Many Russian women want to move abroad searching for new lives and new impressions outside the borders of their country. Some of them think that there is paradise and everything is much better than at home. Others believe that their children (already born or future) can grow there and develop better than in Russia. Another part of them wants to move because abroad they are more appreciated as professionals. A number of women are disappointed with life in their homeland and want to try to build a new life overseas. And this is not the full list of reasons.


Personal Happiness of Russian Ladies

For some reason, it is commonly believed that if a man is a foreigner, he is necessarily rich, and if such a man marries a woman, then she doesn’t have to work.

Careless life

Many girls from Russia dream of such a husband and imagine how carefree their future lives will be.

They think that they will live in luxurious houses with swimming pools, lawns, and beautiful flowers, ride expensive cars, buy everything they want without counting a penny. About 50% of young women dream of a beautiful life with a rich foreigner.

Caring husband

If you are looking for Russian women for dating, you should know that some of them consider foreigners more responsible. Any woman hopes to create a friendly family. In addition, she wants a good future for her children. She wants to give them an excellent education that is much more affordable abroad. Many women don’t want to give birth to children in the country with beggarly living conditions, low salaries, and inaccessible to ordinary people higher education.

Some women had a bad personal life. Some are just tired of their husbands addicted to alcohol, so they hope to meet a good decent man in a foreign country.


Dating Russian women, don’t forget that they rely on stability. They want to have decent living conditions and the opportunity to travel around the world. They are tired of surviving and the constant fear of losing their jobs. The lack of money affects family relations.

A large percentage of women move to other countries to earn money for their children. After several years there, they don’t want to return to their homeland so they marry foreigners.

What They Have to Face

In fact, if a woman decides to take such an important step and buys a one-way ticket, then she goes through several standard stages of adaptation which is almost impossible to avoid. It is impossible to say that immigration is very beneficial, but it can’t be said that there are minuses only. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages.


1. Cultural exchange

You experience new emotions, impressions, and the connection with people. People exchange experiences, communicate, and get acquainted. When people change the environment, they learn many things and re-estimate their lives.

2. Quality education

Quality education opens up great prospects. Education is cheaper or even free in many countries. There is a possibility of getting a scholarship.

3. Good husbands

Russian women feel the grateful and respectful attitude of a spouse. Of course, a marriage with a foreigner doesn’t guarantee this for 100%, but most normal men appreciate that a woman agreed to leave her home and moved to another country.


1. Language

At first, she feels like a small, helpless child without the knowledge of a language. Even a little trifle may cause a lot of problems.

2. Climate

It may seem like a plus for someone, for others – a minus, but the climate plays a big role for us, especially if we move across the ocean. Therefore, if a woman is going to live abroad, she should find out more about the country.

3. Homesickness

Many girls sincerely believe that everything is fine abroad and they rush there even without thinking out well. But it is not easy to get used to the new conditions, especially if a relationship with a husband doesn’t develop the way she wants. Therefore, women are advised not to rush to marry and move. It is better to think about everything a little longer, visit a country at least several times, get to know the chosen place better and only then decide on a serious step.

As you can see, there are actually a number of factors that are worth paying attention to. In any case, you need to enjoy life wherever you are!

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