What do women expect from sex? This question has been bothering men for quite a long time. Every girl, even modest one, has her own desires and fantasies. Often, these desires are vague and hard to understand, but they still have some basic outlines. Here are a couple of things your girlfriend (probably) always wanted to try.

what is female sexuality

Top facts about female sexuality

Women’s desires depend on their sexuality. But what is female sexuality? Well, first of all, you should know that it has nothing to do with seduction or attractiveness. It comes from within, and the man reads it unconsciously. Sexy girls always get the most of guys’ attention and compliments. These 9 facts will help you figure out what lies behind this phenomenon.

Fact 1: The first look effect

Usually, 10-15 seconds is enough for men to assess the woman's sexuality and her expectations towards her companion. This happens automatically, on a subconscious level. And at this moment, the woman knows that the man reads her.

Fact 2: Choose me

During the first seconds, the girl is already giving signals about how much she’s interested in the man. With her gestures and facial expressions, she shows whether she’s an “easy prey” or not. She’s also trying to figure out if she’s interesting to the man as a potential sexual partner. Yes, women assess men, and this fact is important for understanding female sexuality.

Fact 3: Women's sexuality and self-confidence

It would seem that these two traits have nothing in common. But in fact, the first comes directly from the second! Female sexuality is impossible without confidence in one’s attractiveness. It doesn’t mean that a woman is so confident in her beauty that she doesn’t even look after herself. A woman, confident in her attractiveness, always draws men’s attention. If a girl doesn’t believe in her attractiveness, her sexuality will never show itself.

Fact 4: Age and female sexuality

Young ladies believe that youth is their most important asset in the battle for men's hearts. In fact, youth doesn’t affect the sexual attractiveness of a woman or her sexuality. Sometimes it happens that with age, a woman gets rid the problems associated with the development of her sexuality, and her life changes dramatically.

myths about female sexualityFact 5: Beauty standards and sexuality

There are a lot of myths about female sexuality, telling that this trait is closely connected with beauty. But in fact, there are thousands of examples that show how wrong these myths are. External beauty doesn’t affect true sexual attractiveness in any way. On the other hand, women’s ability to accept some shortcomings and stay positive, no matter how pretty a woman is, only emphasizes the unusual charm that comes from within.

Fact 6: I love myself

Many of us have been told that loving yourself too much is bad. But the fact that you can enjoy caring for yourself remains a mystery for all. “Enjoy yourself” – this is the greatest secret of female sexuality.

Fact 7: You can’t make me do what I don’t want

Sometimes guys try to get a quick sex from girls, motivating this by simply saying that they need it. But they don’t always get it. Because a truly sexy woman who knows what she’s worth will never share a bed with someone if she doesn’t want it. You can seduce her, awakening her desire, but it is impossible to force her to have sex with you. The ability to resist is a secret weapon of female sexuality. That’s the difference between male and female sexuality in the bedroom: a man is more willing to have sex with the girl if she pushes on him.

Fact 8: With or without you

A woman that knows how to show her man that she can live happily without him is a sexy woman. Nothing turns men on better than a woman who shows sympathy for him but, at the same time, says “I’m good. I’ll be fine with or without you.” Yes, a sexy woman knows how to live and enjoy life and herself.

Fact 9: It's easy and natural

Have you ever thought about controlling your breath? Try to focus on this and count your inhales and exhales. It’s likely that you’ll lose your breath. That’s almost exactly what happens when a girl, who has problems with her sexuality, tries to show it to everyone. In other words, the more they want to show off, the worse the result is. Women’s sexuality is natural, like breathing. If a woman removes everything that blocks it, it will show itself in the right way.

What women really want in bed

Girls have a lot of secret desires, and they’re waiting until someone brings them to life. Some of them are too bold to tell about them directly: you must guess yourself. But making her sexual fantasies come true without these desires is impossible, so you need to help your partner with this. Here’s what you need to know to start. Alright, what do women want in bed?

What girls want from sex and aren’t ashamed to say

Girls like to have a sweet chat after sex. And given that it’s not easy for them to tell you about their secret desires, you should carefully listen to your loved one to learn a couple of them.

1) A bit of aggression under the blanket. Sometimes girls like doing it rough. This really can revive your sex life. We’re not talking about being aggressive in bed all the time, but it worth trying sometimes.

2) Undress her slowly. Women love when everything goes slowly and smoothly, even when it comes to undressing. They want to enjoy every moment.

3) A little passion. It’s no secret that all girls dream of romance, candlelight, and passionate compliments, and you shouldn’t forget about such trifles. Let it be your small foreplay.

4) Be open to her. All women dream to get to her partner’s secret desires, and that’s what women want to hear in bed. The more you’re open with your partner, the more frank she’ll be with you.

5) Concentrate on the whole body. Often, guys concentrate only on the most intimate parts of the body, and that’s a mistake. When it comes to pleasure, it's worth paying attention to all the spots you can get to.

6) More oral sex. Often men ignore or forget about oral sex. But this is what girls love most. Oral sex is a crucial part of a passionate, romantic relationship.

7) Be demanding. Most women don’t like the idea of being the one who’s in charge. They always want men to take everything into their own hands.

8) She likes your sexual stories. Girls like to listen to some “dirty” stories and intimate desires of their partners. So tell her about yours.

what women want to hear in bedWhat women want in bed but never say

Some guys willingly deprive themselves of the best sexual pleasure in their life just because they think that such bold fantasies go beyond the bounds of decency, but in fact, a lot of girls can’t wait until their partner decides to try something forbidden. These are 9 things women want in bed but are too embarrassed to admit it. It’s time to show some initiative.

1) Sex with blindfolds. Being unable to see what you’re doing to her will turn her on and sharpen her feelings. The same goes for you. The only thing that should be noted is that it’s better to go for such experiments with someone you can really trust.

2) Handcuffs. On you. No girl will say it aloud, but tying and putting handcuffs on the partner in bed gives them confidence that everything is in their hands. Let your partner be in charge at least once.

3) Be closer. Do not be shy to show your emotions to her. Girls like sensual and sensitive guys.

4) Sexual role play. She definitely won’t refuse if you ask her to be a sexual doctor or a strict teacher (or someone not so banal). It's never too late to try on a new personality.

5) Dirty words. Many girls want to hear a couple of rough, dirty words from their partners during sex. Try it sometimes.

6) Threesome. Before making such a huge step in the sexual relationship, you need to discuss the details with your girlfriend. It’s not one of the most popular things women want men to do in bed.

7) Watching porn. Yes, girls also watch porn. Moreover, they have nothing against playing with themselves in the process.

8) Change of scene. Got bored of sex in the bedroom? There are a lot of variants - kitchen, bathroom or even public places. The adrenalin will drive her crazy!

9) Pay more attention to foreplay. Don’t rush things! Tantric sex is based on the belief that sexual intercourse should turn into a kind of meditation, during which both partners care about how to bring each other as much pleasure as possible. You still have so much to learn! Don’t be afraid to make the foreplay a bit longer. After all, you have plenty of time.

Do these desires apply to all age groups? If not, what do older women want in bed, then? Well, the answer to the first question is yes. As for the second one, with age, women’s desire to experiment gets even stronger.

Do women want to be dominated in bed?

There is an opinion that all women are tender, weak, and want a man to dominate in bed. Now, that’s a big mistake. Each woman expects completely different actions from the partner. It all depends on her psychological type.

Before saying that all women want to be dominated in bed, let’s take a look at different female types. There are four of them - two dominant ones (a mother and aggressive type) and two subordinate ones (a daughter and passive-subordinate type). Women of the dominant type prefer to be leaders in bed. They’re bold, sometimes even rough. They want to control the situation. A mother has a weakness for losers, as she looks for someone to 'cared for' and 'teach' in bed. Men’s lack of confidence and weakness turns her on. She wants to protect him in bed, teach and show how to do things right. A man should be gentle and obedient. A woman of an aggressive type may even prefer sadism and sex games. In order to please such women, one must be obedient and quiet and do everything exactly as the dominant partner says. Sex must be bold, tough, perhaps even rough sometimes, but on her part. A man should stay in the role of a victim. He has no right to argue with his mistress.

Women of the subordinate type are too affectionate. They’re waiting for actions from the partner. A woman of the passive-subordinate type wants to drown her loved one’s caresses; he must show his power. Sometimes she wants brutality and cruelty from a man. A daughter often looks for an older man. She appreciates the experience. Tender caresses and gentle whisperings in the ear will bring her pleasure she never felt before. At the same time, she wants to feel weak, defenseless, just like a little girl in the arms of a strong man.

Of course, the boundaries of what is appropriate and what’s not are too blurred to tell what your partner really wants from you. There are no women who would like to try everything from our list. But still, the female character always requires something new, and you need to satisfy its demands if you want to please her. So, first, find out what exactly your lady wants. Experiment with your loved one, learn her body language and don’t be scared to talk about your fantasies. The main thing is not to turn your sex life into a routine.

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