Russians seem to be pretty tough when it comes to relationships. The media always exposes Slavic girls as cold needy-greedy princesses. Well, my dear friend, it’s actually one of the most bizarre stereotypes about this nation. In fact, these girls are friendly but not that easy to hit on.

So you’ve found a pretty Russian whether on Tinder, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media. Hesitate to text her first? Don’t worry, I’m sure these rules will come in handy. Here are the most useful tips and tricks on how to send a perfect first text message to a Russian woman:


1. Be inventive without going overboard

Your first text message has to be somewhat special and unique. You know, girls have this one universal trait: they are skeptical at first. It’s the opposite situation when a hot girl sends you a friend request and you’re like “dude, check it out!” So break the ice with one innocent phrase.

Good first message examples: “Hi, we haven’t met yet, but I think you are really beautiful”

Bad example: “Your eyes are like thousand shining stars, like an ocean! Seems like I’m drowning”

Seriously, though Russia is a very poetic country, it’s 2017, so leave your dramatic compliments for a better occasion. Keep it clear and simple.

2. Be understandable

Make sure that she knows English and if she doesn’t – don’t use common text phrases like “WYD” or “you up?”. It’s not only inappropriate but also too complicated for girls who are not familiar with the foreign culture.

3. Don’t use Google Translator

Seriously, I get it, you want to impress her with your perfect knowledge of Russian. But you can’t even imagine how your slick expectations turn into dark reality. Sounds like a mixture of psychedelic rap lyrics and Chewbacca-Yoda sayings. You need to realize that communicative component is crucial when your intentions are serious and using the language you are not familiar with creates this cultural gap right away. Besides that, it’s very common among young foreigners to text Russians like this and most of them consider this a kind of easy pick-up.

4. Be sincereromantic letter

If you want to devise a perfect first text message to a Russian girl, be sincere. I mean, we all love compliments. But avoid excessively straightforward texts like “ur hot”, “I think you can get it”. It’s considered rude across the world, not just in Russia. I’ve read a couple of such texts. Thanks for being open, but you really have to write about some pleasant features like her eyes or her smile. Just leave a nice impression.

5. Try to make it clear where you are from in your first text message

Besides that, it’s a great opportunity to keep an online conversation. She would definitely like to hear something about a foreign country, whether it is its traditions, cultural peculiarities, or overall living conditions. Some exotic details will enliven your chat.

6. Don’t boast or self-deprecate

Russian girls, just like other girls, don’t like downers and cry-babies. Do not even try to rant about being alone, about your ex, and your job issues. Instead, create an accurate self-image. Boasting about having a lot of money is a turn-off for graceful Russians. Only gold-diggers would fall for your bragging.

7. Check her profile to understand what she generally likes in life

It will help you start the conversation. If she’s a policeman or metal music fan, you can easily use it as one of your catch phrases. Tell her that you found her page because you’ve been looking for a person to discuss a new album of Asking Alexandria. Everyone adores soul-mates. Besides that, she will be surprised that someone genuinely cares about her music taste.

8. Don’t be repetitive and insistent

If you realize that things don’t work out, try a couple times and then leave peacefully. If she wanted to get the conversation going, she would let you know about it.  Maybe this girl has a boyfriend or generally doesn’t want to waste her time on talking to strangers.

Let’s conclude: a first text message to a Russian girl has to be simple, sincere, catchy, and respectful. But the most important tip is to believe in yourself and she will be enchanted by your inner gentleman! 

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