It's no secret that with the widespread dominance of various gadgets, online communication in social media even with strangers is quite common and is perceived normally. At the same time, sites and dating applications for many still seem somewhat repulsive because of the stereotypes that online dating is for losers who cannot meet a date offline.

So what if you want to get acquainted without going out? What if you want to meet and get to know people who do not hang out on dating sites in their classic form, but are positive users of social media and just want to find a mate?

tinder picture tips

Do you use Tinder for dating?

Tinder comes to the rescue (and other applications, which are similar in principle). In fact, Tinder is a mixture of an application for dating and some kind of a social network (the latter is even more noticeable because you can link your account with Instagram). The principle of the application is that random people, unfamiliar with each other, exchange their likes, and only after the coincidence of likings they can communicate if they want. Let’s consider tinder profile picture tips now.

How To Take A Good Tinder Picture

The Smile. How to make a good picture for Tinder? If you can, pick a picture with your smiling face for the profile. A smiling person is trusted. Your smile will show women that you are not a wolf and you do not bite. It will tell that they can safely communicate with you.

The Clothes. Women, in contrast to men, thoroughly study what you are wearing. A negligent greasy T-shirt can permanently leave in the memory of a woman an image of a loose, ill-mannered person. Therefore, do not be lazy and take pictures in clean clothes. Not necessarily a suit, but pick something neat. Women really like home images of men in nice color sweaters, pullovers, sportswear.

The Background. How to take a good picture for Tinder? Get rid of all the off-site things when checking back and foreground. Do not load the picture of you cut out of a group picture, especially leaving a part of someone else's arm or leg. Most women have a negative attitude to such pictures. The background should be silent about your drawbacks. It is better to choose a special background. Great pictures are, usually, taken in the nature or during your vacation. The picture of the car with you standing next to it tells also nothing remarkable to a normal person, except the fact that you are showing off your car. However, if you want to attract a self-interested girl who laps your money up, then this method is good. Unfortunately, it will not help you find a decent life partner. After all, you are looking for someone who will be with you not only in joy but in sorrow... The right picture is the key to your success on Tinder.

Common Mistakes. Here are some of the most common mistakes that happen to Tinder users and which you should avoid if you want to find your love and become happy!

1. A half face picture. You may have a very handsome half face, but such pictures are not considered acceptable in the Tinder world, as well as in other apps and social network. Such an image may seem arrogant and show that a person is too immersed in you and engaged in narcissism.

2. Sunglasses on a Tinder profile picture for men. A picture in sunglasses shows that you are hiding your eyes, and this is not the best idea if you are looking for a date with that picture.

3. A picture in someone else's off-standard clothes. For example, if you wear T-shirts almost every day, and, when making the picture, decided to put on a suit, especially if the suit has the wrong size, this will be a disaster. It is much better if the picture looks natural, even if you are wearing a simple T-shirt.

tinder profile picture4. Too much Photoshop. Some people, especially those who are shy about their appearance, prefer to improve and correct their pictures with the help of software such as Photoshop and others. Of course, it's possible to remove the negative effects of red eyes with the help of an editor, but changing the shape of the nose, eyes, breast size, etc., is not the best idea for a Tinder profile picture. Be aware that any photoshopped picture is recognized easily and when it is recognized, the attitude towards you worsens immediately.

5. A poor quality picture. A low-resolution photo taken on a mobile phone or smartphone may be blurred when zoomed in.

6. A semi-nude picture. This applies to those who cannot boast of a beautiful body. Don’t show the drawbacks of your body.

7. A picture with another person. Except for the child next to you, all other photos with friends or colleagues will distract from your personality. If you are a woman and post photos with your girlfriends, then you can make a potential date get interested in one of your girlfriends instead. The same applies to men.

Tinder Profile Picture Tips

Do not post pictures:

  • If it shows your face only.
  • You are standing somewhere far away in the picture.
  • You are not in focus.
  • You have made a very serious face.
  • You are shot with another person.
  • The picture looks blurry. Even girls have already stopped using this boring effect.
  • Darkened photos, as well as photos where you are wearing glasses.
  • Black and white pictures are not welcome, as well.

Post these instead:

  • Take a picture that will include only you. The absence of strangers in the picture ensures that the viewer will not be distracted by somebody else.
  • Avoid exclusively portrait pictures.
  • In the picture you should look at the camera.
  • Smile naturally, but not faked.
  • It is not forbidden to use various picture editors to correct small defects of appearance like pimples or to correct brightness of a picture. But do not overdo it: of course, you should be perfect, but make sure that a stranger, having looked at your picture in Tinder, can recognize you later in the street.
  • Attach a certain message to the photo. Show that you are a stylish person, show that you travel a lot, or demonstrate your excellent fit body.

Your profile should have at least 3 pictures, where you are alone so that the girl understands who the owner is. A hot Tinder profile picture should include different looks of yours, so do not forget to change clothes. It is preferable to look past the lens as if the photo was made not on purpose. Smile or be serious - whatever is better for you. Best Tinder picture for guys are those which seem natural.

Here are some more Tinder picture tips… Show your advantages. Choose camera angles and clothes depending on your shape. If you are tall, take pictures at full height, if not, then preferably take a waist-high picture. The same applies to the presence/absence of muscles, fatness/leanness, etc. You might think that this move looks like a hoax, but you're just showing yourself from the best side to get the girls interested in you visually. They do the same things, by the way.

Show that you are active and versatile: post pictures from work, pictures from travels, pictures with animals, pictures in which you are busy with your hobbies.

Among Tinder profile picture tips, we emphasize the following one: it should be clear from your profile pic that you are an adequate person and it is safe to meet you for real.

Photo Set

Order a photo session! If you do not know how to pose, read articles, watch videos… In other words, invest in yourself. Ask the photographer to tell you how to hold your head, hands, etc. For a better result, choose a female photographer. And before that, it is also good to spend time on shopping with a stylist who will dress you so that other girls like.

tinder profile picture tipsSelfie

If you present yourself as a serious and successful (promising) man, then you should have photos taken by other people. Do not upload pictures in which you look like doing selfie. Do not put a picture taken in the mirror of the gym, elevator, selfie with a car (especially if it is not yours). The only acceptable option for selfie is a picture which does not look like selfie.

Old photos

It's great if you have good and/or professionally made photos, but if they are more than a couple of years, forget about them. Naturally, few people are subject to strong appearance changes over time. But imagine that you post a picture made 5 years ago. Now you wear a beard, the style of your clothing has changed, you look older, etc. It is likely that you will give false expectations.


Below the uploading button there is an option of linking the Instagram profile. It makes sense to connect it if you have a really good account with high-quality photos, mature subjects and a certain number of subscribers (at least> 100). Otherwise, upload several photos specifically selected for the profile in order to emphasize advantages and hide drawbacks.

Changing Profile Picture On Tinder - How To

The dating application Tinder was launched over three years ago and during this time more than 11 billion dates were held with its help around the world, says Business Insider. Shawn Red, the CEO of Tinder, shares a few tips of his own on how to make your Tinder profile picture attractive and popular.

Our data proves that if the photo shows your interests - for example, you skiing, or shows something about your personality, you will be more popular and get more suggestions to get acquainted. Just do not pretend to be somebody else. Let’s see what pictures have a high chance to spoil your profile. First of all, and this is quite obvious, these are fake photos, in which you are not really pictured, after all, at the first meeting, the deception will reveal itself. Posing as a top model also never works.

It's also not worth putting photos where you are in the company of friends and it's not clear who owns the profile. Now let’s see how to change Tinder picture. So, having registered on Tinder with Facebook, you get inside the application, which has 4 main screens: your profile, settings, search and chat.

Your profile will be formed from your name and age immediately below the main photo, the place of study (if it was specified on Facebook), the distance from other users, your bio (if you choose to specify it), common friends and interests. Common friends and interests are suggested by your profile on Facebook. You can edit your Tinder profile by selecting "View profile", "Edit information". Add your bio (no more than 500 characters), add a photo, change the place of work if desired, or edit the place of study - all can be done only through your Facebook. Turn on and off the function "Show my Instagram pictures", make sure that the sex is selected correctly.

The main picture is always a picture from Facebook, which can be uploaded from any albums created there. The rest of the pictures can be added, both from the phone and from your Instagram. In order to add or delete a picture, click the icon in the upper left corner, select "View Profile", "Edit Profile". Now you can add new photos and delete existing ones. To display a photo from your Instagram, scroll down and select "Enable" under "Show My Instagram Pictures". You can disable this feature at any time. If you follow the advice described above, you can interest and pull out the girls you really like.

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