The answer is on the surface! Girls from Russia are incredible to have sex with, they are best cooks by default and with them, your hearth shall always be a place of utmost comfort. Ready to give their financial interest up, self-devotion, positive attitude – this is how you want a modern woman look and this is how the Russian gals are! With that whole stereotype about mail-ordered brides, they got a bad reputation. But this article is going to clear this situation up. Here we go.

Why Russian Girls Are Good Wives

1. The great cook

Even though they are great cooks, Russian girls know all the restaurants and cafeterias in the city where the best meals there are. Stick around with them and you’ll try some delicious sweets and treats from the Russian chocolatiers. Besides, she also knows just the place to get a bowl of varenyky (filled dumplings, usually served with sour cream) – yummy!

2. The emotional and sensitive wife

The Russian full honesty attitude. She won’t beat around the bush trying to solve any complications between you. They can get so excited, and so passionate, as well as angry, at times, that your neighbors can think you are just about to kill each other. Yet it is just that Slavic cuties are very emotional and easy to get excited about anything (especially if it is a sales event). And if you make them angry, they will yell but are likely to calm quicker than most of other women.

3. The family is über alles for her.

For Russians family is a top priority. So it is unwise to talk crap about her relatives in her presence. On the bright side, though, it is the same kind of treatment you shall get as her husband and thus, part of her family.

4. You’ll become a part of Russian family

And this brings us to other benefits of being a part of the Russian family. Not only that you can experience what the Russian family tradition is, you will also see that her family is likely to care about you more than your own! It is true. In fact, in Russia, families are notorious for sometimes being excessively caring.

5. The best-looking wife

Ever saw a tawdry Russian gal? Well, maybe you did, but most of them are always enthralling when it comes to making an appearance. Which is a good reason to start attending philharmonic concerts (that are just meant to show off your best clothes, apart from listening to amazing music) or just casually go out? She will always be the best looking girl in the street. And that shining jewel can be yours!

6. The educated and wise wife

What’s also worth mentioning is that people in Russia have more high education degrees than those of other countries. And although the quality of such education is a matter of debate, the fact is that many girls know at least two languages (Europe languages for the most part) and have a rich number of hobbies. Don’t be surprised when an occasional discussion of the Death in Venice movie turns out into a heated debate. You can also figure their lust for knowledge if you pay close attention to their Facebook profiles. Plenty of them follow tourism groups or have lots of pictures from different places in the world. The number of American young women, willing to travel is likely to be less than among Russian ones. So, if you are looking for a girl whose conversations are going to be much deeper than plain “interesting” or trivial “whatever”, then Russian gal is the way to go!

Summing it up, girls from Russia are extremely beautiful and they are eager to look even better constantly adding something elegant and classy to their wardrobe. Like Mr. Joseph Brodsky said, “For aesthetics is the mother of ethics”. They are smart, honest, caring and you will never get bored with them. That is why they simply are to become good wives!

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