Nobody knows when they will meet their true love, it can be the nearest store when you take a coffee to go or on the Internet when there is a great distance between you. Also, it often happens that life circumstances force people to move away for a long time, and when they are in romantic relationships, these changes affect both partners. The most popular stereotypical belief is that the long-distance relationship is impossible. However, that's not entirely true since many couples do it successfully, face all the challenges and enjoy their happy end after all.

If you are in a long-distance relationship now, this does not mean that it’s time to break up with each other and move on. There is no need to give up on a beloved person because they can be with you even when they are far away. Let's be objective: long-distance relationships are not so radically different from ordinary ones. Yes, you are far from each other or even are in different time zones, but this does not mean anything. Relationships — any relationships —work out only when both people make the same effort when single women seeking single men want that no less than guys. So, can long-distance relationships work? Yes, if you bear in mind long-distance relationship tips and avoid unnecessary stuff.

how to make a long distance relationship work

Why Some of Long-Distance Relationships Don't Last Long

With the advent of globalization, many men and women find themselves in long-distance relationships. Some of them don’t want to risk careers, others meet single women online who live in another country, and some others have been forced to leave their partners under certain circumstances. In addition to making important compromises, such as parting with family, friends, old life, people need to build relationships with their soulmates. Even though long-term distance relationships seem like a very viable option today, many complain that the flame of love wanes over time. This happens due to several factors, but distance will always be the primary cause. Surviving a long-distance relationship is not an easy task. The main stumbling blocks here are the loss of communication and trust. However, other things prevent people from saving their long-distance relationships.


Many couples have successfully overcome the distance test. They’ve learned to live a normal life with this. However, most people are either traitors or those who strongly reject such a thing. Nonetheless, some people who, as a rule, are faithful to their partners, "react badly" to a long stay away from each other. Loneliness begins to prevail, new interesting acquaintances appear when people least expect it, and in the end, alcohol becomes the last trigger and stimulus, which has a relaxing effect on both the body and moral principles. There are frequent situations of betrayal, decisions about which are made under circumstances when a person isn’t completely sober. Geography, loneliness, and alcohol are often the main root causes of the destruction of long-distance relationships.

Blind jealousy

Trusting another person can become a real challenge for many people, and not all of them can face it. When you are on the other side of the globe, it is difficult to understand the truth and put aside all doubts. Even if there are no obvious reasons for jealousy, you can still "wait for the other shoe to drop." You can never bet that a partner is loyal to you and that when you get off the phone, they will not hang out or have sex with someone else. A phone or video call will never show you what is happening in real mode. Your loved one may be busy with serious stuff when you call them and cannot answer, but you can be already overtaken by blind jealousy and ready to make a scandal. And this blind jealousy can make you doubt all the words he or she says.

Lack of intimacy and romance

Many people need intimacy and romance to feel an attachment to the partner, feel beloved and needed. And when they lack these components, many unpleasant thoughts appear in their heads. Over time, if they don’t recharge their “batteries” with romantic stuff, they start emotionally distancing themselves from their partners. So, physical distance is complemented by emotional one, and people start doubting the necessity to continue such relationships. The same goes for intimacy since relationships without physical contact in the long run cannot be called healthy and satisfying.

Too much communication

People who are far away from each other face a serious lack of face-to-face communication. In our modern age, of course, there are many alternatives: phone calls, text messages, social networks, and other methods, invented since the time they stopped using pigeons. However, feeling the distance and lack of personal communication, people try to fill these gaps, talking as much as possible. It is when all the methods expired. Partners try to create the illusion of being together, and sometimes they overdo it. So, one day too much communication turns into irritation and desire to escape.

long distance relationship activitiesPlain boredom

When one of the partners is very busy with something, and another one has nothing interesting to do, then the latter can feel bored and try to get attention from a partner. Instead of living their own life, finding a new hobby or meeting with friends, people try to kill their loneliness with the help of a partner. They don’t understand that it can be inappropriate time or circumstances to communicate with each other, so simple boredom of a partner can become a root cause of artificial scandals and reasons to break up.

How to Maintain Long-Distance Relationships

Often life circumstances make people live separately and develop long-distance relationships. Is it worth continuing such a life or is it better to look for some alternative? How to make a long-distance relationship work? Or maybe this is the end and continuation is not worth it?

It is not the easiest task to build and save relationships, even being constantly together. And when beloved people are far from each other for various reasons, it is double hard. Nevertheless, answering the question, “Do long-distance relationships work?” one can say that everything is possible if it is a mutual desire. The main condition is to be in love with each other and after all, true love is not afraid of either time or distance.

Share your interesting moments every day

If you think that it’s extremely hard to find any interesting thing to talk about when you are living separately, you should immediately change the strategy, trying to come up with special topics for your talks. This is what prevents you from feeling the presence of the partner in your life. Just don’t try to come up with themes for conversation, let it take its flow. Therefore, you can talk about any trifles like household chores, work, your pets or plans for tomorrow. And don’t forget to share your interesting and pleasant moments.

Know exactly when it's the right time to text or call them

People who don’t talk often with each other, can lose a connection over time and stop understanding each other. So, all the specialists suggest keeping in touch with the help of messages and calls. However, it's also extremely important to respect the personal space of the partner. You should agree in advance when you can safely text and call them. It's okay that both of you have your own life, hobbies and so on, all these things cannot become a stumbling block if both of you accept the rules and know how to keep a long-distance relationship. Give your partner time to miss you.

Express your feelings and try sexting

The fact that you live in different places and do not sleep in the same bed doesn’t mean that your sex life should atrophy. On the contrary, long-distance relationships, according to psychology, stronger ignite passion by anticipating a future meeting in real life. You should approach the issue of a lack of sex with creativity and take advantage of modern technology. Arrange candid video chats, try phone sex, try sexting and develop your skills. All these things will open your personalities from different sides and add variety to relationships. Anyway, according to many psychologists, our brain is the largest erogenous zone.

Trust them

Never start a relationship with a person if you do not trust them 200%. This will not work out. You will torture yourself, them and others with your bad mood, jealousy, and suspicion. Without trust, any relationship is a pain, especially if it is about a long-distance relationship since you have a million reasons to think about where they are, with whom and what they are doing every single minute.

You know that your partner is busy with work, and therefore, you should not doubt them. Even if they did not manage to call on time, there may be reasons for this. Remember that jealousy is the greatest enemy of love, it’s capable of undermining even the strongest feelings. Your relationships and trust should be stronger than destructive jealousy.

Long-Distance Relationship Ideas for Two

If you are in a long-distance relationship, it is difficult to meet often in person. Yes, you can come to each other from time to time, but if you are at a great distance, you will not be able to arrange dates as often as you want. Unless, of course, we are talking about virtual meetings. Many interesting long-distance relationship activities can help maintain your love and give each other the joy of communication. You can arrange more interesting events for dating online than ordinary chatting.

1. Watch a movie together

Have you ever heard that there are websites that allow you to watch videos simultaneously, and you can always synchronize the time when you want to watch an interesting movie together online? You can set the time, start the film and, talking on Skype, maintain a dialogue, exchanging impressions. You can supplement the virtual movie show with the familiar attribute of cinemas like popcorn, then you will feel like on a real date.

2. Cook together

You can put your laptop in the kitchen and spend a romantic evening or morning together during a virtual conversation with your loved one. You can choose a recipe and ingredients together in advance, you can even jointly (via video connection) choose products in supermarkets. It is better to choose a dish that is not difficult, so as not to cook it for too long. It is better to spend time setting a beautiful table after cooking, dressing nicely, lighting candles, turning on your favorite music, tasting cooked food and clinking glasses in the monitor, and having a romantic dinner. Such a meeting will create a warm and comfortable atmosphere and will allow you to get even closer.

3. Plan your real date

It is possible that very soon you will meet in reality, so why not spend time preparing for it? Focus on what you will do the next time you are together: it can be a picnic in the park or a trip out of town or bowling. Choose a date, browse the upcoming events and the sites of clubs and cafes, choose routes for walking, buy tickets for transport. It can be very fun and exciting, and you make the time fly by. Besides, if you implement this mutual dream, it can become one of the perfect long-distance relationship gifts.

4. Plan a vacation together

One of the best long-distance relationship ideas is to plan the perfect vacation together. For example, do you prefer a beach holiday or want to go skiing? Share your desires and preferences, look for ideas for a vacation, create unique routes and discover new places for relaxation. This is an excellent occasion to learn more about each other and practice your future life together.

how to keep a long distance relationship5. Compete in online games

If you like online games, then you can play with your partner. It’s a great idea that will add a twist of adventurism to your ordinary communication. There are even websites that are specifically designed for co-op games. This is a great idea for couples in long-distance relationships who don’t mind small friendly competition. You can choose a board game from your childhood or a card game, an online race or a shooting game. Just do not overdo it in pursuit of the main prize since the main thing is not victory but spending time together.

6. Train together

If you are both fans of a healthy lifestyle and cannot imagine your life without sports, then you can add vigor to your relationship and conduct joint fitness training. You will need music, a Bluetooth headset, and a good mood. You can share ideas for training, discuss your fitness programs and track each other's progress. Do it together and stay fit, showing how well you fit together as a couple.

7. Take a joint workshop

If you and your partner share a love of learning, there are many different online courses where you can register together. If you want to work on your French language, study web design or take a calligraphy course, you can do it together. Now you can find many sites and training platforms that provide you with the opportunity to do everything together. Besides, as practice shows, if you have someone to discuss your knowledge with, this greatly increases the chances of successful development of the material.

8. Joint photos

Have a virtual photo shoot. To do this, take photos separately so that later you can combine both pictures. For example, you can take a picture against the background of a green fence or an autumn tree, and then combine the photo so that they will look like as a whole. This can be done in various online editors or photoshop, and no specific knowledge is required for this. Send pictures to each other and have fun together.

9. Joint walks

It’s high time to learn such a wonderful feature of Google maps as panoramic street views. With their help, you can visit each other, wander along the streets of the city where your partner is located now. You will walk on Google maps, and they will give you an excursion and tell interesting facts about their city. You can also make an “appointment” near your loved one’s home or work, or in some exotic place on the other side of the world — for example, on a Hawaiian island or among New York skyscrapers.

10. Read together

Everything you need is an interesting book and Skype. Read it simultaneously and share interesting passages during a virtual meeting, discuss some moments and suggest further development of the plot. Just choose an interesting book for both of you, so that this pastime will not be boring.

You Will Cope with It

Yeah, you cannot hug each other, you cannot hold hands, walking in the park, but if you love each other, it's worth the wait. You will meet anyway! All you need to do during that period when you are apart is to invest a little more effort than when you are together. Yes, long-distance relationships are difficult. For many people, this is a challenge that they cannot always cope with. Nonetheless, only your efforts and the final result really matter. Everything else is just a small obstacle on the way to happiness with a beloved person. Don’t reject a person you love that easy.

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