Have you ever noticed that Slavic girls have gained enormous popularity as a great marriage material in the modern world? Isn’t it strange? Well, we are here to dissolve this atmosphere of secrecy and explain to you why these girls are so popular and how to get one.

First, let’s figure out why Slavic females have recently gathered such a huge popularity. Clearly, the main reason for this is that they have been off the dating scene for quite a while. No, obviously, they have been dating and marrying. However, the international dating arena severely lacked Russian, Ukrainian and Byelorussian girls which have been covered by the so-called metal dome. The Soviet Union (which used to encompass such Easter European countries as Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia etc.) had rather strict migration rules. For instance, its citizens couldn’t visit other countries without a special permission. Likewise, foreigners couldn’t just decide to visit the Soviet Union without any significant reason. Therefore, up to seven generations of loyal and attractive Russian ladies have been hidden for good. Now, after the dissolution of a once infinitely strong country, girls from Russian seek love all around the world. In the end, why should you focus on your fellow citizens only? The modern époque is all about cultural diversity and Slavic girls love this trend.

Now that you have learned the ground for Russia women’s popularity, we should also discuss the appropriate ways to get a bride from Russia. Clearly, you may think of numerous ways get acquainted with one of them. Nevertheless, we decided to point out the methodologies that would work best and cost both less money and efforts. Of course, every Russian girl requires a unique approach. But we still can point out some basic rules of dating Slavic girls.


But first, let’s find out the most appropriate ways to get a Russia wife:

  1. Online dating services. Obviously, the least expensive way for Westerners to get in touch with Russian girls is to register on a Russian dating site. There are a plenty of those nowadays; however, it does not mean that each and evert of them is reliable and eligible. Unfortunately, the Internet is a great scene for dating scammers and shakedowns. And such cases are frequent, well, much more frequent than we would like them to be. Yes, we have to talk about it because too many decent men were deceived in the recent years. But let’s not focus on downsides of online dating and talk about its advantages. You spend less time to get a bigger outcome. Basically, you become a member of a great community of lonely hearts. Such sites are also good for such aims because people (females, in particular) don’t become members to find one night stands or temporal flings. They want to meet their significant others – and bridal agencies are just great for that goal. Therefore, you no longer have to look for family-oriented girls – they are already here. Your next step, which is available from the very beginning, is to find the woman that fits your ideas of beauty and intelligence. Just don’t forget to be attentive when using dating services. In the end, your security is much more important and finding love.
  2. Visit Russia itself. This sounds more like an adventure. But the modern world is all about exploration. You can use this opportunity to learn something new about an intriguing culture with a deep history. So don’t hesitate at least for the previously mentioned reason. There are some obvious advantages of this method. First, Russian girls feel quite secure in their native environment (country and city). In such circumstances, it will take much less time for them to reveal their real intentions and characters. Don’t forget that humans are still animals in some way; just as any animals, we feel truly comfortable ONLY in our natural environment. It takes time and reasonable effort to get accustomed to the new world. Second, you can immediately see girls in the flesh. It’s a great concern of online dating: Men cannot see their interlocutors and it annoys and unsettles them. Even online video chats don’t make them 100% sure that they communicate with the real person. That is, a live meeting will ease your mind and help you choose the woman you see your future with. However, you should not forget about certain concerns, including but not limited to the fact that the family-oriented girls rarely appear in the places you will indeed visit during your search (bars, clubs, restaurants etc.). Chances are that you are going to get through several flippant girls and gold-diggers.
  3. Search local communities. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, many former citizens of Soviet countries (Russians, in particular) have migrated to various European and Northern American countries. You may find Russian communities in almost any country out there, which means that you can search for a Slavic girl in your city or region. Certainly, these women will be quite different from those in the Russian Federation. Nonetheless, they still possess genetic characteristics such as beauty and family-oriented mindsets. Unites States is one the biggest migratory destinations of Russian people. Therefore, if you live in the USA, there’s a great possibility for you to find a Russian family with a beautiful daughter somewhere in your city. Russian have a strong sense of ethnic identity and prefer to retain traditions and cultural peculiarities. That is, you can also get in touch with a curious and interesting culture.

Now that you know where to find a real Russian wife, you should also learn some basic rules of dating with Slavic females. Their relationship culture strongly relies on courtesy – and you should always keep that in mind. Likewise, you shouldn’t forget to:

  • Be assertive. In the best way you can imagine. It does not mean that you rush into things and literally force your prospective girlfriend to be with you. Your behavior should be marked with determination and enthusiasm. You should demonstrate your dame that you are interested not only in her beauty but also in her inner world. Point out that you are not afraid of any possible obstacles and troubles that may appear on the path to being together;
  • Let her be feminine. Russian females are not that emancipated as their western “colleagues”. In fact, they often assume that feministic ideas can scarcely be adapted on the Russian ground. That is why you should let her be as ladylike as she wants to be. Let her be emotional, bring her flowers, show how much you praise the fact that she’s a woman. It all might sound like we appreciate generalizations and gender stereotypes. However, we just talk about peculiar Slavic social culture;
  • Take some time. Russian girls are rather suspicious when it comes to relationship and dating. They might seem like cold-hearted females but that’s only because they need some time to develop a strong feeling. Vice versa, they don’t believe loud words about eternal love after several days of communication. Don’t think that your potential wife gives you the cold shoulder. It just takes some time for them to feel truly attracted to someone.
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