Winter dates are the most fun. We tend to leave an autumn depression and get in the Christmas mood after soggy, rainy days. Winter should always be about entertainment, active sports and getting together by the fireplace. Yes, it can be a little cold outside, especially if you live in a northern hemisphere, but the climate shouldn’t get in a way of romance.

fun winter date ideas

Winter Dates: Advantages and Drawbacks

The coldest season can bring us a lot of good vibes as well as some minor disappointments as well. It all depends on the type of person you are and how you perceive winter. Here are some major perks of wintertime.

SNOW. Everything is beautiful when you see amazing white snowflakes. It just adds so much romance to a casual date. Besides that, after a good walk, you increase your appetite, and cuddling under the blanket feels ten times cozier. You are just in the mood to cook with your bae, watch Christmas movies and get warm.

…But it gets cold. Even your trip on the way to the date can be problematic. The roads can be slippery, and the traffic gets awful. And if you are not a fan of cold weather, outdoor activities can be a bummer. If you don’t live together, and there’s no way you can stay warm through the season, sometimes it sucks. But only if you don’t do the right activities.

Basic Advice for Dating in Winter

Winter can be tricky in so many ways, so it’s only fair for you to receive dating advice concerning the cold season. Be sure you follow the easiest steps before you ask somebody out on a date.

Watch the weather forecast

There are so many fun things to do in the winter, but unfortunately, all your plans can be ruined if you don’t guess the weather right. If you don’t want a sudden blizzard to get in a way, you should always check the forecast beforehand. What if you invite her to a walk in the park, but the weather is so incredibly cold, and you two actually will lose the ability to walk? Yes, frozen joints and bad mood is not what we need on a date!

date ideas in winterCombine active and relaxing activities

You can get so much out of your winter dates. Especially if both of you are active people. Even if you are not, be sure to get out of your house at least every couple of days. Seriously, winter has such a good potential of bringing people together. Both of you can have fun while doing something productive outside, trying new sports, playing in the snow, investigating new places and trying new comfort food. You stand on the edge of creating your very own winter fairytale. But don’t forget to get comfy and replace fun winter sports with chill home-sitting activities, such as watching movies or drinking hot cocoa.

Choose warm and practical outfits

Fun winter date ideas always start with choosing fitting clothes. They shouldn’t be fancy or impressive. Yes, it sounds cute and romantic to warm each other up during the blizzard, but isn’t it easier to get comfy from the start? Also, this season is a source of cute winter date ideas because now you can wear matching gloves, beanies, and scarves. Live up to your couple goals realness!

Reach an agreement about the place with your date

Unless you visit a site to meet single ladies and talk via the Internet, you have a chance to meet up and visit some fun places to date! Talk to your bae where she wants to meet up. Is it a café, a skating rink, or a park? Be sure you talk about everything beforehand and dress accordingly. Don’t force her to go somewhere if she doesn’t want to. Find what’s best for both of you.

First Date Ideas – Winter Edition

A first date should be magical, regardless of the weather. It’s all up to you how to arrange a date. There are plenty of possibilities to complete good winter date ideas. Choose wisely depending on your budget, preferences, interests, and your date’s choice.

1. Promenade in a snowy park. If you are on a budget, it’s one of the best choices. When it comes to free date ideas winter is usually not that merciful. But the weather allows you to walk freely, take her to see majestic night lights, or jump in the snow together. And even if you don’t have that much snow around, just drink coffee and have fun, breathing fresh air.

2. Visit an ice exhibition. If you have a place in your city to complete these date ideas in winter, go to a park where they show sculptures made of ice. They look completely marvelous. It is a very rare opportunity as such exhibitions only appear when the temperature is cold enough. You won’t be disappointed.

3. Go for a snowball fight. If you’re looking for date ideas for winter, what could be more fun than playing child's games? You can feel carefree at last, frolicking around in the woods or wherever. Just bring a pair of warm mittens and start your game.

4. Go sledding. Once forgotten in childhood, this activity will bring lots of delight to your couple. Rent or buy a sled for two (or you could do a little competition), find a slide or a hill and fulfill your bobsleigh dream.

5. Go skating. Skating is very intimate and beautiful if you think about it. You support each other, hold each other closely, or spin around like professionals if you can do so.

6. Go on a winter fair. Usually launched around Christmas, winter fairs are beautiful places to meet up, drink hot cocoa or something stronger, eat amazing treats and enjoy Christmas lights. Hands down one of the best winter date night ideas.

7. Go to a sauna. This date will be very interesting and fun if you’re not afraid of extreme temperature changes. There are some saunas where you can jump into the snow and feel this breathtaking contrast. It’s one of the Northern traditions you should try.

fun things to do in the winter8. Cooking at home. What can be better than cooking a fatty dinner on a lazy day? Just the two of you, a calm atmosphere and amazing dishes that will comfort your tummies more than any delivery food. Any food is good in the right company.

9. Throwing a Christmas party. If you want to experience some fun, but you are scared of intimacy, just visit a winter party where you can talk to each other without obligations. It’s such a good way to become closer without pressure and hesitation.

10. Go to a movie theater…in a living room. The point is to make everything just like at the movies: the lights, the popcorn, comfy chairs. The atmosphere you create is unique because it will be only for you two.

Cute Winter Date Ideas for Couples

If you are a steady-going couple, chances are, you won’t spend so much effort into impressing each other, let’s be real. But to keep your romance alive and spend some fun time, here are some more ideas for cute couples.

1. Throw a costume party. It would be amazing to see all of your friends dressed in dorky outfits, sharing sweets and stories. It would be such a fun and memorable night, especially if you have lots of friends. And even if you don’t, even if Halloween is over, there’s no bad weekend for such a unique activity.

2. Go to the countryside. You can rent a house near the mountains if you have such an opportunity. Just get away from your usual routine and spend some time drinking hot tea, socializing, cuddling by the fireplace and engaging in some winter activities.

3. Visit a tropical country. If you want to throw a surprise or have a date to celebrate during wintertime, it sure will be a contrast and an amazing surprise to switch gears for a week. Have fun by the ocean, drink cocktails and hate winter together if you want to, but never forget to think outside the box!

4. Find a place with a Jacuzzi and take a major dive together. If your budget doesn’t allow going to islands right now, just have some fun in warm bubbly water. This activity (or lack of it) relieves stress, brings you together (quite literally, Jacuzzis are not that big), and overall makes you fall in love with each other faster. Water is always magical.

5. Throw yourself a spa day. It can be a professional procedure or done by your beloved partner. Get some essential oils, light up the candles, turn on sensual music, and this message will bring you relaxation for weeks. The point is to get closer, not to achieve a perfect technique.

Winter is fun and spiritual time for lovers. They have a chance to become closer to each other, stay warm under the blanket together and find much-needed peace in each other. We hope you find peace in someone soon.

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