Every Russian woman loves romance and expects that a man will ask her out to some romantic place. While most Russian men lack imagination and often neglect the importance of the first date venue, you should be more creative deciding where to take your Russian girl. Consider the following suggestions and choose the most attractive one.

Themed restaurant or café.

Most Russian girls don’t go to the restaurants very frequently and if you ask her to the fanciest restaurant in the city, she may feel very uncomfortable there. You should choose the place with a more casual atmosphere. Small cafes are pretty popular in Russia but they can be crowded in the evening and the noisy environment can spoil the romance of your first rendezvous. There is a good option: cozy themed restaurants. They have the romantic interior or some original setting that creates a certain mood. Another good alternative is a restaurant or café with the live music; it creates an intimate ambiance. Since most of the Russian women prefer national cuisine followed by the Italian one, it’s not advisable to order some exotic meals such as oysters or other shellfish. It’s likely that a girl that is not used to eating such food will be confused looking at a weird stuff on her plate. To avoid any awkward moments order something that she’d like to eat.


There are a lot of parks in Russian big cities and, at least, one in each small town. The first dates are usually a chance to get to know each other better so communication is always an integral part of it. Parks will make a good outdoor venue for the first date. However, a stroll in the park should be combined with visiting some other place where you can sit, relax, and have a good talk. Check the weather forecast to make sure the day will be appropriate for walking outside. Also, don’t walk for too long because your date will show up wearing high heels so she’ll get tired soon. Very often, parks are full of street musicians who can add more romance to your date.


There is not a single person who wouldn’t be charmed by the starry sky. The problem of a big city is that people can’t enjoy the blinking stars in the night sky at full because of the city lights. There is still an opportunity to contemplate it in the planetarium. It’s a very romantic place for your first date that your Russian girl will remember.

Hot-air balloon.

Want both a romantic and extreme date? Moreover, you know that she dreams to balloon one day. Surprise her and make her dream come true during your first date. It will be the most romantic date that she won’t ever forget. Take a bottle of champagne or good wine to celebrate your first date high in the sky.

Master class.

Taking a one-hour class has become very popular these days. You can try your hand at anything you are interested in. Cooking, drawing, pottery, or even embroidery – choose something that is new for both of you and learn to do that together. It’s advisable to choose the class after which you get a certificate or the result of your endeavors (for example, a clay pot or a drawing), in other words, something that will remind you about your first date.

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