She compliments you. If a woman is happy, she will definitely say to her man when he looks particularly good and will certainly praise if he manages to cope with any difficult matter.

How to make a woman happy: most important tips

For many men, women are completely incomprehensible creatures who live according to only their laws. Even the most loving man is not always able to understand what his loved one needs for complete happiness. And this is understandable because women and men may have different ideas about how a happy life together looks. Here are 7 tips for you. These simple things will help make a woman happy.

1. Tell her about love. Many men very rarely talk about love, even if they madly love their women. Remember that women need to hear this and these words must be sincere. If you don’t like banal confessions, you can come up with some funny expressions of your own that only you and your loved one will understand. It will cheer up both of you and add happy moments.

2. Prove your love. Every woman will be happy to hear sincere words of love, but the confirmation of these words in actions will make a girl even happier. It is not about expensive gifts. Care and attention, help in some business, fulfillment of requests, cute souvenirs or flowers, any surprises that will be pleasant to her are enough. Your efforts will not go unnoticed. And don’t try to show jealousy because this is not a proof of love, but an indicator of selfishness and self-doubt.

3. Learn to listen to her and most importantly – to hear. Many men ignore words of women and only pretend that they listen to them. Try to listen and understand your sweetheart. Even if you are not very interested in her problems, you should be controlled by the desire to help your loved one. Listen to her and let her speak out and try to help somehow. This will remove the nervous tension from your communication too.

4. Give her the opportunity to be independent. Some men try to solve all problems of their women. But you shouldn’t do that. Leave a woman the right to choose and make decisions or learn how to solve problems together.

5. Give her confidence in the future. How to keep a woman happy in a relationship? A woman should feel that she is near a reliable man who will always think about her and is ready to make joint plans and seek their fulfillment.

making a woman happy6. Allow her to be weak. Even if your woman manifests herself as a strong personality in public, then make her feel like a little girl when she is with you. Surround her with care and tenderness and make it clear that you are her support. Strong women can easily solve any problems without men, but they can only relax in the presence of really close and loved men.

7. Create confidence that she is the one. Show a woman your appreciation. It gives her confidence. Appreciate her uniqueness. She has to understand that she is special and unique for you and never compare her with others.

How to make a woman happy in bed

We guarantee that if you direct all your strength to the development of your relationship, she will understand that you are a devoted and passionate lover. Sometimes sex can seem like a difficult job, but if you are with the right partner, you can feel that it’s worth the effort.

1. Do everything gently. Of course, it depends on her comfort zone, but one of the sexiest things is the feeling of a partner’s hands all over the body. Not to mention the fact that stroking and kissing of some parts of the body can lead to extraordinary pleasure. Also, if you do it while saying how attractive she is, then you will make her feel unusually desirable.

2. Prolong her pleasure. Let’s be honest: despite the fact that this is a delicate subject for many guys, the key to success of a good lover lies in the belief that making love will last long enough to give pleasure to your partner. You can try all the positions from the most famous book of love, but if you end in 15 seconds, all your efforts will look like a movie preview. Don’t be afraid to slow down a bit and focus on other parts of her body to be able to regain balance. If you really can’t hold back any longer and aren’t able to stop, use this opportunity to tell your girlfriend how sexy she is that you can't even restrain yourself. Of course, this will not give her an amazing feeling, but I can bet she will feel extremely welcome.

3. Prove to her that she is desired. Making a woman happy, this can be achieved in several ways. But the main way is to physically show her how attractive she is. You need to show not only your actions but also say how much you value intimacy with her and you will notice how she will become even more open to all your actions. Not to mention that she will put even more effort in order to please you if she knows that you can do the same for her.

4. Listen to her requests. There is nothing sexier than being an attentive listener. You have to constantly do everything exactly as she wants, even before she realizes that she wants exactly this. How? Either you have to learn to read minds or learn to listen to what she likes and memorize it for the future.

5. Make her relax. You need to try to disconnect from the problems, relax as much as possible and trust your partner. Leave reasoning about morality and far-fetched complexes usually imposed from the outside and natural shyness for later. On the contrary, turn on the fantasy, imagine the exciting erotic scenes, and caress her body the way she likes. Turn on the night light or light the candles and let the relaxing music play. This is how to make your woman happy in bed.

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