The world is full of diversities. You may never know what other people like and think about. And when it comes to women, you may never know exactly what’s happening in their minds – women are terrific creatures! You may hear and encounter numerous stereotypical opinions about female preferences related to men’s merits. Of course, if a stereotype exists – it always contains bits of truth. However, it’s also a huge generalization, which somewhat misrepresents the reality. What we are going to talk about may likewise sound like a generalization, yet we will do our best to take it as close to the reality as possible.


What do women like in men? The precise answer would change our lives significantly and irreversibly. It would be much simpler to win a heart of any woman in the world. However, it is not even virtually possible to uncover this secret. Interestingly, such preferences remarkably alter from one culture to another, and that’s why it get so complicated to research this topic. To simplify our assignment, we are going to focus our attention on Slavic women (Russian girls in particular). Slavic culture is overly peculiar – you might find the preferences of these girls quite unusual. We really hope it will help you become the man of Russian girl’s dreams!

1. Manliness

No matter how obvious it might sound to the vast majority of men, the other part of guys assumes it’s not that important. If you can relate to the latter opinion, you have zero chances to make a Russian girl fall for you. Russian culture is a rather traditionalistic phenomenon. Therefore, gender roles are precise as they are determined by ten centuries of cultural development. What’s more, the sexual revolution had not affected Russian women as much as it did in the Western world. It does not make these girls worse – it helps them stand out as unique females. That is why these girls still highly value manliness. They believe that this quality determines a real man, which is perfectly understandable. You should never forget about chivalry and respect. At this point, Slavic girls are no different from Western girls – they demand respectful approach towards everyone in general (well, everyone that deserves to be approached respectfully) and to themselves in particular. Note that manliness has nothing to do with stereotypical mannish rudeness and indifference!

2. Assertiveness

Once again, Russians see gender roles in quite a traditionalistic way. The issue of who should make the first move and who should simply “acquire” and “agree” has never been more noticeable in the world as it is now. But when it comes to Russian girls, the answer is nearly always the same – a man makes the first move. You should ask her out and think about all the details while she’s too shy to approach men (or she just acts so, but a rule is a rule). When you become a couple, she will take much initiative to develop your relationship, but now that you have just met – it’s totally up to you. To enhance the effect, you may also use statements instead of questions to ask a Russian girl out on a date. Such formulas as “I would love to spend this evening with you” indicate both your appreciation and self-assurance.

3. Family-oriented attitude

It’s no secret that Russian women are all about starting a family and having children. Slavic cultures are overly oriented on reproduction and maintenance of a healthy offspring. As well, the ideology of the Soviet Union was focused on the family as the main material for the development of society (on contrary to the Western world that praises individuality). No matter how successful the realization of this idea was but it somehow found its place in the minds of the new generation of Russian women. They don’t just look for love (although they do need attention and care!) – they indeed seek a man that will become a great life partner and a caring father. Therefore, if one of your life goals is to start a family – a Russian woman is the best choice for you.

4. Intelligence

You might have noticed that no qualities on this list are genetically determined. It’s all about your personality. Russian girls don’t really have particular preferences when it comes to men’s physical appearance (do not think that you can look horrible and forget about hygiene – it never works with women). They focus their attention on the qualities that make you unique. Finally yet importantly, Russian women highly appreciate intelligent men – for numerous reasons. They can keep the conversation going, they love their jobs, they know how to live their lives, they know good humor, and counting. This woman will only feel happy with a smart man. Russian women often say that a brain is man’s sexiest organ – and we find this idea totally relatable.

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