Thanks to Christianity and then AIDS epidemic we tend to believe that all our problems come from sex. With a lot of diseases that you may get from sex, you might want to stop having sex altogether. You don't want any troubles, right? But then you learn that not having enough sex may cause chronic prostatitis. Upon learning that, you try having sex on each and every possible occasion. But having sex on each and every possible occasion may cause different STDs.

Yep, you seem to be trapped in the situation where you just can't win. But this situation is more or less about you not having a steady partner. Of course, when you are in a steady relationship, you love and want your partner. When you have this magic combination you can't wait till the moment to get in between the sheets with your partner. But, that's might be also a sign that you are having too much sex. While sex can decrease anxiety and depression and improve your mood, having too much of it can have a negative impact on your health. Let's have a look at the main negative effects of having too much sex.

how much is too much sex

The Main Negative Effects of Having Too Much Sex

1. Rub Burns

Having too much sex, especially if you enjoy it rough, may cause rub burns or even bruises. Thus, the more rough sex you have the more rub burns or bruises you are going to get. Rub burns and bruises make your sexual life quite uncomfortable, as they make almost every sexual activity quite painful.

2. Urinary Tract Infection

If you forget to empty the bladder before or after sex, you may get urinary tract infection, which can make sex quite uncomfortable and painful. While this problem mainly concerns people who have sex with different partners, mind to empty your bladder before and after sex, if you don't want to get urinary tract infection.

3. Lower Back Pain

If you prefer long sexual sessions with heavy thrusting, you may develop lower back pain, which like rub burns and urinary tract infection make further sexual activities quite uncomfortable. Aside from preventing you from enjoying in bed activities, this common result of having too much sex, easily prevent you from having a normal everyday life, as lower back pain makes it impossible for you to walk, lay and sit normally.

4. Injured Nerves

While you need to try really hard to get rub burns, nerves may get sore thanks to intense sexual stimulation. A bit of overindulging yourself with sexual activities may prevent you from feeling anything while your next sessions. You don't like your food tasteless, right? Well, sex becomes tasteless too when you manage to injure your nerves.

5. Decreased Vision

"Wait! What? You mean all those fundamentalists who said that I go blind because of masturbation were right?", well, yes and no. You won't go blind if you masturbate or have premarital sex. But if you masturbate too much and have too much sex, then you are most likely to experience decreased vision. This happens because of the blood vessels in your eyes that may pop during intense sexual activity. While it won't take you long to recover from that, it is better not to have too much sex knowing such an outcome.

6. Strained Muscles

While it has to do a lot with love and intimacy, sex is a physical activity, and like every sexual activity it may cause strained muscles. Strained muscles can result in pain and immobility, and, as a result, prevent you from having sex.

how much sex is normal7. Hair Loss

You've been seeing yourself blind in your nightmares? Well, believe it or not, too much sex can easily lead you to that. Sex increases the level of Dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that leads to hair loss, as extreme levels of it kills off hair follicles.

8. Weak Immunity

Too much sex can also lead to weak immunity, as prostaglandin E-2 hormone is released in your blood during sex. Excessive levels of this hormone lead to weakening immunity, nervous and muscular pain, damaged tissues and lack of sexual stimulation. Once again, too much sex may lead to no sex at all.

9. Fracture

A rare case, but it happens sometimes. While penis cannot break, it can suffer from fracture. If you have too much sex, once you may hear a snapping sound that will be followed by the loss of erection.

10. Heart Attack

This is the rarest case, which mainly depends on your age and your health. So, if you are healthy and young, there is nothing to worry about. But if you are over fifty, you should really think about it. You don't want your partner to end up in Stephen King's "Gerald's Game", do you?

How Much Sex Does the Average Couple Have?

Okay, after learning the negative impact of having too much sex, let's find out how much sex does couples have on the average. According to the research by the Kinsey Institute, people aged between 18 to 29 generally have sex up to 112 times a year. Considering that nowadays people rarely get married before turning thirty, we may assume that this is how much unmarried people have sex. So, how often do married couples have sex, then? According to the same research, people aged between 30 and 39, have sex around 86 times a year. And people aged between 40 and 49, usually have sex around, funny, 69 times a year. Thus, the answer to the question "how much sex does the average person have?" is around 100 times a year. Thus, the answer to the question " How much sex is a healthy in a marriage?" would be quite the same.

How Much Sex Is Normal?

But if you are married or in a steady relationship, you've probably noticed that you are having less sex with time. Is there an explanation to that? How often do couples have sex? Is that decreasing number of sex sessions is okay? And how much sex is normal, anyway? According to the vast majority of scientists, it is normal to have sex on every occasion when you are at the early stages of your relationship. As your relationship goes on, it is normal for your sex life to slow down.

You shouldn't be thinking about how much sex is enough or not enough. You must think in different categories, like how much sex is healthy. Most of the therapists agree that once or twice a week is quite healthy. Yes, you do have sex more frequently when you are on a honeymoon and when you move in together. But that's absolutely okay and it doesn't mean that you are having too much sex. Your sexcapades will slow down in a while.

How Much Sex Is Too Much?

Now, finally we came to the main topic of the article. You know the problems that having too much sex can bring. You know how much sex people have on the average. Now, it's time to reveal how much is too much sex.

Now, you do understand that if you are getting rub burns or bruises, lower back pain, experiencing vision decrease, strained muscles, and hair loss, than you are having too much sex. It means that you are having sex much more than 100 times a year. Most likely you are getting closer to the 200 or even 300 times per year mark. And how much sex you should be having? how much sex should you haveAs we've already established, around 112 times a year if you are under thirty and around 90 times a year if you are over thirty. Now, it doesn't mean that you should strictly follow that frequency. For example, having sex 150 times a year doesn't necessarily mean that you are having too much sex. Most likely you are the special one, who needs more. But there are other worrying signs that may signify having too much sex.

1. Hypersexuality

Your sexual impulses are getting out of control? Are you having sex on every possible occasion with your partner or with anyone else? Do you have sex in order to escape feeling lonely or depressed? If so, masturbation counts too, by the way, you are most likely suffering from hypersexuality, aka nymphomania or sex addiction. Aside from leading to all the negative impacts of having too much sex, you may neglect your work, lose your partner, and have a lot of other unpleasant consequences. Thus, consulting a shrink would work the best for you.

2. Are You Satisfied?

Some people prefer quantity over quality. You remember fraternity? You know, all those bragging about how many girls you have bedded and how many you are going to bed? Well, if you haven't grown up out of that, you are most likely to lose all your prospective partners. You don't know the art of sex, thus you are using the same moves all the time. Moreover, while you may be satisfied, your partner is most likely not to be. You are trying so hard, you are getting rub burns and lower back pain, but your partner still doesn't feel satisfied? How much is too much sex? Well, when one of you is not satisfied despite the fact that you are having sexcapades every day, then you are probably having too much of it. Go visit a couple therapist, he would explain how to get out of this situation.

3. Day-to-Day Sex

You don't really care about sex. But you feel frustrated that you may not satisfy your partner or that your relationship would fall apart, if you don't have sex on a daily basis? Well, you are having certain psychological issue. To solve this problem, you need to be absolutely open with your partner. If you figure out how much sex is enough for both of you, you would figure out how much sex you should have. If that doesn't help, you should visit a couple's therapist in order to sort things out.


Those articles on sexual issues are often quite confusing and hard to digest. Mind that giving you the average numbers on how much sex people have annually doesn't mean that you should strictly follow it. Those are average numbers. You don't need to make sure that you have sex 112 times a year when you are, let's say 25. And you don't need to make sure that you have sex 69 times a year when you are 45. What you need to make sure of is that you are in control of your sexual life and that your sexcapades are not getting out of control leading to physical and mental issues.

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