You've met a girl at the gym or at the bar or wherever and you got the feeling that it is your instant crush. Then it turns out that she is married. Of course, you can act logically and back off or you can pull all of your efforts in order to win her. If you pick the second option, you need to understand that you are going to try accomplishing one of the hardest tasks in your life. Even if you are keen on seducing women, it doesn't mean that you are going to be able to seduce a married one.

how to seduce a happily married woman

To begin with...

Before asking yourself, “How do I seduce a married woman?”, you need to ask yourself whether you are ready to try. There are a few things that you need to understand before even trying to approach a married woman. Let's check them out without further ado.

1. Get Ready to Fail

As we've already said, even if you are keen on seducing women, it doesn't mean that it will be that easy to seduce a married one. First of all, you need to get ready to fail, as there is no guarantee that she will let you in her life, even as some sugar on the side. Moreover, you need to make sure that your trying to lure her won't look offensive. You don't want her to get angry and you don't want to have a conversation with her husband afterwards.

2. Get Ready to be a Lover

Speaking about some sugar on the side. Are you ready to be nothing more than a lover? You need to make sure that you know what you want and that she wants the same. If you are planning to make her leave her husband for you, you need to be patient. Most likely you would be a lover for months, if not years, before she becomes yours.

3. Accept that She May Never Be Yours

If you want just a one night stand or just hooking up with her from time to time, everything is fine then. Things are a little bit complicated if you want more. You need to get ready to the fact that she may never be yours. No matter how much you would love to steal her from her husband, she may be absolutely okay with you being nothing more than her lover. You need to accept the fact that she may never be yours, otherwise all of your attempts to seduce her would be absolutely worthless.

words to seduce a married womanHow to Avoid That?

We tend to believe that being lovers must be some kind of a mystery, with a lot of innuendos. However, if you want to avoid points #1 and #2, you need to be absolutely open with her about your intentions. Otherwise you or both of you might get hurt and face a lot of undesirable consequences. Yep, it may not look like in those romantic movies about forbidden love or in TV-series, but you would save yourself a lot of time and nerves being open with each other.

Tips To Seduce a Married Woman

Okay, if you are here it means that you didn't decide to back off, despite reading everything above-mentioned. Well, there are other things you need to know in order to seduce a married woman. The main reason why most of men don't want to approach a married woman they like is not the fact that she is married, but the fact that they don't know how to seduce her. So, let's check out the tips to seduce a married woman.

How to Seduce a Married Woman with Words

Words are the easiest way to seduce someone. There is a common belief that using the right words you can seduce anyone. Thus, words would be the first of your steps to seduce a married woman. So, here are our tips on how to seduce a married woman with words.

1. Compliments

Compliments are the best words to seduce a married woman. But you must be careful with them. Women do like when you shower them with compliments, but there is no need to get creepy. Compliment the way she looks and the way she carries herself from time to time, but don't go following her just to pour your compliments on her. Let's be honest, you would look like a stalker if you ran after her only to say how beautiful she is today. That's creepy, not cute. Besides, a married woman may feel that something is wrong and may tell her husband. If you want her to notice you, you need to compliment her occasionally, but make sure that your compliments are memorable.

2. Conversations

How do you seduce a married woman? Have healthy conversations. Something like: “You're so beautiful! I don't care that you're married! Let's have sex!” simply won't work. You need to pick interesting conversational topics to make her interested in you. You talk more and more, and sooner or later the idea that she can sleep with you from time to time would occur in her head. You need to make her wonder “If he's that good at talking, I wonder how good he is in bed”. We're living in the digital era, so her social media profile may give you a few clues on topics she may be interested in. When you talk with her, don't forget to keep an eye contact. With the eye contact you will be able to understand how much she's into you.

3. Listening

If you want to be the master of the words, you need to be an attentive listener. First of all, talking constantly is not how to seduce a married woman. What do you expect? You will talk and talk and talk, and in the end she will start kissing you just to make you shut up? Moreover, being an attentive listener would make it way easier for you to pick interesting topics for your conversations. It will also help you understand her better, thus finding other ways to seduce her. If she has an unhappy marriage, she may hint on that. Listening is a key to learning how to seduce her in this case. Unfortunately, it won't work if she's a happily married woman.

How to Seduce a Married Woman with Text Messages

As we've said, we are living in the digital era, so text messages can become a great tool in seducing a married woman. Mind that it is simultaneously less risky than oral communication, as no one would spot you talking, and more risky as your conversations leave proofs. Anyway, it mainly works the same way as oral communication, thus compliments and listening (reading in this case) are welcome. At the same time, here are a few special tricks that you can use.

1. Send Her Blank Messages

Sending blank messages is intriguing. And that's the best way to figure out if she's interested in you or not. If you sent a blank message to a married woman and got an instant reply, then she's definitely interested in you. Moreover, the blank message gives you an opportunity to shape the conversation the way you want. Do not text back immediately: if she's really interested, she will send you another message.

2. Tease Her With Her Errors

How to seduce a married woman with text messages? Tease her with her spelling errors, it may work just like teasing her sexually. But mind that you should avoid making errors yourself, as that's neither funny nor sexy.

3. Text Her Before Bedtime

If you are into teasing her, you should send her messages right before bedtime. It will add to erotic tension, as it's probably the time when her husband may see your message. Make sure that she's having her phone beforehand, otherwise you will get both of you into a big trouble.

How to Seduce a Married Woman with Touch

Touching is also an important part of seduction. So, here are the main tips how to seduce a married woman with touch.

1. Casual Touching

You are talking about something and laughing? A perfect occasion for a slight touch on the shoulder, while wiping a tear from her eye after laughing to hard at a joke. Make sure that it looks unintentional, so turn away immediately after doing so.

2. Playing With Something

Whenever she looks at you, try playing with something in your hands. Your moves should be gentle. Seeing you playing with something will make her dreaming about you touching her the same way. But make sure that your moves look absolutely unconscious.

3. Hug Her

A friendly hug may not turn her on and immediately drag her into your bed, but it's the first physical contact that you are about to have. If she's not pushing you away when you are hugging her in a friendly way, than she's definitely into you. But you need to practice hugging her for a while, before concluding that she's all yours.

seduce a married woman tipsHow to Seduce a Married Woman at Work

Seducing a married woman at work may be one of the hardest tasks in your life. Seduce a married woman at work with touch – that's not how to do that, despite the fact that a lot of articles would offer you that. Yes, touch her unintentionally and she would understand everything...or accuse you in harassment. Dealing with a married woman is already a tough task, but trying to seduce a married woman at work is even a harder task. You have no right to make mistakes. The danger is real in that case. Your affair may end up with anything from getting beaten by her husband to getting fired from your work. So, check out our tips on seducing a married co-worker.

1. Find Out Her Reasoning

If she's showing signs that she might be interested in you, then there are a few reasons why. Figuring out those reasons will help you understand what to expect from your sugar on the side romance and whether you would like to engage in it. The reasons are generally:

  1. Her marriage is unhappy – In this case you can hope for stealing her from her husband. She may be looking forward to leave her husband, she just needs to know where to go.
  2. Her husband is away most of the time – Here you are for fulfilling her sexual desires or for making her feel less lonely. There is a possibility that she will leave her husband for you, but you are not that lucky as in the first case.
  3. Her husband can't fulfill her needs – Here you are a tool for fulfilling her sexual needs. If you are good at that, then you can happily bang each other without thinking about any development of your relationship.
  4. Her husband is a cheater – In this case she would use you to avenge herself. If all you want is sex, then nothing stops you from going for it.
  5. She's in an open relationship – You will have sex, you will have some fun time together, but forget about trying to steal her away. Generally, open relationships are quite strong for you to expect to win her heart.

2. Deliver the Reassurances

The married woman is ready to cheat on her husband with you only if she can trust you. The way to build up trust between you is to give her the following reassurances that will make it easier for her to sleep with you.

  1. You are the reason why she cheats – She will trust you, if you show that you are able to take responsibility. By saying that, you will also show that you are not judging her.
  2. You're not demanding her to leave her husband – If you show that you are not forcing her to do something, she will be able to trust you.
  3. You won't tell anybody – Quite simple, but saying that will show that you understand that both of you don't need any troubles, especially with your co-workers.

3. Use Psychology

If you want to seduce a married woman, you need to use psychology. Fractionation works perfectly on married women, as they have more emotional baggage. Moreover, you are co-workers, thus you know enough about her in order to find the soft spots.

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