As you probably know, Russian women are fantastic. They possess diverse merits and embody the ideal of a wife and a mother. No wonder so many westerners desperately look for their prospective Russian brides on numerous online dating sites. To find a path to a heart of such a woman, you should know how to treat her in the right way. In their country, when a man gives gifts to his woman, he expresses his feelings and affection. So in the current article, we will tell you about the top 10 kinds of gifts your Russian friend is destined to like!


1. Flowers

There is a kind of rule: if you don’t know what to give to a lady, give her flowers! In Russia, it is definitely the most popular thing people present to each other on various occasions. In contrast to Western girls, female Russians are more into all that romantic stuff so you are absolutely free to give them fine bouquets. Consider only the number of flowers should be odd, even numbers are brought on funerals. Better of you know what sort she prefers, yet if you’re uncertain, roses are the all-time solution.

2. Sweets

Did you know that in Russian, the honeymoon phase is called “bouquet-and-sweet time”? Those women generally love chocolate so if you aren’t into giving flowers, that’s your chance to impress your lady in a cheap way. Of course, your present shouldn’t be of an inferior quality. In fact, sweets are commonly given along with flowers. Thus, you wouldn’t pick the better symbiosis for a romantic night out.

3. Soft toy

Those are diverse, inexpensive, and undeniably cute. Well, not all women like plush toys as they gather lots of dust. However, if your Russian friend belongs to those who adore artificial animals, you can treat her with a present of this type. For instance, a large teddy bear may greatly work for her birthday – even if she’s turning twenty-five.

4. Perfume

Certainly, the way how a person smells may tell us a lot. Since Russian women are deeply concerned about their image, perfumes are an integral part of their cosmetic bags. Of course, it is rather a lavish gift – buying fake aromas is a huge disrespect. That’s why you should definitely figure out what brand she prefers. Giving her a first available bottle, you will barely touch her soul with your attention and care.

5. Unconventional date

Strange as it may sound, an original date is also the way to fascinate your woman. Just get creative and pick the scenario which would excite you both. Romantic surprises are actually necessary to do from time to time to promote your love life and keep the flame alive. Think of what she dreams about to try and include this in your date programme. This may be parachute jumping, horseback riding or just a splendid picnic on some rooftop.

6. Accessory

Choosing the right accessories, Russian ladies emphasize their natural beauty. If you know her tastes quite well, treat her with a stylish bag, scarf, or a pair of gloves. When she will be wearing your gift, she will always think of you in a special way. You certainly need to take into an account what shapes, colours, and materials she likes. For guys, it may be really difficult to pick a gift of her dream so if you’re not sure as for this or that item, ask your female friend’s help.

7. Clothes

Buying clothes for your girlfriend is, naturally, far more difficult than just picking accessories for her. To delight a Russian girl, you’d better have a clear vision of what fabrics and fashions she prefers wearing. By all means, you should also know her body measurements. If this all seems to be overly hard for you, just take your lady to joint shopping. We bet she will accept your proposal with enthusiasm!

8. Jewelry

Quite a lavish present you should give on special occasions or just at the time you feel it right. Just like with clothing and accessories, you must figure out what sort of a precious metal she prefers, as well as what gems she loves. Don’t forget about the design as well. If you don’t make it secretive, you may also go for jewelry together if right at your date.

9. Lingerie

Female underwear was always a pretty delicate topic. On the one hand, it is the solid way to demonstrate your affection and promote your sexual life. On the other hand, it requires taking a number of things into an account. First of all, know when to give it. If you bring even the finest lingerie set ever for your Russian girlfriend in the very beginning of your relationship, she will likely take you wrong. So this is the idea for those who’ve already built somewhat a serious connection.

10. Trip to a romantic destination

There are almost no people who wouldn’t dislike travelling. Due to certain economic issues in their country, many Russians go abroad quite rare, and some of them have never been outside their motherland. If you know your lady is willing to visit any particular place on Earth, present her a trip there! Besides, joint travelling is just a perfect opportunity to get to know your potential Russian bride better.

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Thanks for the tips, I’ll save them. It is always difficult to choose the right gift. In a close event, I usually spend too much time, choosing something. All the ideas leak out of my head, even the most trivial. What sort of flowers do Russian girls prefer?
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