Every single human on this planet wants to be with someone. Sometimes we find our love in the neighborhood, and sometimes we are forced to cover a huge distance to find a nice person with whom we would like to stay forever. Nowadays, due to the globalization process, we have a wide range of opportunities in dating. People from all around the world are becoming closer and closer to one another. No matter what our traditions and religions are, we still need each other.

The Internet makes it possible to meet women online without even leaving our houses. This makes us closer, but at the same time, more distant. Nowadays you don’t need to choose a partner among those why are around you. Because there are no borders on the Internet, and we all can meet people from all around the world there. We learn the advantages of Eastern European women for marriage and often decide that all the best girls are far away from us. We begin to pay less attention to girls around us. This makes our society more distant and colder.

pros cons of Eastern European girls

In this article, we are going to talk about the pros and cons of marrying an Eastern European girl. Eastern Europe usually associated with Russia and Ukraine. Because these are the two biggest and the most populated countries there. This is why, in this piece, we will concentrate our attention on those two countries. We all heard about the advantages of having a Russian girlfriend, but are they all true? What about cultural differences? Let’s find out together.

Pros of marriage with an Eastern European girl

First of all, absolutely everyone who has ever looked at one of the ladies galleries will tell you that Russian and Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful women in the world. Beauty is one of the biggest advantages of a Russian wife, but they can offer much more. Easter European girls are not that far from us in a cultural sense. In this part of the article, we are going to concentrate mostly on their views and believes about life. Because nowadays, with the help of some decent sum of money, almost everyone can look like a Hollywood star, but we live with each other’s personalities.


This is one of the biggest advantages among other pros and cons of marrying a Ukrainian woman: they are very family-oriented. For Eastern European women, a family is the most important part of their life. They pay a lot of attention to their parents. The first thing they learn is that they must respect older people. As children, they always help their mothers with housework. When they find a suitable partner for establishing a marriage, they switch to their own family. When the eastern European girl’s status changes from a daughter to wife and mother, they switch attention to their families. Their husbands and children become the center of their lives. There are some exceptions, of course, but most of them will easily sacrifice their careers for the sake of their families. If one Ukrainian girl would have to choose whether she goes to work to sign a million-dollar contract or to goes with her child to the kindergarten, she will choose the second option.

Know how to cook deliciously

This arises from the first con. At a relatively young age, Eastern European girls spend a lot of time with their mothers helping with housework. They learn not only how to clean the house, but also how to cook various vibrant dishes. In Eastern Europe, women play a more traditional role than they do in the Western world. Cooking becomes a habit or a hobby for them. Of course, there are always exceptions. But most of the Russian and Ukrainian girls enjoy cooking. They are in a constant search for new recipes and ingredients for different dishes. They even say: “The shortest way to a man’s heart lies through his stomach.” As you see, food is something like a cult in Eastern Europe. If you know how to cook too, then you can offer your new Eastern European beauty to cook something together. We guaranty that you will have a wonderful time doing so.

advantages of a Russian girlfriendAren’t spoiled by feminism

If you don’t know what other biggest plus among the pros and cons of dating a Russian woman, then how about the fact that they are not spoiled with feminism? Oh yes, girls in Easter Europe are mostly not affected by modern feminism tendencies that prevail in the Western Countries. There are always some exceptions there, some girls at a certain age due to globalization processes get affected by feminism there too. But usually this is temporary, and after a certain period of time, they abandon this idea. This happens due to the historical aspect because the USSR almost one hundred years ago claimed that men and women are equal. Thus, they managed to avoid some of the problems that our society has faced during the 20th century. Add here a strong traditional aspect in their child education. So, as you can see, Easter European girls like the old school romantic dating process and they clearly separate men and women. They will be happy if you offer them help with bags and open doors for them. Provide such a girl with help and care, and she will be the best wife ever.

Natural beauty

We have already mentioned here that with some decent amount of money, almost everyone can make themselves beautiful or handsome. But while someone spends thousands of dollars on this, others are born naturally attractive. As you probably understand, Eastern European girls belong to the second group. This is clearly because of blood mixing that has been happening there through history. The secret of this beauty lies in the wild mixture of Eastern and Western high cheekbones and a round face, softness of lines, fair skin, expressive green, gray or blue eyes and light or dark brown hair. No doubt that Eastern European women have the best bodies in the world, almost all of them are well-built, even at the age of 30 or 40. Their figures make them extremely feminine and attractive to men. Russian women are very sensitive to the skin of the face and know how to make it smooth and silky, as in the advertisement of modern creams, tonics, and scrubs, but without using any chemicals.

Girls from Eastern Europe are good partners and friends

A loving Eastern European girl will always be on her husband’s side. She will never leave him if he loses his job or suffers from a midlife crisis. If you can make her happy with your love and attitude to her, she will be your closest ally during your life. But don’t expect her to be obedient and silent. Russian and Ukrainian girls love their independence. They want to integrate into a new society. They are excellent students because they study a lot and get diplomas, find a good job, and if it does not work out, it is difficult for them to deal with their failure. Usually, they expect their man to be the leader in relations. But if you asked your Ukrainian beauty to take control, she would do it without any problems. Be careful here because if you are not persistent enough, then you may get into the friend zone. It is next to impossible to get out from there.

Cons of marriage with an Eastern European girl

Ok, now you know the main benefits of dating a Russian girl, but there is another side too. Unfortunately, we still have some cultural differences that may disappoint both you and your Eastern European girlfriend. Of course, real love is much stronger than anything else, but still, we have to mention these problems. Before deciding to go to a foreign country to search for a wife, you need to know all the pros and cons of marrying a Russian woman. This part of the article is going to destroy your pink glasses once and for all.

They are too practical

Russian and Ukrainian women are very different from American women. They seem more cynical. It is not necessarily a negative trait, but sometimes it goes too far. Easter European beauties are also more practical, and because of that, it seems that they are gloomier. This is why generally Americans consider the Russians angry. Russian girls usually don’t smile without a good reason. They seem to be more practical than Russian men. They have a strong character and ambition to go to the very end, despite obstacles. She may too much attention to the size of your wallet, where and when you spend money. She may be doing this purely because you could have spent that money on buying a new carpet for your home or some other really necessary thing. But sometimes this is too much. She will share all her needs and problems with you, and she expects you not only to help her solve them but also, she will get offended if you won’t share with here.

They pay excessive attention to their appearance

Eastern European girls are very beautiful from their nature, and we all know that. But there is another side of the coin. Pretty often they don’t know how to choose the outfit that suits the time and place. Your new Russian or Ukrainian wife may get dressed to go to the show like for presentation of her brand-new Hollywood movie. Plus, pretty often their adequacy of taste is arguable. She won’t go to the local shop to buy milk without makeup and in bad clothes. Add here the fact that she waits a lot of money and time on this. You will always easily recognize Russian or Ukrainian women on the street. They are very hard to miss due to their nightdress, high heels, beautiful makeup, and hairstyle. It is up to you to decide if you want to deal with this, or not because it is next to impossible to change her attitude to this.

pros and cons of marrying a Ukrainian womanThey are unpunctual

This con arises from the previous one. You will be surprised to learn that for her to be 30 minutes late is pretty normal. She will be late not because she doesn’t respect you, but because she spends this time to be as beautiful as it is only possible. For Eastern European men, it is pretty normal if the girlfriend is 50 minutes late. And this happens not only with dates. She may be coming late for work too. However, there is one small pro in this terrible con: she will always look nice. But there is one more problem here: she won’t tolerate your unpunctuality. If you are 5 minutes late without warning, then you are at a high risk of having a scandal. If you are ready to deal with this strange attitude to punctuality, then you are fine, but you definitely should avoid marrying a Russian or Ukrainian girl if punctuality is your fetish.

Cultural differences

There are not too many cultural differences between Eastern Europe and Western countries, but there are. And some of them are pretty annoying, especially at the beginning of your relations. For example, The Americans have numerous friendships, but they are shallow and unstable, social obligations are avoided. Russians are looking for deep and ongoing relationships. They have a network of social obligations: “Help me, and I will help you; I will help you today, and someone will help me tomorrow.” The concepts of equality also differ. In American society, equality is the basis for interaction, while in Russian, the status of a person is constantly shifting from the lowest to the highest depending on the intergroup membership. Relations in the USA are informal and direct, while in Russia, they are more formal and structured with outsiders. In America, the specialization of roles is distributed among the members of the group, but in Russia, this is done by the formal leader. And these are only small examples of those differences.

Time-consuming relationship development

This one arises from one of the cultural differences between standard Eastern European and Western societies. Usually, it takes a lot of time for a girl from Russia or Ukraine to understand whether she wants to marry you or not. They are very careful when they establish relations and choosing partners. Of course, some girls are ready to jump in your bed the very moment they see you for the first time. But I don’t think that you want to live with someone like that. Or another type of girl, with these girls your relations develop very fast, but development spots at the moment when she can ask you for money to help her sick mother or with a credit. These girls are gold diggers. For Russian and Ukrainian beauties slow relationship development is something like a quality mark. But this is no very comfortable for us.

As you can see, there are many pros and cons of Eastern European girls. Think carefully about your limits and thing that you can tolerate or will be able to adapt too. Remember, love is the two-sided process, and you both will have to adapt to each other culture and differences. We can talk about many various pros and cons of dating a Ukrainian girl, but you never know for sure until you try. If you want to date a girl from Eastern Europe, then don’t be afraid to do this. Good luck in your search. Remember, we all deserve to be happy.

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