When it comes to love, it’s never too late! That is exactly what those who witnessed a relationship of a young girl and an adult man say. In fact, relationships, in which partners have age difference rarely cause approval from others. But despite the opinion of society, girls choose older men.

What attracts young women in those who are older and is this attraction healthy? There are many factors. But it’s just about feelings. And age is just a coincidence.

women looking for older men

Do Young Women Like Older Men?

When a man visits hot women dating sites, he can see that girls choose men of older age. They find many advantages in that a man is older. It is believed that a girl should be younger than her partner since men mature much later for a serious relationship and long-term love. Everyone knows that men develop more slowly. If at 20 years old, the girl is ready for a serious relationship, then this can’t be said about guys. Guys need it a little later, somewhere after 30 years. And girls understand that a guy who is still too young will not become a reliable husband, support, and father for their children.

Also, it is often said that a girl is looking for a husband who is a copy of her father. And this is true because he was the first man in her life and remains the ideal of her future husband. Indeed, on the example of relationships in her family, she has formed the ideals of the future family and husband. Based on this, it is clear why girls start dating older men. The thing is in their unconscious attitude to the father.

What Do Younger Women Look for in Older Men

Increasingly, you can see couples where a woman is many years younger than her man. It has even become fashionable to date women online who are 10-15 and even 20 years younger. Why are such gentlemen attractive for women? Consider the benefits that a woman finds in such a relationship.

Family values

When women seeking older men, they know that they are family oriented. While peers have just started gaining experience, mature men already understand who they are and what they can give their women. And this is very important, especially if the beautiful lady is going to build a family. Young guys are still amenable to the action of their own hormones, which can lead to undesirable changes. This can’t be said about an older man who is already more calm, balanced and busy with daily affairs. The adult man will not allow himself to cheat on his lady because he clearly understands the consequences of such an act, which peers rarely think about. Most likely, family happiness is more important than casual relationships for him.

Serious intentions

An adult man already knows what to do and say to please a woman. He says compliments, pays enough attention, keeps calm, gives gifts and much more. While a young man is learning to please a girl, she can spend this time and energy on someone who already gives pleasure and joy. In addition, the emotional state of an adult male is more balanced. Everything that he had once been afraid of, hesitated, worried, was a thing of the past. Now he is at that stage of life when he is not worried about trifles but simply solves problems. The adult man is not chasing anywhere, is not afraid of anything, and he is confident in himself. Younger men can’t boast such traits, which is why they push girls away from themselves.

Security and financial reliability

When women looking for older men, the feeling of security and financial reliability that comes from them is the most important thing. In this case, an adult man, of course, wins, compared with a young man who is not yet mature enough to be responsible not only for himself but also for others. A mentor and teacher, and at the same time, a lover – this is the main childhood dream of many women, and, having an affair with an adult man, any girl can bring it to life. An important factor is that the average statistical man over the age of 30–35 already has a decent income and a stable social position, which is definitely an important factor.

older man younger woman relationshipLife experience and wisdom

Psychologists believe that the lack of paternal care in childhood or independence pushes a woman to a relationship with a more mature man who will help solve problems, take all the cares on himself, and be able to protect if necessary. In addition, experience comes with age. So, older men are calmer, more balanced, more reasonable, they know how to interest their chosen one and how to show their feelings. The girl feels calm and good, dating an older man. The older man understands that first he must choose a woman, love and conquer her, and then move in the direction of sex. And they have that experience, allowing women to feel like a queen next to a real man.

Dating Younger Women: Pros and Cons

In an older man younger woman relationship, there are numerous pluses and minuses, but psychologists have identified the main ones.


  • They are interesting. Why do men choose young girls? Dating younger women, men understand that they are beautiful, young, energetic, funny, and carefree. This is probably the main advantage of relationships with a young girl. They don’t rush things. Most likely, a young girl will not burden a man with the desire to get married and have children, although the opposite is also possible.
  • They don’t have a lot of problems. A plus of an older guy younger woman relationship is a life that is devoid of problems, hardships, and serious conversations.
  • They can surprise. If a girl wishes a holiday, she organizes it with pleasure to a man. And this is so lacking in the life of the man where every day resembles the previous one.
  • They have little experience in sex. The less experienced a girl in the intimate area is, the less it causes bad thoughts about her past. This is a great advantage in the issue of younger women dating older men.


  • They are in demand. Young guys will constantly spin around a young girl. They certainly understand her more than her mature partner. Moreover, the girl can’t limit herself in communicating with other guys, so the mature man can constantly find her in the circle of other young men.
  • They are irresponsible. Young girls don’t yet know what responsibility is. When they find it out, most likely, they will not be so cheerful and energetic.
  • They can’t be trusted. She can say that she loves, but feelings may pass sooner or later. And what will happen when a young beauty realizes that her feelings have faded? Most likely, you already know the answer.
  • They are changeable. Young girls are so energetic that you make them happy today, but they will quarrel with you over any little thing tomorrow. Your relationship will be like a roller coaster where you rise up, then quickly fall down, not being able to do anything about it.
  • You may have different interests. When older men are dating younger women, they may have different views and goals. In other words, you can already be ready for a family and clearly understand this. And a girl still wants to enjoy freedom.

Tips for Dating Younger Women

Everyone knows how to communicate with peers, ask them to go out, and so on. But when you try to speak in the same way with attractive young women, it sometimes seems very difficult. So, how to build older men younger women relationships?

Determine for yourself whether you are really ready to date this girl

If you visit younger woman older man dating sites to start a relationship, listen only to your feelings, not the opinions of others who may oppose and say that nothing will come of it. Usually, it turns out just the opposite. Young women are more romantic, always full of energy and less stressed than older ladies. That is why a relationship with a girl younger than you may turn out to be favorable, and your partner will always charge you with her positive and try to build strong and love-based relationships.

Try to match the preferences and interests of a girl

Young women usually like partying in noisy clubs, adore extreme sports, and have other hobbies that may no longer be suitable for you. However, you should try to show interest in them or at least not limit the girl and be tolerant of her lifestyle. In this case, she will appreciate you, despite the difference in age. On the other hand, you will become more confident in yourself doing something that you never tried. Thus, you can get new experience, therefore, become closer to your girl. If you want to date a young woman, then you should also be young at least at heart.

Don’t be afraid to take more initiative on your part

It is possible that a girl will not consider you as a partner for a relationship at first, considering just a good friend. Express your attraction for her, make pleasant surprises, and have joint dates. Even if the girl is in no hurry to go on a date with you, take this step yourself. Tell the girl that you like her, and you want to have a serious relationship with her. If you communicate well and the girl currently doesn’t have a boyfriend, she will most likely accept your offer.

older men dating younger womenDon’t flaunt relationships

Today it is fashionable to post photos with your soulmate on social networks. If your relationship has just begun, and you are thinking about how to develop a relationship with a girl, don’t rush things. Don’t flaunt your relationship. This should be done not for the reason that you can be jinxed, but because all your friends will discuss such photos. Personal life is called personal because it shouldn’t turn into a public one. By flaunting relationships, you willfully invite others to rate your soulmate. It is absolutely unnecessary, right?

Don’t be intrusive

If you want to try an older men younger women relationship, first of all, don’t be too much intrusive. Many men make a mistake by daily imposing their society. A man can call a girl several times a day, write messages to her on social networks, and even meet her from university or work. Such behavior can be perceived as distrust or as a desire to control every step. Limit yourself to three dates a week. You shouldn’t call the girl every day. The lady also must take some action to strengthen relationships. Give the girls the opportunity to take the initiative.

Be romantic

Men who want to seem more courageous often overdo it. Showing his brutality, the man shouldn’t forget about romance. You should make beautiful gestures that girls like so much. Invite your loved one to take a walk or ride around the night city, organize a romantic dinner, and so on. You can bring flowers to the girl in the morning. The lady will be surprised at such an act. A bouquet will raise the mood of any girl. You can come up with numerous romantic deeds. All of them should be unexpected. In this case, they will produce a greater effect.

Please her in bed

This is one of the secrets to harmony. Dissatisfaction with sex is the first reason for cheating and breakups, even though couples usually motivate it by the fact that they have different characters. Before building a relationship with a younger woman, a man must make sure that he really satisfies her. To find out whether it is so, it is necessary to do it not by direct questions but by observation of behavior and feelings. Sex helps show love, express gratitude, make peace, relieve fatigue, the mood rises with its help, and it makes the spiritual connection stronger.

What do attract young girls? Is it age, maturity, respect? Actually, this happens on a subconscious level. Older men love differently and are more tender. In addition to experience and all the positive qualities, older men always try to look attractive because they want to match their girls.

These features help warm relationships, arouse interest and passion on the part of young women. In true love and strong relationships, age doesn’t play such an important role as the sincerity of feelings.

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