Very often it turns to be difficult to find your partner, whom you would like to spend the whole life with. There can be sympathies and flirt, passion and impulse but not exactly love. People used to spend years trying to find HIM or HER. Nowadays modern technologies simplified our life. And this sphere is not an exception. You are able to find a girl via the Internet and start communicating with her.


Why you should be interested in Russian women

You are anxious about the question “how to meet a Russian woman”. While people may ask you why she should be a Russian girl. Some of your friends may even wonder why you have decided to meet a Russian girl if there are a lot of beautiful girls in your own country. In fact, even the Russian woman whom you will meet online will ask you why you are into Russian women. There are some reasons that explain such a choice of many men.

  • Women from Russia are also smart and intelligent. They give high importance to education. If you take a look at the profiles of Russian women on the dating sites, you will see that most of them have college degrees. This is because, in Russia, education is one of the main priorities.

  • Russian women are among the most loyal of all women. When they decide that they want to settle down with a man and have a family, it would take a serious situation to make them change their minds. When a Russian woman knows what she wants, she will do her best to keep it – that includes nurturing and protecting the relationship and doing what she can to make her man happy. This is one of the greatest reasons to date a Russian woman.

  • If you are planning on having a family and are waiting for the perfect person to come along, Russian women might be wonderful for you. The reason to marry a Russian woman is that most Russian women want to have families and they are wonderful mothers and wives. As mothers, they are patient, loving, caring and kind. While some women are more career-oriented, Russian women enjoy being mothers and wives – and nothing will come before them. So to marry a Russian girl is like killing a jackpot.


Where to seek Russian women for dating and relationships

Most men try to go out at night in order to find a Russian girl – both relationship material as well as ‘pleasure material’. And no wonder that these girls only look for money and pleasure. Truth and sincerity are easier to find throughout the day, your chances of finding a good, attractive woman are much higher than at night.

Here are some of the best popular places to meet Russian women throughout the day:

Sports classes

Women love to do sports – no matter if it’s dancing, volleyball, yoga or whatever. You will find plenty of interesting women attending such classes and the great thing about it is, in most cases there is no competition from other men and it’s so easy to start a conversation.


When looking for a café to meet women in, you should try to look for one without single tables, otherwise you will have to walk up to her table in order to engage her. For many guys this takes too much courage.


These are a horrible place to flirt as you need to be absolutely silent, but it’s a great place to meet women in the first place, and mostly they are students.


It’s common to find a Russian woman in a sport gym. Since most gyms offer classes, there are not just anabolic guys running around in their short panties; you will also see plenty of attractive women there. To meet girls at the gym is one of my favorite spots as it’s a no-brainer to engage them in conversation.

There are different ways to find a Russian girl. The best one is to use dating agencies. Our agency offers a big list of girls and you can choose your type. But the question is how to find further contact. It’s much easier to attract a girl when you know how to do it.

How to approach Russian ladies: tips and advice

If you don’t know how to approach girls, I will teach you step by step how to act in such a situation. How to approach a girl? Using these tips, you are sure to win her heart and to make her love you.

There is no secret

In this question, I suggested that the best way to meet women is by talking to them. This advice is so simple that it’s almost impossible to understand. I know how easy — and, more importantly, how hard — it is to accept and apply the idea of meeting girls by talking to them.

What do I mean by “talk” to women? Where do you meet them? How do you get them interested in you? How do you ask for their number? How can you possibly meet hot girls without using magic potions and super-secret seduction techniques? Practice talking to her and that’s all.

Focus on open women

Part of this simply comes from experience and being out in the field, but being able to tell the difference between a girl who is open to being talked to and picked up, and a girl who is closed off and not in a position to be picked up will save you a lot of time, effort, and frustration.

A woman who is open to being talked to and picked up will (usually) be alone and by herself. She will be looking around her environment and observing much more than a woman who is closed off would. A woman who is closed off and unavailable to being picked up will (usually) be surrounded by a bunch of her friends, be talking on her cell phone, appear to be in a hurry or a rush, will try to avoid making any eye contact with anybody, etc. Meeting girls for you will simply become a simple, easy to do process.

Show her what kind of person you are

If you love travelling, tell her about the most interesting places you visited or you are eager to see. If you still read comic books, that's cool too. Be yourself and the rest will follow. If you like to work out or play sports, continue to do those things and you will meet the right person. Some men still love Harry Porter and it’s normal, you can admit it.

Mind your emotions

Your facial expression is very important while conversation. If your expression is one of sadness or blank, negative or anything besides what I’m about to share then you’ve lost before you even entered the room. 

How to pick up girls requires some homework. Practice what I’m about to share as much as possible until you get your best at this. To meet a Russian lady your facial expression needs to be self-confident and a little happy. You don’t even have to be smiling but I do recommend a slight smile or a slightly happy face.

Read Her Body Language

 Before you approach someone, make sure they’re in the mood to be approached in the first place. People who are uninterested in talking to people – especially people they don’t know – will often make a point of signaling that they wish to be left alone through non-verbal means. They will make a point of closed-off body language – crossed arms, hunched posture, turning away from the general flow of traffic.

Opportunity will knock 

When opportunity knocks, you either answer the door, or you light up your internet connection and spank away your sorrows. In most cases, you’ll have to make the first move. But shared interests plant the seeds for a healthy social life, and a healthy social life plants the seeds for a healthy sex life.

You don’t need pickup skills how to meet women; you need goals that have absolutely nothing to do with girls. Attracting worthwhile women into your life happens only when you throw the entire force of your existence into creating a life that matters.

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