Almost all women want to see a romantic man nearby. Why? What is behind this desire? How to be a romantic person? In addition, many men can’t even come up with nice romantic dating ideas.

Romance is a state imbued with the idealization of reality and dreamy contemplation, the desire to create one’s own comfortable, and fabulous reality, meeting personal needs. It can be a way of perceiving a world in which the leading role is played by emotions, dreams, ideals. So, how to be more romantic to your girlfriend?

how to be more romantic to your girlfriend

Are Men Less Romantic Than Women Want Them to Be?

According to a study of a single ladies dating site, every girl dreams of a romantic guy, whatever she tells you. The thing is that this notorious romance, which everyone talks so much about, is a state of avoiding reality when people create their own unique atmosphere and strive to make their soulmates happier. Women love to be surprised, understood, and supported. In fact, romance is a state of mind, a desire and a willingness to believe in the best and enjoy little things. In a romantic relationship, women become vulnerable and defenseless, which often scares many men.

For example, from the point of view of a man, it is completely pointless to give cut flowers, while for the same money, they can give the same flowers in a pot that will stand and delight the eye for years. But a man can’t even imagine that flowers are, first of all, a sign of attention for a woman, a proof of a man’s love that doesn’t require any self-care (as opposed to flowers in a pot, which must be looked after). In addition, the fragility of cut flowers requires a man to give them as often as possible, once again proving his love.

Also, when a man has sex with his woman, he realizes his love for her on a spiritual level. But in order for a woman to be able to share a bed with a man, she must first have feelings for him. So, how to be more romantic in bed? The manifestation of romantic feelings on his part contributes to this as well. But men tend to underestimate this need of women.

Why Do Couples Need to Maintain Romance in Relationships?

Yes, yes, in our daily routine we completely forget about how we've started our relationships. Do you remember your sleepless nights? How did you get out of bed without even falling asleep, while being full of strength and energy? Falling in love is the best phase of our relationships. It is accompanied by passion and emotions. The first phase of the relationship is always accompanied by romance. Unfortunately, it is customary that romance disappears over time. People live in everyday obligations, think little about emotions, and don’t spend time with each other.

Breaking a routine

Unfortunately, when you get to know each other as much as possible, interest in your soulmate gradually fades away. This happens automatically, so you don’t even think about it. You can have romantic dates, get new emotions with your soulmate, but this may lead to a breakup anyway. So, how to be romantic to your wife? You need to constantly maintain the level of saturation with romance in your relationship. It is not easy, but it is very important.

Exploring new sides of your partner

If you bring romance to a relationship, you can learn a lot about your partner. For example, you will know what flowers your girl likes, what perfumes she uses, what she considers romantic in a relationship, etc. And giving it to her, you will get 2 times more from her. She will also want to surprise and please you. Is it possible to learn such things in a boring life? No! Therefore, you need to learn how to avoid boredom in a relationship.

Keeping the flame burning

Also, you can’t have passion in a relationship without romance. It brings diversity, interest, many impressions, and emotions into human life. Passionate relationships look attractive, especially in youth, when every little thing causes an emotional swing and adrenaline in the blood – it is amazing. This is how to be more romantic with your wife or girlfriend.

How to Be More Romantic in a Relationship And Marriage

Romance and everyday life can be in harmony even if you have been living together in a marriage for ages. So, how to be more romantic in a relationship and marriage?
how to be romantic to your girlfriend

1. Talk

Shakespeare also said that love is born in dialogue. Therefore, talk more often with each other, and not only about everyday problems. Talk about each other’s interests, about what you think and feel, and, of course, about love. This will help maintain a trusting relationship with your partner.

2. Take time for your soulmate

More and more couples are so mired in their daily routine that they simply forget to ask their partners how their day went, what new things happened in their life. But mutual interest is the basis of romantic relationships. So, how to be romantic to your girlfriend? Even if you are damn tired and all you need to do is to fall asleep, stay with your loved one for at least half an hour.

3. Give compliments

This may seem obvious, but so many people forget to pay attention to their partners and give them compliments. This is very upsetting when a woman tries to look attractive to a man, but he doesn’t notice it. Even if you have not noticed any obvious changes in your woman, then any compliment can make your partner feel loved.

4. Hold hands

A simple romantic thing to do for your wife such as taking a partner’s hand when you walk somewhere or walk along the street together can mean a lot. This shows that you are proud to be together, are not afraid to hide your feelings, and want your partner to be always with you.

5. Always give your woman 100% attention when she wants it

How to be more romantic? Take away your smartphone or something that you are reading, and say to your woman, “What do you want to talk about?” This will make her feel loved and important to you. Women appreciate the fact that a man is interested in their issues.

6. Give her unexpected gifts

Couples often stop giving gifts to each other, and instead, even for birthdays, they buy “something necessary and useful for the home” or completely neglect it. Believe us, if you violate the established order of things and present a surprise to your loved one, then she will be amazed.

7. Don’t forget to celebrate your anniversaries

A date of acquaintance, first date, honeymoon or marriage. Many men neglect to celebrate these days or simply forget about such holidays. Such dates can be marked by going to a restaurant, a special dinner at home by candlelight, an exchange of gifts or postcards. It is important to fill this day with special attention to each other.

8. Travel together

At least once a year, get out somewhere together. Only you and your woman, and no children, no pets nearby. Choose a place that both of you would like to visit. It’s not necessary to plan a long trip, sometimes it’s enough just to go out of town. Take your camera with you to capture happy moments.

9. Don’t forget about the interests of your woman

If you plan to watch a football match or a new film, but your woman wants to go to the theater or cinema, give in to her. Reschedule your plans to another day or week. Just tell your loved one what plans you have in mind and find the right date for this together.

10. Kiss and hug her

You may be surprised that one of the first things that disappear in a sexual relationship is kisses. Men and women may stop having sex if they don’t kiss each other. Let it be a goodbye kiss when you go to work or shopping or a kiss for the night when you go to bed. These gestures are a manifestation of love, and they help restore romance in a relationship.

Everyday Romantic Gestures for Her

It is not difficult to become a romantic man. All that is required of you is imagination and the desire to give your loved one a piece of happiness, joy, and fun. So, look at these romantic ideas for her.

1. Food with a surprise

You can make fried eggs in the shape of a heart, you can cut sausage/cheese in the same way. Instead of a tag on a tea bag, you can cut a heart out of paper. It will take a few seconds longer than you are cutting a piece of cheese or something else.

2. Pocket surprises

Does she like small sweets or nuts? Put something secretly in her pocket. The good emotions associated with you, coupled with a sweet taste, will make her love you even more, and perhaps she will want to do something similar to you. So, use these how to be a romantic husband ideas to make her happy.

3. First date

Make it a rule to arrange a “first date” once a month (or at any other frequency): go to the cinema together, in a cafe/restaurant, walk in the park and eat ice cream. In a word, remember your first date, and try to repeat it. It will be very romantic.
romantic ideas for her

4. Joint preparation of a romantic dinner/lunch

This can be one of the romantic gestures for her. It is also a classic of how to add romance to a relationship. Just let her lead, look at what she is capable of in the kitchen. It is quite possible to cook after work. You will be amazed at the result.

5. Your place

Choose a joint evening and take her to “your” place or just a very romantic place, preferably not crowded. Open a bottle of wine (champagne, beer, it doesn’t matter) and tell her something very pleasant. Adding a romance to a relationship is not difficult if you have something to say to each other.

6. Calendar with surprises

Make and hang on the wall a calendar with pockets for every day, write on paper 15 of your little desires, mix, and put into pockets. Every day, get one according to the date and fulfill the wishes of each other. This is how to be more romantic with your girlfriend.

7. Romance on the roof

Find the highest point in the city (observation deck, high-rise roof, etc.) and go there in the evening for romance and gorgeous joint selfies. Do you remember how couples go somewhere far away to look at a night city from a height in American melodramas? Well, you can do the same!

8. Communication for the whole day

How to be romantic over text? During the day, you can communicate with each other not only by phone. You can write notes to your woman on paper the day before, and in the morning, put them in her jacket or bag. The notes should contain words of your love.

9. Tenderness and attention

You can make surprises not only with the help of love messages and gifts. You can do small things that will show how much you care about your chosen one. For example, make hot tea for your loved one while she is in the bathroom. She will be very pleased to drink tea with you after the bath in the dim light of candles.

10. Breakfast in bed

How to be romantic in bed? Well, make your woman breakfast in bed. In extreme cases, if she doesn’t like to crumble in bed, you can make coffee and put it on a table next to the bed. And you can write something cute on a napkin, like “Good morning, dear” or “I love you.”

Add spontaneity to your relationship because romance is not a habit. The habit is only our perception of everyday life when we start living from the weekend to the weekend, devoting the rest of our time to work and forgetting about the real value of life – a close person nearby.

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