When we fall for some person, we always wonder whether it’s reciprocal. In those situations we often regret we’re not clairvoyants who can read other people’s thoughts. Russian girls tend to conceal what they really feel about a man at the beginning of their relationships to keep the mystery. This uncertainty is very confusing and men start looking for the ways to find out whether a girl feels like going out with them or they have no chances to be with her. Fortunately, there are some ways of revealing your girl’s attitude towards you. Some aspects of her conduct as well as particular body language signs can be indicative of how she feels about you. Those signs are especially visible during live communication in person when you can see her, hear her speak, and watch how she reacts at your words. However, if your communication is yet indirect, that is via messages online or you talk by the phone, there some signs signaling her interest in you or her indifference to everything you do. Here are some tips that will help you unravel her attitude and intentions towards you both before you meet in real life and when you actually go out.

The signs of the pre-dating stage

It’s possible to realize whether she feels something for you or, at least, interested in you even at your online dating stage. Pay attention to how and how quickly she replies. If she keeps you waiting answering your question or her reply is dry and laconic, obviously, she is either really bad at typing or she’s not interested in communicating with you. By doing so, she may also try to let you know that she is not in a mood of chatting with you. However, if her replies are lengthy and substantial, even if you have to wait for them for some time, that means she really cares. Moreover, if she likes and comments your posts and photos, it also indicates her interest in your personality.

Another sign that shows she is attracted to you is the level of intimacy and sincerity between you two. If she shares her thoughts and dreams with you or tells you about her family, it means that you mean something to her and that she trusts you. The more frank and open a girl is communicating with you, the more chances she is into you.

We always find the time to see or to chat with the ones who are important for us no matter how busy we are. If your online date states it clearly that she doesn’t want to chat or meet you in person, that’s actually so. However, if she gives an adequate explanation why and offers to do that later, she’s still interested in you not less than you are in her.

The indicators during your dating stage

Russian girls may seem pretty reserved when it comes to expressing their feeling. They need some time to get to know you and start trusting you before they can voice how they feel about you. It’s totally understandable that you want to know whether she is interested in you as soon as possible. You can be sure that she’s attracted to you if she is talkative and open while communicating with you.

Still, the most conspicuous indicator of her attitude towards you is her body language that can reveal what she really thinks being on a date with you.

  • Look her in the eyes.

The pupils of our eyes dilate when we are in a stressful situation (date) or near a person whom we are attracted to.

  • Watch the way she sits.

Her posture will tell you much about her attitude to you. If she sits in an open position and her knees or feet are pointed at you, that the sign that she is focused on you.

  • Pay attention to her accidental touches.

A great sign of affection is a physical contact. If she accidentally touches you while she laughs or plays with a button on your coat, she has definitely fallen for you.

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