Do you know why most men are doomed to failure when it comes to online dating? Because most of us do not know how to communicate at all. We are so in a hurry to please the girl that we start pouring on her the streams of boasting and false compliments. Any girl who uses online dating sites undergoes such attacks several times a day. All of them are similar to each other, like two drops of water - a boring list of own merits from the men and an inept imitation of the Don Juan image. In our guide on how to talk to girls, we’ll tell you how not to be like everyone else. Hone your skills of communication with girls online and conquer the vastness of the Internet - not in your own dreams, but in reality!

how to talk to girls online

What do Girls Like to Talk About

Most guys want to know what to talk about with girls. On the one hand, it seems that you should talk about those things that are of interest to women. But this is only partly true. In fact, it's important to dwell on any topic, if only you know how to communicate in the right way. And then you can start to learn what girls like to talk about.

In other words, if you do not realize how to build a conversation in such a way that a woman likes your style, the manner of speaking, and not the very flow of words from your lips, then what you are saying will not matter because in this case you will not cause an interest in a girl and she will not feel anything about you.

The question of “how to speak” includes but is not limited to the following:

  • your body language;
  • eye contact;
  • bold and funny style of establishing close contact;
  • flirting;
  • sending ambiguous messages;
  • directing the conversation in the right channel;
  • ability to talk on general topics;
  • and many other things.

From our point of view, if you often come across the situation of "awkward silence" (read: stupor), in this case, you first need to practice the question “how to speak”, and not “things to talk about with girls”. How to practice it? Only by experience! With real girls in the real world or talk to girls online. In fact, online is even preferable, since it implies compliance with all conventions and is a less stressful way of communication.

So what to talk to girls about?

On this occasion, it is appropriate to say that there are several topics that are common for discussion with different girls. But instead of just listing them to you, we want to ask you to think about each topic for a minute. What topics do girls like to talk about? Here's a hint: glossy magazines, romantic novels, soap operas, psychological dramas, fashion, etc. If you think about the reasons for this state of affairs a little, you will understand that the answer is quite obvious.

It all boils down to the fact that girls tend to talk and think about love. Their favorite topics are:

  • dramas;
  • scandals;
  • novels;
  • the lives of remarkable people.

Think about how easy it is to enjoy a conversation with a girl about these topics. Here are a few ideas of how to talk to girls on Facebook or in real life.

how to talk to girlsBecome an amateur psychologist, analyzing the actions of pop stars. Talk to the girl about how someone famous did something really stupid and psychoanalyze the actions of this person. For example, during his lifetime, Michael Jackson had a two hundred millionth debt. Even though his annual income was about twenty million dollars, he managed to throw money with both hands. He spent a lot of time and money on plastic surgery to whiten the skin ... Rumor has it, he spent a lot more money to blacken the skin when filming his new video, where he had to play a black man.

Discussion of such a topic will reduce the risk of falling into a communicative stupor to 0. Of course, this scenario is most relevant when you have already had time to talk a little and ask each other formal questions.

Talk to the girl about the love stories of other people. Talk about what has to be overcome by young lovers in order to find happiness with each other. Offer your hypotheses as to what can end this or that love story - the girls are very fond of this thing.

Think about your old friend, who broke up with his better half because she began to gain weight and then put forward the theory that all fat women are lesbians. You can say any nonsense, the main thing is that she likes it and feels relaxed. Try to find out which topic is closest to your companion and talk more about this topic. During a conversation about something, you can in parallel find out other topics that the lady likes. You can enhance your attractiveness if you know what to talk about. The main task is to find out during the conversation what issues are vitally important for her.

How to Talk to Girls on Tinder

No platitudes at the beginning of the conversation! Avoid template greetings - they scare away absolutely everyone, not just girls. Spend a few minutes studying the profile of another user to find common interests or topics for conversation. For example, if a girl has a picture where she is swimming underwater - ask what are her most favorite places for diving. This will be a great hook for the future extended and interesting conversation. The right start of the conversation is very important if you want to learn how to talk to girls online.

Do not neglect grammar - check all your messages for errors before you’ll talk to sexy girls. If you think that such a thing as spelling does not excite girls, then you are very much mistaken. Girls do not like to communicate with uneducated people who do not pay attention to the culture of speech. If you immediately recommend yourself as an illiterate person, it will be very difficult for you to correct this in the future.

At first, do not ask too personal questions. Your main task now is to learn as much information about her interests as possible. Otherwise, you will not be able to build productive and lively communication. Ask her about what she is passionate about, why she likes doing this and so on. Behave yourself as naturally as possible. You should create an atmosphere in which the girl will feel as relaxed as possible. So as if she is communicating with an old friend.

Do not hesitate to make compliments. This does not mean that you should start praising the fictitious external virtues of a girl you have never seen. Start with something more simple and natural. For example, say that you get a real pleasure from your communication.

Communicate in a playful manner. Tease each other - you are both living people who like to communicate with each other. Think of a funny (but not insulting) nickname for your companion and let her do the same for you. The main thing is not to overdo it. If you are not sure that your companion will correctly perceive your humor, it is better to refrain from joking. It's very foolish to tell a person that you just joked and did not want to hurt them. This means that you do not have the best sense of humor or your interlocutor has problems with self-irony - both options are undesirable for you.

How to Talk to Girls on Snapchat

Empty and banal messages do not work. Avoid any nonsense like "hello, how are you?" and so on. Your messages should make sense. This does not mean that you have to write philosophical tracts instead of just talking to a girl. It means that you should make her interested. If you decided to start a conversation with discussing the weather, do it so that you have fun. Use humor - this is your best friend, which will help establish contact with anyone.

Talk about your true interests. It's strange why most guys try to poach someone's hobbies. Isn’t it easier to talk about what actually is interesting for you? Forget that "on the other side of the Internet" there is a girl. Imagine that this is your bosom friend. What do you like to talk about? How is your conversation going? Do all the same. Remember which sites you are reading. Remember what you like to watch on TV. Discuss this with the girl. It's very simple, man. Do not complicate things.

how to talk to girls on FacebookBe the one who makes her laugh. To do this, absolutely everything is suitable. You can think up some comic story with your participation and give it away for real. You can retell someone's joke and pretend that it's yours. By the way, high-quality communication in Snapchat is impossible without efforts from both sides. If you did not get the most talkative girl, whatever you do, you probably will not succeed.

If you do everything you can, but she keeps silent - just find another girl. Do not waste your time and effort in vain.

So, the main thing while communicating with a girl on Snapchat is to show her your personality. You have to get her attention and then hold it. The best thing you can do for this (it is to become Ryan Gosling, haha) is to use humor and honestly talk about yourself. Only in this case, there will be magic between you.

How to Talk Dirty to Girls

If you do not know how to do it correctly, dirty little words, suddenly pronounced in bed, can scare, unpleasantly surprise or insult your untrained girlfriend. Say some vulgarity at the wrong time - and her mood will deteriorate, like the thirty-three virgins cited in the ancient Aztec ritual. And even if you say vulgarity not in bed but online - it can also spoil everything. But the risk is a noble business! And if you do everything right, then your sex will be closer than you could have dreamed of.

Firstly, it does not matter what you say, only how and when you say it matters. There is no need to write dialogues from porn films, and then rehearse this speech in front of the mirror. It is much more important and cooler if you say what you have in mind so that everyone is comfortable. In the end, until the single international vocabulary "Call me a bitch", which provides universal phrasal preparations will be created, focus on your stream of consciousness, filtering it, adjusting to the situation.

The easiest way to start a dirty conversation is to voice what you want to do with her, well, or what she should do to you. You do not have to puzzle over the creative approach and invent the wheel. You just give a command, for example: "I want your mouth to be around my penis" or "Stand by the window. I want to fuck you there. "

Dude, if your girlfriend has a tremendous ass, or she is fluent in the technique of deep blowjob, do not skimp on compliments. Your admiration and excitement caused by the girl will act on her like a red rag on a bull. In a good way, of course. Plus, this is a great start for the beginning and development of erotic dialogues or monologues, for example: "Your amazing legs look perfect on my shoulders" or "You feel so hot and good".

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