Do you like to play games with your partner? I am sure we all do. And it doesn’t matter how old you are, there is still a place and time to have some fun. Games are a great way to relieve stress and change the scenery in your family atmosphere. Family therapists recommend their clients to ask each other relationship discussion questions. These questions help us sort out problems without going in too deep or starting a real battle. That is why family games have been invented. It is a good way to manage our aggression and generally find out about skeletons in each other’s closets.

questions to ask in a relationship

Why Is It Important to Talk With a Partner?

Discussing problems with your partner is inevitable. According to The Global, 69% of problems in relationships are not solvable. But not discussing things is an ongoing relationship is far worse. Couples who don’t discuss their issues always end up divorcing. So, paradoxically, even discussing uncomfortable matters would be more beneficial and healthier than not discussing anything at all. Discussion is a preventive measurement of all further problems. If you do not want to face years of unsolved issues, it’s better to ask fun relationship questions right when you meet ladies online, even before a relationship has a chance to thrive. Doing that will assure you are moving in the right direction with the right person. Questions to ask a partner may be innocent, but they still have bigger values.

How Communication Could Improve Your Relationship?

Communication is a crucial part of relationships with anyone, from your boss to your future wife. Visit a single ladies website and ask those women, if they were previously married, what part of the relationship they lacked the most. 90% of them would answer that communication was the main issue. Without it, you cannot rely much on the partner.

1. Communication develops trust

We cannot tell from the start what traits will your future partner reveals, what would their likes and dislikes be. If you are afraid of asking, but still want to know whether this person is trustworthy enough, try some “would you rather” questions for couples. These questions should include not only the naughty stuff but also some questions, connected with their outlook, preferences, and traditions.

2. Communication brings together

What is the first red flag your relationships are becoming dull? You don’t talk much. People in love talk all the time, discussing current affairs or babbling. But with years, we stay in our line, get down with our business and forget that communication is a gem which has a great value. So if you want to restore that value, talk more.

3. Communication breaks the ice

Whatever your stage of a relationship is, shyness can always be a thing. It may transform into other problems, such as problems in bed and overall isolation. So if you want to make your partner feel more comfortable and free, try “would you rather” questions for adults, or any interesting questions for that matter.

relationship discussion questions4. Sharing your secrets is therapeutic

Have you ever had this problem of not being able to share something crucial, but wanting to do it crazily? Sometimes we can’t just sit down and hold a confession session because it seems stupid and awkward. But questions to ask couples always keep you in a good mood and make you want to share more.

5. Communication reveals problems

Yes, we all had that issue when there is a problem in a relationship that needs to be solved, but nobody dares to open that folder. A simple “would you rather” questions list may show you what your couple needs to work on to avoid confusion and further issues.

What Is "Would You Rather" Questions?

“Would you rather?” is a series of questions that have only two answers. Your partner needs to answer sincerely and without hesitation. Questions may be ridiculous, as well as serious, and complicated. It is a series of hypothetical situations when a partner needs to make up their mind, no pressure.

“Would you rather?” questions have been invented as a form of therapy, and a fun game as well. First of all, it helps couples better understand each other, as well as have a good laugh. Some of the questions don’t have a correct answer. If your opinions don’t coincide, it’s a good reason for discussion. Second of all, games are a crucial part of every relationship to prevent it from going stale. That is why some of those questions are on a saucy side.

Funny "Would You Rather" Questions for Couples

Questions to ask in a relationship can go from easy to hard, depending on your closeness and readiness to take a joke without getting insulted. You may make these questions as ambiguous and ridiculous as you want.

1. “Would you rather have a child for one day, or become a child?”

It is a great way to get to know whether your partner wants children or not. Some might answer this question indirectly. In either way, try to ask why they picked this answer. This question may reveal interesting details of their childhood, as well as set a perspective on whether you are looking in the same direction in regard to family life.

2. “Would you rather have an illegal job with a high paycheck (even if nobody finds out) or have a low-class, but legal job?”

It is not only a hilariously amusing question, but it’s also a good way to check somebody’s morals. If that someone tells you they would accept an illegal job without hesitation if nobody found out, that should be an alarming sign (if your partner is not kidding you, of course).

3. “Would you rather sleep with your boss or your college professor?”

It is one of the best and worst “would you rather” questions for a crush. It may puzzle and confuse them a little. But a lot of us had some feelings for a school music teacher or a naughty boss. A great way to spice up an evening.

4. “Would you rather live 20 years as a famous person or a lifetime (70+ years) as a no-name?”

This question needs a little bit of thinking indeed. Not only it is a puzzling thing to ask, but it will also show how vain your crush is. Nobody is against popularity, but some of us want to keep a low-profile life without social media and everything. What will they choose?

questions to ask couples5. “Would you rather be single or vegan for life?”

This may seem like the easiest question on Earth because nobody wants to stay single. But for carnivorous meat eaters, this would be a tragedy. This question may also show how much your partner is willing to change their habits because of you.

6. “Would you rather marry a contentious person now, or wait until 60 for a perfect partner?”

This question will show you how far your will partner go to get a relationship with their dream. Some might set the bar too low, being okay with whatever option life brings them. Well, that wouldn’t be too funny!

7. “Would you rather let your spouse date your best friend or your arch-nemesis?”

Oh, this is a good one. Among all “would you rather” questions, naughty ones always win. And it’s a tough one. But make sure when you ask this question, you don’t name their actual friend. You don’t want an innocent game to start a fight, right?

8. “Would you rather go out with an intelligent person with an average appearance or a hot dimwit?”

Well, this “would you rather” questions (dirty version) are getting more and more interesting. And this one is not far from the truth. It could be a relatable question for both of you at a certain point in your lives. Not only it is extremely fun to think about, but you can also estimate how superficial both of you are. Is your partner ready to tell the truth?

9. “Would you rather kiss your date during your first official night out, or wait to be kissed?”

Some of us are just not ready to take all responsibility in the world, especially if this person means a lot to you. If you want to ask “would you rather” questions, flirty ones would be best if you don’t want to go too sexual. For example, if you are a new couple and still are a little bit shy in front of each other.

10.“Would you rather be caught “getting busy” in your parent’s home, or catch your parents doing it?”

Okay, that’s gross. But kind of funny. But kind of gross. Anyway, it can be a good conversation starter to share your funny embarrassing stories. Did you do something dumb and be caught?

“Would you rather” questions are a great way to amuse yourselves, try something new this evening, find each other’s secrets, share a couple of weird stories, discuss your current fears and problems. Questions like this are a great way to test a person and see whether they perceive life the same way as you do. Be brave enough to ask all of them!

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