The difference between a woman and a girl is not only in the age. It is all about the structure of the mind, worldview, as well as mental and emotional maturity. A girl sees the world differently than a woman. She thinks differently and behaves differently. It’s easy to meet a girl, but a woman is a rarity.

In this article, we’re talking about the signs that distinguish a mature woman from a girl, examine the advantages of relationships with an adult woman and try to prove why older women can be the best companions in life.

mature woman relationship

Age vs. experience: does the date of birth matter in relationships?

Does age matter in a relationship? The question that many ask. And usually it arises when the initial stage of passion is passed. When a young man is dating a mature woman as well as vice versa, the question of morality additionally arises. As a rule, the same question is also common among young parents, and it complicates relationships even more. However, if a love relationship with a big difference in age turns into a family relationship, the age barrier will disappear.

Age is important when restoring life priorities. Age is also an important factor in relationships because the life goals of people in different time intervals are different. A young partner may not want to burden themselves and have children, for example, while the older one, on the contrary, wants to settle down and get a big family. Another significant difference may be the desire to build a career. All these distinctive moments need to be known and understood only when the couple begins to follow the same path, their difference in age gradually ceases to affect the relationship. Lovers begin to see themselves as one and go together to their dream.

An experienced mature woman dating a man already understands the concept of marriage much better. For her, it is clear that sex and having fun is not a guarantee of a happy union. And young girls treat the relationship superficially and do not immediately think about family life. When dating a mature woman older than you, there are probably two ways of development the relationship. The first option is “mother - son”, when an adult woman will take care of her young chosen one in every way. Such relationships may exist. But a woman need to be prepared for the fact that the “son” will grow up one day and want independence. Therefore, it is better to immediately build relationship on the equality of the partners. The second option is when a young man simply lives at the expense of a woman. If this happens by agreement of the parties, then certainly the age does not matter.

Anyway, in a relationship with a mature partner you have to revise the concept of beauty, you must be prepared to listen to questions and preconceived opinions about age and the achievement of certain goals. But actually, age is a simple arithmetic number that means nothing except the number of years spent on the earth. Age matters in relationships only when there is no love, but if there is love, everything else becomes unimportant.

dating a woman older than youTraits of immature woman

There is a huge difference between relationships with a girl and relationships with a woman, and the difference here will be far from age question only. Many girls grow up but remain the same inside, and others have a woman spirit in blood even at the youngest age. Differences between an immature girl and an adult woman cannot be measured in numbers because they differ in character, personality, thinking and behavior. Emotional maturity is necessary to create any relationship. You may be in love with each other but in order to develop this feeling in the right direction and create strong relationships both of you must be emotionally mature. Your feelings are not a guarantee that your relationship will be successful. That is why you should choose a real lady as your companion. In order to know how to date a mature woman, you need to know what exactly you should pay attention to for distinguishing the traits of immature girl:

1. She is uncertain about relationships.

Immature girls often don’t fully understand what they want from life. They are characterized by inconstancy in the tastes, people they communicate with, and in relationships. The girl will always have one goal - to find a boyfriend. She likes the fact that she is in a relationship, but the relationship itself may not interest her at all. When starting a new relationship, the girl doesn’t think about starting a family life or abandoning something that hinders the development of relationships. That is why immature girls who decide to marry a man are often not sure of their choice and can cancel the wedding shortly before the event itself.

2. She never discusses the problems.

Instead, the girl constantly falls into hysterics. When she is dissatisfied with something, she behaves the same way as in childhood with her parents. Usually it happens this way: she screams, folds her lips in a bow, keep silence, becomes passive-aggressive. A woman being upset or dissatisfied also experiences certain emotions but she develops the skill of controlling them. She, as an adult, sits down at the table and expresses everything that bothers her. A woman, unlike a girl, does not avoid problems but speaks openly about them and takes measures to solve them.

3. She doesn’t want to take commitments.

An immature girl considers herself a princess and believes that others should treat her the same way. She thinks that everyone owes her something and expects more than deserves. The woman, in turn, has no expectations and requirements, but certain rules (which she follows). The girl expects that the man will be her financial support. She starts a relationship in the hope that the guy will solve all her problems. A woman aspires to be independent - she relies only on herself. And if it happens that in her relationship the partner prefers her to be the main breadwinner of the family, she considers it as a “bonus” and not as something “self-evident”.

4. She thinks only about herself.

Immature girls are concerned about their appearance, their position in society and their problems. They put the own gaps in the first place, not the problems that arise in a relationship. Immature girls are unlikely to go to the pharmacy at night if you get sick. They, most likely, care about the partner, but not enough to put a man above their own needs. Women can postpone their problems in order to help a partner in solving any difficulties; they do not pretend to be busy when they are asked for help.

7 signs you are dating a mature woman

Where is the line between a girl and a woman? How to see it and how to know you’re dating a mature woman? And finally, what is the difference between a girl and a woman? Boys attract girls. Men attract women. It has nothing to do with it. It speaks of the level of maturity. In fact, some people, regardless of age, never mature. In addition, the age doesn’t mean that a woman will not have “girlish” or immature behavior or vice versa. This post applies to those who are mature enough.

If you are a guy, then accept the fact that only girls will pay attention to you. However, if you are a man (an independent one who knows his own worth, has a strong moral core, is caring and has no idea what uncertainty is), then you should build a mature woman relationship. And if you still find it difficult to distinguish a girl from a woman, then the signs below will help you.

1. You openly discuss problems.

As mentioned earlier, a woman, unlike a girl, is ready to openly discuss problems that arise in a relationship. She will neither refuse to respond to calls, nor take offence at you for weeks. Instead a mature woman will offer to sit at the negotiating table and find a way out of the situation.

2. She listens to you and understands you.

Among other signs you’re dating a mature woman this one is crucial. A woman talks about what she thinks and feels, and gives you the opportunity to speak. Adult women can not only listen but hear. It is very interesting to talk with mature women because they have a huge life experience. However, a mature woman does not try to crush you with her experience, she does not impose her own views on a partner, such a woman is ready to listen to the opinions and points of view of a man, and treats everything said with understanding.

mature woman dating3. She’s not afraid to take responsibilities.

Mature women do not need the constant approval of their actions by men. They are independent and self-sufficient. Unlike young girls, mature ladies are not afraid to take responsibility for anything, they will not hide behind a man’s back when life difficulties arise. Mature women are able to solve their own problems and help a man with a solution to his difficulties. Such women can be trusted with anything, they are ready to answer for anything.

4. You can trust her and she trusts you.

Have you ever been in a relationship when a girl wants to control everything? She constantly sends you thousands of SMS messages, follows you everywhere, checks what you are doing. Such girlfriends, as a rule, are very young. Some men feel comfortable enough in such a relationship while others find this unacceptable. For the latter ones who don’t like to be under control 24/7, there are mature women who do not chase a partner everywhere - they are completely self-sufficient and thus don’t need to control a man. And this is really great as you can fully trust them and they do trust you.

5. Your argues end with compromises and solutions.

Young women are very emotional creatures. They are not yet mature enough to manage their emotions wisely so this flow may simply sweep away a person who is not prepared for this. Over the years, girls learn to cope with emotions and manage them so that they do not inadvertently destroy existing relationships. Maybe this is due to the greater craving for the creation of a family at an older age, but the fact remains: older women want your couple to be a real team. This trait is ideal for those who seek a long relationship. Young girls, unfortunately, are more focused on themselves and their feelings in relationships, and are unable to reach a compromise.

6. Your sex life is diverse and rich.

According to different statistics, a man reaches the peak of his sexual activity by the age of eighteen, when a woman - by the age of forty. And this is true. Actually, this is not just a matter of experience but physiology as well: usually, women get used to their bodies and sexual desires later than men. An experienced mature woman has already passed the stage of accepting her own body and fully understands not only the own desires but those of a partner. She has enough experience in sexual life and know how to make you remember the joint nights.

7. She shares the plans for the future.

Immature girls expect the men to read their thoughts and guess all their desires quite often. It seems that they are really convinced that a man has to master the art of reading the mind. Experienced women never behave like this: they’re tend to build relationships based on the principle of reciprocity, they know what they want and are able to share it in time .

This list is not limited to these signs, in fact, it can be continued for a very long time. We hope that our article has helped you understand what you need to know about dating a mature woman. Being a woman is not only about age, it’s about life experience, certain values, and the ability to think not only about yourself. Women do not pursue men, they can live fully and independently without a companion in life but do it so gracefully that men want to be with them.

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