Although you may want to find a long-term relationship, others may not have the same intentions. Here are some signs to look out for if you suspect you are involved in relationships with a serial dater.

We have bad news for you: not everyone you meet while dating will have good intentions toward you. If you've been dating for a while, you may already have understood it, but some people still need to know. Today we want to talk about serial daters and how important it is to avoid them. Let’s start off by identifying the serial dater definition.

what is a serial dater

What Is a Serial Dater?

Who are serial daters? What is serial dating? A serial date is one who refuses to play by the rules we all quietly call good date behavior. The serial date loves the thrill of the chase; they love the first couple of dates; they enjoy this new feeling of giving.

What's the problem, you ask? After all, who doesn't like to go out on a date with someone who really likes them? Who doesn't like the feeling when another person accepts your dinner or drink invitation? The problem is that this is the only thing they like. From the serial date, everything is down. If you are unlucky to go on a date with a serial date, you can be sure that you will not see them in the dust in a few weeks.

Before we move on, we have to say that if you are unhappy with your current partner, you have relationships problems, and you would like to be happier in a relationship, then you have to move on. There are millions of single women seeking single men to be found online, so you will never be lost for options. Now that we are acquainted with the serial dater meaning, let’s look at the origins of serial dater psychology.

Origins of Serial Dating Psychology

There are three reasons why a man can become a serial dater. Here are the main origins of serial dating psychology.

The uncertainty that one is a man

Here’s the first of the origins of serial dating psychology. For the same reason, adult boys start wars, become politicians, build skyscrapers, etc. A guy who is not confident in his masculinity and wants to assert himself is a terrible beast. He is capable of anything. When one is not capable of making something real in their life, a man follows the simplest path - he tries to drag more women into his bed.

Internal licentiousness

About the norms of "what is good, what is bad" a person learns in early childhood. And if mom and dad were neither aware nor bother to properly realize what was happening to the child, then a kid grows up into a grownup who confuses flirtation and vulgarity, love and sex, a simple joke and flirt. When there are no hard moral principles, a person begins to subconsciously search for them and willingly believes in all the clichés. Oh, cool to be a womanizer! I will be a womanizer! Oh, every normal guy should have a girlfriend! I’ll have two of them!

Past experiences

One of the reasons why you may be in a serial relationship is your partner’s past experiences. In a country where women know that there are too many of them, any more or less successful male is hunted. Some gentlemen have the moral strength to resist temptations. I know one such man and I never cease to admire his fortitude and loyalty to his wife. But how many quite decent men fell under the pressure of aggressive female charm and fell to the dark side? Too many. And now let’s move on to signs of a serial dater.

5 Important Signs You Are a Serial Dater

Let’s now look at the signs that you are a serial dater and just don’t know it yet.

signs of a serial daterToo attentive to your appearance

What is a serial dater? You are always neatly shaved, look sharp, ready to devote some days to shopping to find a spectacular white sweater that accentuates your courageous shoulders and carefully maintained tan. The collection of your perfumes exceeds the norm, and you are so well versed in aromas that you can put them into notes like a real perfumer. The gym is your Mecca, and your abs are a subject of undisguised pride.

A profession or hobby involving a huge number of fans

You want to become a rock star, but for now, you are a well-known sex symbol in narrow circles, for example, a DJ, instructor, athlete. When women pour themselves on you, moreover, it brings income and popularity, you need to be the rarest exception, if not, an idiot, so as not to take advantage of this.

Mysterious disappearances

On weekends, you, from the position of your partner, often disappear or do not answer phone calls all day. According to your words, strange and amazing things are happening with you at this time: insurmountable attacks of drowsiness; sudden arrival of strict relatives, in the presence of whom it is undesirable even to move your fingers; an urgent search for a friend lost in the forest. You can forget your phone at home once. But, in the end, your partner sits and worries about you, is nervous, trying to reach you.

The perfect courtship scenario

You are very good at the art of seduction, you know how to choose words, and go to your goal. You know that you need to praise not only the appearance but also the character of the girls. It's hard to call tricks, only a simple-minded amateur will praise the appearance. A true professional masterly knows the art of complimenting. It does not take you long to fall in love with the girl’s inner world and tell her how beautiful she is.

Social networks and social circles

It takes a bit of reflection, as with any other item on this list. You are surrounded by girls, most of your friends in the social networks are girls, and you crave their attention even online. You often upload pictures of an intimate nature in an attempt to attract the opposite sex.

How to Understand Your Current Girlfriend Is a Serial Dater

Now, let’s say that you’ve entered a relationship with a new girlfriend, but something seems to be off about her. What if she is a serial dater?

Vulgar tattoos

By the word “vulgar” I mean a tattoo over a booty of any sort. A woman who gets a tribal or floral ornament on the lower back, thereby putting a slut brand on herself, moreover, goes for it voluntarily. It is as if she marks herself: “whore” so that others would know what to do, recognize her and behave with her accordingly. Bad taste is another indispensable companion to serial daters.

Bisexual tendencies

When a girl in any conversation rushes to note her bisexuality, this is already as if hinting. If she really has such an orientation, then let her live in silence with her. You do not yell at every corner, "I'm heterosexual!" If the girl also flaunts kisses with her girlfriends, this can be equated to a hefty "SLUT" neon sign above her head. She heard somewhere that girl kisses are sexy and that men love it.

serial relationshipShe has quite a few pseudo-celebrity friends

Serial daters are susceptible to the influential people of this world, even if they are not particularly influential. Any hint of fame, even of a local character, adds a hundred points to his appeal in her eyes. She is ready to satisfy all of his desires, to bask in the rays of his glory and, perhaps, climb a little higher on the social ladder. Maybe she will also become "famous."

She has bad relationships with father

We all come from childhood; all the roots must be sought there. Are her parents divorced? How does she talk about her father? Does she have hidden grudges against him? Electra complex (female version of the Oedipus complex)? If she complains about her father and behaves cheekily, these things are probably connected.

She likes to show off her body to the public

Open dresses and sundresses, short skirts and shorts are beautiful and logical in the summer. If a girl flaunts her chest, back, shoulders, abdomen or lower back in November or March, this means that she loves when they look at her naked body. Is it logical? If I didn’t love, I wouldn’t show. Many girls knowingly don’t wear short t-shirts that open their belly because they consider it cool. Serial daters put them on with special pleasure: hurray, it looks cool and sexy!

She always wants to talk about sex

Talking about sex with your partner is fine. Talking about sex with a friend is fine. Talking about sex with a dude she has never had sex with is never normal! This is a pure provocation!

She seems to impose herself on everyone around her

Everything is obvious here. If she treats tactile contact easily and naturally, she climbs herself up to hug men, as if in oblivion puts her hand on your hip and doesn’t bother to take it away, what does this mean? That she is a serial dater!

Not all of them. In fact, serial daters are a minority, but they are there, so we want you to be ready. Regardless of whether you want to meet on the Internet, through friends or in any other way, you might meet one a serial dater on your way. But you will be ready at least.

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