If you are here, on MeetWife.com, you probably know what you look for. Russian girls have recently become one of the trendiest in the world. Yes, people on the Internet sometimes suggest they are just gold-diggers and look for decent men to get away from Russia, which is totally unsuitable to live in. However, the reality has nothing to do with these pitiful assumptions. Russian girls indeed can make perfect wives and life companions – and we have some real reviews from our users to prove our words. Of course, the names of our heroes are changed to prevent unwanted reactions. But the stories they told us are 100% true. And you will perhaps strongly relate to one of these stories.


Peter, 38, New Zealand:

“Before I met Kathrine (or Katya, she likes me to call her this way), I had had a very difficult divorce. My previous wife devoured every second of my life and I felt a huge void inside after we broke up. It was a rather depressive phase. By far, I did not want any serious relationships – or any relationship at all. Friends were trying to help me, and when I rejected another invitation to bar, one of them literally forced me to sign in on MeetWife.com, assuming that it would help me relieve. And, surprisingly, he was right. Katherine was one of the first girls I’ve seen in the catalog – and her eyes seemed so sincere and kind. She came to Oakland in several months after we had started communicating. I feel terrifically happy with her, and I think she does so, too.”

This story reveals one of the most significant features of Russian girls – they are able to brighten your life up with their presence in it. Your old dating disasters will seem like a nightmare after you meet one of these cheerful and enthusiastic girls. They are not afraid of obstacles; melancholy and disappointments do not frighten them. Just as the storyteller, you will feel exceedingly happy with a Russian girl.

Barnaby, 30, Australia:

“Everything was going absolutely fine; my career was escalating rapidly, it was more like launching a rocket than climbing stairs. And everything could be even better! But eventually, I felt that my life is not complete without family. But I really don’t have enough time for meeting random people as my business would consume and destroy itself without me. I got a membership on a Russian dating site without any special expectations. But who knew that these girls would turn out to be that attractive. The girl we really clicked with has a rather strange name – Lyudmila. It was hard for me to pronounce so she told I could call her Luda, which is fine, I guess. But the most exciting fact is that she wants to have family and children (even though she’s only 21)! I can scarcely reckon a girl in Melbourne that wants to be a mother in her early 20-s.”

Russian girls are family-oriented. It helps them stand out of a number of other girls. And, of course, they love children. Bringing up a kid in Russia is not a burden. It’s the greatest gift of nature and the main purpose of life. Likewise, Russian girls make great mothers and wives. With their loyalty and housekeeping skills, you have little chances to find a better spouse.

Craig, 34, US:

Finding a woman for marriage wasn’t much of a need. I actually heard that Russian girls are one of the most attractive in the world. However, the trouble is – I am a widower with a 5-year-old daughter. I’ve been to numerous dates and I never tried to cover the fact that I was married and have a child. In the end, it makes no sense at all. I did not look for hookups; it was a lot of fun when I was 25. I looked for the one to share my feelings with. I met a girl named Alexandra and she didn’t mind that I had a kid. In fact, it was even good for her because she wanted to dedicate several years to her artistic career and giving birth was not really a part of her life plans. We are together for two years and I’m quite sure we are true soulmates.”

Aside from being good mothers and wives, Russian girls have career ambitions and various hobbies. They are brainy! Isn’t it nice when a girl can keep the conversation going? You will probably need to overcome the language barrier. But it’s not a big trouble when both of you eagerly want to be together.

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