What do people do on dates? Apart from having fun, they communicate trying to get to know each other and understand how much they have in common. If you manage to keep up an interesting and solid conversation, you’ll demonstrate your communication skills and find out a lot about your Russian date. The ability to interact with the opposite sex is an art but everyone can master it. You just need to know how to behave, what to say and ask, and which questions to avoid in order not to put your foot in it. As a man, you’re expected to introduce topics and keep the ball rolling. Here are some tips for you to get the most out of your first date.

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Start off on the right foot

The first step is always the hardest. The same can be said about the first words you say to a woman on your first date. Whether it’s your real-life date or your first online video chat, you need to start it with something nice that will set the tone for your conversation. It should be something simple like “I’m so happy to see you”.

Another great way to get it started is to compliment her. Say how you like her dress, accessory, or perfume – it will boost her confidence. Try to avoid general compliments and focus on something more precise – this will show that you’re attentive and creative.

Asking about her day is a universal conversation starter and a very effective one. As a result, you express your interest in her life, give her an opportunity to talk, and learn something new about her.

If you asked her to a restaurant or some unusual place, tell her why you chose this very venue. Maybe, it’s your favorite place or you like it for the live music or cozy interior. You may also comment on something you see around you and tell a story connected with it.

Topics to bring up

Once you strike up a conversation, it’s important to keep it going. Don’t talk about yourself all the time but make sure that your interaction is a two-way street. Here are some universal subjects that you can discuss with your date.

Interests and passions

People like talking about the things they are good at and that make them happy. Ask your date about her hobbies or how she spends her free time. If you read her profile and know about her interests, talk about them. In return, tell her about your passions. This exchange of information will help you get to know each other better and give you an idea of what kind of person your date is.


We all think about our future and have a lot of dreams. Of course, you want to know about your girlfriend’s plans, so don’t hesitate to ask. If she is a student, ask her whether she likes her future profession and whether she wants to make a career in that field. Reflect on how you picture your life in 5 or 10 years. Knowing each other’s aspirations, you’ll see whether you look in the same direction.

Travel experiences

You should keep a positive and easy-going atmosphere throughout the date that’s why the topics you touch upon should be connected with something pleasant. If you travel a lot, share some funny stories that happened to you during your trips. Ask your woman about her travel experiences. In case she has never left her country, ask her where she’d like to go and what her favorite countries or cities are.

Childhood memories

Generally, it’s a very good topic to discuss because our childhood is the happiest time of our lives. If her childhood wasn’t that happy, just change the subject. But if you see that she’s enthusiastic about this matter, ask her about the most vivid memory from her childhood. This topic is closely connected with your families so you’ll get a chance to learn about her nearest and dearest in passing.


Is she a cat person or a dog person? It’s time to talk about your pets. But don’t introduce this topic all of a sudden (the same as any of the above-mentioned ones). Something should prompt you to it. For example, a passer-by with a dog. If you have some photos of your pet you may show them your woman. Remember the name of her cat or hamster and mention it during your next date or chat – she’ll know you were attentive.


People tend to prefer one thing over the other and this is how we form our preferences and ideals. Get to know your woman’s favorite band, singer, movie, dish, color, city, etc. Tell her about your inclinations. It may turn out that your tastes are very similar. However, don’t worry if some of your preferences differ. It’s absolutely OK as long as you’re on the same page about major things.

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